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Gelateria Girotti
Via della Repubblica 52
05022 Amelia
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Gelateria Girotti
Via della Repubblica 52 - 05022 Amelia
Already in Terence Hill's childhood days there was an ice cream store with his family name in the small town of Amelia in Umbria. The "Gelateria Girotti" was run by his great-uncle Quirino, a brother of his grandfather. Terence remembers that there were only four kinds of ice cream in the store at this time. Quirino ran his shop from 1945 to 1974. When Terence Hill told his grandson Will about the old ice cream store, he asked his grandfather why he wouldn't reopen the store. The idea was born and on March 30, 2017, Terence, his son Jess and his grandson Will were finally able to invite to the festive reopening of the Gelateria Girotti.

Today there are far more than four varieties in the ice cream store. All varieties are freshly prepared in the Gelateria, using only fresh fruits, preferably from the region. Other additives are consistently avoided, which of course benefits the taste. The Gelateria is located in the Via della Repubblica, a pedestrian zone that leads to the centre of the small town.
The ice cream counter - the heart of the Gelateria Girotti
Receipt on the opening day Gabriele presents the pistachio ice cream
Decoration on the ice counter Decoration on the wall of the ice cream shop
A group of fans in front of the ice cream shop
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