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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Greatest Hits
General Information
Type: CD
EAN: 8015670070118
Publisher: Vivi Musica
Country of this publication:
Date 1995
Description (in German)
VCDS 7011

Music by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Zwei Himmelhunde auf dem Weg zur Hölle
01. Oliver Onions - Flying through the air          2:53

Sie nannten ihn Mücke
02. Oliver Onions - Bulldozer                       3:42
03. Bud Spencer - My name is Zulu                   3:41
04. Oliver Onions - Just A Good Boy                 3:18

Auch die Engel mögen's heiß
05. Oliver Onions - Why is everyone so mad          2:56

Big Man
06. Oliver Onions - Starshine Rainbow               3:40
07. M&G Orchestra - Santamaria                      3:41

Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel
08. Oliver Onions - Dune Buggy                      3:00

Der Große mit seinem außerirdischen Kleinen
09. Oliver Onions - Big Star                        4:39
10. M&G Orchestra - Whistle & Bells                 3:25

Auch die Engel essen Bohnen
11. Oliver Onions - Angels and Beans                3:47

Rocky Joe
12. Oliver Onions - Rocky Joe                       3:50

40 giorni di libertá
13. M&G Orchestra - Verde                           3:55
This soundtrack contains songs from following movies
All The Way, Boys
They called him Bulldozer
Big Man: An unusual insurance
Big Man: Boomerang
Big Man: A policy for hell
Big Man: Let the buried lie
Big Man: The False Etruscan
Big Man: Another Falling Star
Watch out, we're mad!
The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid
Even Angels Eat Beans
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