Német Angol Magyar Olasz

Keresés az adatbázisban
Songs from the movies
  Title Singer
An angel around me Fan's Club
Angels and Beans Kathy & Gulliver
Applausi I Camaleonti
Ballad Oliver Onions
Ballata (per un balente) Don Backy
Balliamo sul mondo Ligabue
Banana Joe Olimpio Petrossi
Big Man Oliver Onions
Big Star Oliver Onions
10  Brotherly Love Gulliver
11  Bulldozer Oliver Onions
12  Call me the breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd
13  Call the Police The Fantastic Oceans
14  Camminando sotto la pioggia Rita Pavone
15  Can be done Rocky Roberts
16  Cats and Dogs Ranger Rick and the Coyotes
17  Cento Giorni Caterina Caselli
18  Cock a doodle doo Bud Spencer
19  Cosa vale un uomo Nicola Di Bari
20  Don't lose control Gene Roman
21  Dreaming Woman Oliver Onions
22  Dune Buggy Oliver Onions
23  Extralarge Amii Stewart
24  Fantasy Oliver Onions
25  Fauch Fauch Fauch Bud Spencer
26  Flying through the air Oliver Onions
27  Free (vocal) Augusto Martelli
28  Freedom (I) I Charango
29  Freedom (II) Walter Rizzati
30  Glory, Glory, Glory Catherine Howe
31  Grau grau grau Bud Spencer
32  Guardian Angels Bud Spencer
33  I'm comin' home La Bionda
34  I'm coming home Terri Nunn
35  Il geghegč Rita Pavone
36  Il sole non tramontera Caterina Caselli
37  Il tempo dirŕ Nicole Cross
38  In the middle of all that trouble again Albert Douglas Meakin
39  It's only Love Oliver Onions
40  Just a good boy Oliver Onions
41  L'ultimo valzer Orchestra Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
42  Le Boudin Maurice Jarre
43  Let me be the one Nicolette Larson
44  Little Rita Rita Pavone
45  Lucky Luke Roger Miller
46  Ma che te ne fai Rita Pavone
47  Mago  Oliver Onions
48  Mańana Barqueros
49  Miss Robot Oliver Onions
50  Movin' cruisin' The Fantastic Oceans
51  Mr. Nothingoesright Donald
52  Muerte donde vas? Orchestra Ennio Morricone
53  Mundialito Orchestra Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
54  No reason to love Giorgia
55  Oh! Ettore Orchestra e coro di Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
56  Oh! Ettore (Finale) Orchestra e coro di Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
57  Orza qui poggia lí (Titoli) Paolo Ferrara
58  Pelota Bud Spencer
59  Per un colpo di pistola Rita Pavone
60  Piedone lo sbirro Santo & Johnny
61  Pirulirulě Rita Pavone
62  Pizza Oliver Onions
63  Pure Love Claudia Arvati
64  Radar Love Golden Earring
65  Rag Rag (Sotto la panca) The Saloon Girls
66  Rebel in the rain Cristal White
67  Remember Gene Roman
68  Ring the Bells Randy Crawford
69  Rita sei tutti noi Rita Pavone
70  Rock'n'Roll (I Feel So) Florence 99
71  Rosamunda Rita Pavone
72  Santa Manta Baby Blues Daliah Lavi
73  She's so sweet, she's so fine Philip Michael Thomas
74  Sheriff Oliver Onions
75  Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd
76  Six ways Oliver Onions
77  Song  Orchestra Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
78  Sphinx Sunrise
79  Starshine Rainbow Oliver Onions
80  Sunshine The Fantastic Oceans
81  Super Snooper The Oceans
82  Switch Gulliver
83  The Genie Adriano Pappalardo
84  The lonesomest cowboy in the West Arlo Guthrie
85  The Man on the Boat Oliver Onions
86  The World under my Shoes Albert Douglas Meakin
87  Tonight, Tonight Crystal Bird
88  Trinity stand tall Gene Roman
89  Trinity: Titoli Annibale Giannarelli
90  Tu sei come Rita Pavone
91  Un, Due, Tre (Se Marci Insieme A Me) Rita Pavone
92  Wanna Believe Yvonne Wilkins
93  What about Florence 99
94  What'll I do Oliver Onions
95  What's goin' on (in Brazil) Franco Micalizzi
96  When you call my name this way Guido De Angelis
97  Whistle & Bells Orchestra Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
98  White Yellow and Black Dilly Dilly
99  Why (Don Camillo) Randy Crawford
100  Why is everyone so mad Oliver Onions
101  You'd better smile Nicola Di Bari