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The Fantastic Oceans - Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro
General Information
Type: MC
EAN: 50 BR 56031
Publisher: Baby Records
Country of this publication:
Date 1981
Description (in German)
Music by Carmelo & Michelangelo La Bionda
Side A:
01. Movin' Cruisin'                         	         5:19
02. Where Do The Children Play             	         4:20
03. Zangiacomo's Band                      	         5:14
04. Music Never Dies                       	         2:59

Side B:
05. Corbucci's Island                      	         5:50
06. No                                     	         3:54
07. Charming Jack                          	         2:44
08. Sunshine                               	         4:05
This soundtrack contains songs from following movies
Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure
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