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Terence Hill
Country: Germany
Date: 29.03.2019
Price: 70 Cent - 7 EUR

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Terence Hill

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Germany - 2019

After the great success of the Bud Spencer stamps in 2017, Deutsche Post and Bild also issued ten stamps with Terence Hill's portrait to celebrate Terence Hill's 80th birthday. As with the Bud Spencer stamps, you could only order one sheet of ten stamps at a time. The motifs for your own sheet were freely selectable. So you could order a sheet with ten stamps of the same design, a sheet with all ten designs or any combination. The majority of orders were probably sheets with all motifs.
A sheet with all motifs with a value of 70 cents per stamp
The buyer could also choose between different values for the stamps. The smallest value per stamp was 45 cents, the highest value 7 EUR. The letter postage on the day of issue was 0.70 cents, which is probably why this value was chosen most often. The price for a sheet was 10 times the stamp value plus a fixed fee of 17.85 EUR. A sheet with 10 stamps of 70 cents each thus cost €24.85.
The Terence Hill stamps were also limited to 10,000 sheets and have long been sold out since a long time. They are now only available on ebay and similar pages at much higher prices.
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