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Porta a Porta
Olaszország - Rai Uno, 05.04.2018 - 112 perc

Presenter Bruno Vespa welcomed Terence Hill in his talk show "Porta a Porta" on April 5, 2018. The broadcast followed the 22nd episode of Don Matteo's eleventh season.

Don Matteo was the big topic of the show right at the beginning. Even before the presenter, Terence Hill, Nino Frassica, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Pietro Pulcini entered the studio in their uniforms from the series and discussed why they are here now, when a second episode of the series should actually be running. With great laughter from the audience, Frassica finally ordered the arrest of presenter Bruno Vespa, who hadn't even arrived yet. Finally the four guests sat down and Maria Chiara Giannetta called the director to start the opening credits. After the opening credits, moderator Bruno Vespa appeared and greeted the other guests, namely the two former "Capitanos" Flavio Insinna and Simone Montedoro, as well as Francesco Scali, Giusy Buscemi and Chiara Francini.

Subsequently, all guests told very good-humored anecdotes from 18 years of Don Matteo. There were various clips showing the guests in the series and everyone had a lot of fun at the show. Terence Hill also had the opportunity to talk about the upcoming premiere of his new film My name is Thomas. The ratings expert Silvia Motta also had her say, assessing the enormous success of the series. The role of the carabinieri for Don Matteo was also discussed. A real "Capitana" of the Carabinieri, who assisted Maria Chiara Giannetta during the shooting, also had a say. Finally there were some pictures from the upcoming episode and the question to Terence Hill how long he wants to play Don Matteo. Hill replied that he would do it as long as the Rai wanted, what Bruno Vespa replied to: I speak for the Rai. We want this forever.

Terence Hill entered the studio right at the beginning. After 50:24 minutes the very detailed conversation about Don Matteo was over and Hill and his colleagues were said goodbye. The show then continued with other topics and guests.

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