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Joe Bugner - My Story
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Tipo: Libro
Autore: Joe Bugner, Stuart Mullins
ISBN: 9781742574585
Editore: New Holland Publishers
Paese di pubblicazione: Australia
Data 19.11.2013
Pagine: 232
Die Autobiografie von Joe Bugner wurde in der selben Auflage ebenfalls in Großbritannien am 10.12.2013 und in den USA am 03.03.2014 von New Holland Publishers veröffentlicht.
Foreword by John Singleton
Introduction by Stuart Mullins
Chapter 1: Walking on stars
Chapter 2: Life as a refugee
Chapter 3: An alien in the UK
Chapter 4: Turning professional
Chapter 5: Henry's hammer
Chapter 6: Fast cars and faster woman
Chapter 7: Muhammad Ali
Chapter 8: Mastering the media
Chapter 9: A family affair
Chapter 10: The hard hitters
Chapter 11: Coming to America
Chapter 12: Meeting Marlene
Chapter 13: Celebrity heads
Chapter 14: Making movies
Chapter 15: 'Aussie Joe' Bugner
Chapter 16: Fighting Frank Bruno
Chapter 17: Dirty deeds
Chapter 18: That's life
Career records, facts and statistics
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