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Bible Time Favorites - 10 Movies
General Information
Type: DVD
EAN: 777966884493
Publisher: St.Clair Vision
Country of this publication:
Date 30.11.2004
Description (in German)
Diese DVD Box enthält folgende 10 Bibelverfilmungen auf 3 DVDs:

Disc 1:
David and Goliath
Martin Luther
Esther and the King

Disc 2:
The Power of the resurrection
I beheld his glory
Hill number one
The gospel according to Matthew

Disc 3:
The great commandment
Saul and David
Joseph and his Brethren
  • The beauty of the bible through art
  • Exploring the holy land: Click on a city and enjoy the tour
  • The wisdom of the bible: popular verses set to inspirational music
  • Movie Data
    Title: The Story of Joseph and His Brethren
    Audio Tracks: Englisch
    Aspect Ratio: 1:1,33
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