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Ballando con le stelle
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Italia - Rai Uno, 21.04.2018 - 220 minuti

On 21.04.2018 Terence Hill was guest in the 7th edition of the 13th season of Ballando con le stelle, the Italian edition of "Dancing with the Stars". The first time Terence entered the show was after 86:05 minutes. There followed a longer conversation about his career in general and of course about his new movie My Name is Thomas. His film partner Veronica Bitto was also brought on stage. The conversation was aided by various film excerpts. Terence explained how the fights were fought during the film and demonstrated this first together with the presenter. But then stuntman Giorgio Palombi, who plays the villain in My Name is Thomas, also entered the stage. Together with him, Terence demonstrated the stunt with the frying pan. This first performance ended after 13:30 minutes.

After 148:40 minutes Terence Hill is the topic of the show for the second time. After a short compilation of various Hill films, he returned to the stage with Veronica Bitto, which this time was a Western saloon. The line dance group "Sicily Country Life" danced in the saloon to the theme song from Lo chiamavano Trintà (They call me Trinity). In front of the group Veronica Bitto danced with dance partner Samuel Peron. But the dance was suddenly interrupted when Veronica's dance partner was pushed aside by a bat. A fierce brawl got underway with stuntman Roberto Dell'Acqua, David Zamperla, Mirko Zamperla and Giorgio Palombi. Finally Terence Hill, who handed the host Milly Carlucci a frying pan with which she knocked out the top villain. Afterwards they thanked all actors of the scene and also welcomed stunt coordinator Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, who had not appeared before. A short clip from My Name is Thomas was recorded and Nathalie Guettá, who was a regular candidate in this season, could welcome Terence Hill. The jury then gave the highest rating for the performance and then Terence Hill finally left the show. Terence Hill's second appearance lasted 9:25 minutes.

Altogether Terence Hill can be seen 22:50 minutes in the show.

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