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The stage coach in a scene from the movie



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The stage coach from the film in Germany
The stage coach in Bremerhaven
The stage coach at its new location in Bremerhaven. After being loaned to the Bud Spencer Museum, the carriage returned to Bremerhaven at the end of May 2023. Since the school home in Bad Bederkesa is still closed, it has now been placed on the grounds of the BBU in Bremerhaven, where it is, however, still open to the public for all fans. Next to the carriage there is also an information board that tells the story of the original prop. The BBU and the stage coach can be found at Klußmannstraße 5 in 27570 Bremerhaven, very close to the popular Fischereihafen.

Article from the Nordsee-Zeitung of 4. June 2023
Article from the Nordsee-Zeitung of 4. June 2023