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Terence Hill Eis Saloon
Hauptstraße 35
01097 Dresden
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Terence Hill Eis Saloon
Hauptstraße 35 - 01097 Dresden
Jess and Victoria behind the ice cream counter on opening day.
The first German branch of "Gelateria Girotti" was opened on 20 December 2019 in the presence of Terence Hill's son Jess. The ice cream parlour is called "Terence Hill Eis Saloon". It is located at Hauptstraße 35 in Dresden-Neustadt. In addition to the family's delicious ice cream, the ice cream parlour also sells Terence Hill fan articles, Terence Hill coffee and delicious pastries from Miss Fein from Dresden.

The festive opening took place on Friday, 20 December 2019 from 2 pm. Before the ice cream parlour was opened to the public, the press had the opportunity to take pictures of the shop and ask Jess and managing director Viktoria Franke some questions. Jess and Viktoria were also the ones who ceremoniously cut the red ribbon at the door of the ice cream parlor a few minutes before 2 pm. At that time a long queue had already formed in front of the shop. In front of the store Bud double Rico provided entertainment with his replica of the ice cream van from Odds and evens, and in addition, the ice cream scenes from the film were shown on a screen on the street. The rush of visitors continued until the ice cream parlour closed in the evening. It is estimated that 600 to 800 fans visited the ice cream parlour on the opening day.

Two days after the opening, Terence Hill himself visited the ice cream parlour in Dresden and surprised his team on site, who had no idea of his visit.
Delicious original Italian ice cream
Jess looks at the waiting fans. The red ribbon is ceremonially cut.
Jess and Victoria are enjoying their ice cream. Jess presents the ice cream of the family.
The first bowl of pistachio lasted a good 45 minutes. Marcel tastes every kind of the ice cream.
Business is good. Team's got a lot of work to do. Impressions from the ice cream parlour
Terence Hill fan articles are also offered Terence Hill coffee is also available here
Waiting fans in front of the ice cream parlor There's a big crowd.
Rico fascinates with his ice cream cart. Rico fascinates with his ice cream cart.
Two days after the opening: Terence Hill visits the team of the ice cream parlour in Dresden.

Additional pictures from Christian Schubert and Marcus Zölch
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