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Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinitą - Pił forte ragazzi! - Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo!
General Information
Type: LP12
EAN: NL 33219
Publisher: RCA
Country of this publication: Italy
Date 1980
Description (in German)
LP - Original Soundtracks
Seite 1:
...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinitą:
01. Trinity Stand Tall                                 3:15
02. Il Carro Al Flume                                  1:40
03. Trinity E Bambino Al Ristorante                    2:00
04. Trinity E Bambino A San Jose                       1:42
05. Remember                                           4:15
06. Trinity E Bambino In Citti                         2:10
07. Assalto Alla Diligenza                             1:30
08. Remember (Version Instrumentale)                   1:50
09. Titoli Finali                                      0:57

Seite 2:
Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo!:
10.Dune Buggy                                          2:47
11.Across The Fields                                   4:07

Pił forte ragazzi!:
12.Flying Through The Air                              2:52
13.Il Matto                                            1:41
14.Plata And Salud                                     4:50
15.Flying Through The Air (Version Instrumentale)      2:59
This soundtrack contains songs from following movies
Trinity Is STILL My Name
All The Way, Boys
Watch out, we're mad!
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