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Unter den Linden 10
10117 Berlin

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Unter den Linden 10 - 10117 Berlin

About the museum
On the 5th anniversary of Bud Spencer's death, the Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin opened its doors on 27 June 2021. In cooperation with the Pedersoli family, the museum displays over 300 exhibits from Bud Spencer's eventful life on 500 square metres, shedding light not only on the popular actor's film career, but also on his successful time as a swimmer, his musical activities, his passion for flying and much more.
View into the museum The Multimedia Gallery
The exhibits include many of Bud Spencer's original documents, such as passports, student IDs and pilot's licences, but also original screenplays, film props, cinema reels, LPs and singles, film awards, swimming medals and much more. In addition, there are true-to-original replicas of some famous film cars. The red beach buggy with the yellow roof can be found in the museum, as well as the little ice cream van from "Odds and Even". But the two life-size figures of Bud Spencer are undoubtedly among the great highlights of the exhibition. The statue showing Bud as Commissioner Flatfoot greets fans outside the museum and invites them to take pictures, while the lifelike silicone figure shows Bud Spencer as Bambino from "They call me Trinity". This figure stands in the museum in front of the replica of the sheriff's office from the film and offers another dreamlike picture motif.
The lifelike figure of Bud Spencer. The scene matching the pose is playing on a monitor in the background.
But there is also a lot to experience in the museum besides the exhibits. In the museum's multimedia gallery, various stages of Bud Spence's life can be followed in moving pictures on numerous monitors and projections. On the "Terrazza Napoli", a small cinema hall modelled on a Neapolitan square, a 20-minute documentary film about Bud Spencer's career is shown, and a detailed audio guide provides information about the various stages of Bud Spencer's life at various points in the museum. The audio guide can be used via QR codes that are scanned with the visitor's own mobile phone. It is therefore advisable to have headphones for your mobile phone with you. It is also planned to be able to listen to some of Bud Spencer's own songs via the audio guide.
Bambino watches over the museum from his sheriff's office. The screen on the Terrazza Napoli.
The museum also has a lot to offer fans in addition to the exhibition. For example, there is an official Bud Spencer fan shop in the entrance area that offers many exciting fan articles. In addition, Bud Spencer whiskey and the fan magazine "Double Trouble" can be purchased in the museum. Culinary delights include an ice cream from Terence Hill's ice cream parlour in Amelia or a Terence Hill coffee.
The ice cream bar has Terence Hill's ice cream. There are matching mugs for the delicious coffee.
The museum is located on the street "Unter den Linden", just a few metres from the Brandenburg Gate. The underground and bus stop "U Unter den Linden" is directly in front of the museum. It is served by the underground lines U5 and U6, as well as by bus line 100. Visitors with their own car have the possibility to find a parking space in the parking garage "Car Park" in Dorotheenstra├če, only 200 metres away, in case the parking spaces directly on the street are occupied.
Admission to the museum costs 12 euros for adults, children under 6 years are free, children up to 17 years pay 8 euros. In addition, there are reduced tickets at 10 euros for students, trainees and senior citizens and various family and group tickets. A detailed list of admission prices can be found here on the museum's website.
Giuseppe Pedersoli with a group of fans at the Terrazza Napoli.
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