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Friedrich G. Beckhaus
born: 11.12.1927 in Berlin
Voice actor
  Title Actor Role
1 The Tough and the Mighty Gaetano Cimarosa Cartana
2 The Tough and the Mighty Remo De Angelis Giovanni Cassitta
3 5th Day of Peace Ivan Angeli Deutscher Offizier
4 Trinity Is STILL My Name Pupo De Luca Mönch in der Mission
5 Black Turin Guido Leontini Maresciallo
6 Even Angels Eat Beans Steffen Zacharias Gerace
7 My name is Nobody Emil Feist Kleinwüchsiger auf Stelzen
8 My name is Nobody Neil Summers Mausezähnchen
9 A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Klaus Kinski Doc Foster
10 They called him Bulldozer Totò Mignone Wirt in der Kneipe/Tonys Vater
11 Trinity gambling for high stakes Salvo Basile Handlanger vom Griechen
12 The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid Raffaele Mottola Reporter
13 Flatfoot in Egypt Leopoldo Trieste Professor Coreolano Cerullo
14 Why did you pick on me? Carlo Reali Leiter des Militäreinsatzes
15 Why did you pick on me? Salvo Basile Gefängniswärter
16 Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure John Fujioka Kamasuka
17 Miami Supercops Mal Jones Obdachloser
18 Lucky Luke Buff Douthitt Bürgermeister
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