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Piedone lo sbirro
General Information
Type: LP12
EAN: MDF 33/70
Publisher: Cinevox
Country of this publication:
Date 1973
Description (in German)
Musica composta e diretta da Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
Lato A:
01. Piedone lo sbirro (Flat Foot Cop)  		3:18
02. Schoolroom Drug		      		1:17
03. Piedone and the Baron               	4:30
04. The Baron's Death                		1:52
05. Manomozza is discovered             	5:30

Lato B:
01. Thinking of you                  		3:48
02. Piedone and Ferramenti             		6:40
03. Piedone is sad                   		1:50
04. Car Chase at Margellina             	2:23
05. Death of the Hunchback             		2:01
This soundtrack contains songs from following movies
Flatfoot Cop
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