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Giorgio Ubaldi
died: ja

Verstorben vermutlich 2001/2002.

Master of Arms
Year Title Comment
1971 Can be done... AmigoMaestro d'armi
1973 Flatfoot CopMaestro d'armi
1974 Watch out, we're mad!Maestro d'armi
1974 Two Missionariesmaestro d'armi
1975 Flatfoot Goes EastMaestro d'armi
1975 A Genius, Two Partners and a DupeScene acrobatiche
1977 CharlestonMaestro d'armi
1977 Crime Busters
1978 Flatfoot in AfricaMaestro d'armi
1978 They called him BulldozerMaestro d'armi
1978 Trinity gambling for high stakes
1979 The Sheriff and the Satellite KidMaestro d'armi
1979 I'm for the hippopotamusMaestro d'armi
1980 Flatfoot in EgyptMaestro d'armi
1980 Why did you pick on me?head stunt man
1981 Buddy Goes WestMaestro d'armi
1982 Banana JoeMaestro d'armi
1982 BomberMaestro d'armi
1986 Aladdin2 Assistente alla regia; Stunt coordinator
1988 Big Man: An unusual insuranceMaestro d'armi
1988 Big Man: BoomerangMaestro d'armi
1988 Big Man: Let the buried lieMaestro d'armi
1988 Big Man: The False EtruscanMaestro d'armi
1988 Big Man: Another Falling StarMaestro d'armi
1988 Big Man: A policy for hellMaestro d'armi
1994 The Fight before Christmas
Additional works
Year Title Comment
1970 They call me TrinityRegieassistent - aiuto regista
1971 Trinity Is STILL My NameRegieassistent - Aiuto regista
1972 Even Angels Eat BeansRegieassistent - Aiuto regista
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