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Inauguration of the first Bud-Spencer street in Italy
Festive inauguration of the "Via Carlo Pedersoli" in Ponte Taro near Parma
01.06.2019 - from 16 o'clock - Piazza Stradella and Via Carlo Pedersoli, Ponte Taro
Our group Giuseppe Pedersoli Dune Buggy Band
June 1, 2019 was a special day for Bud Spencer. In Ponte Taro, in the municipality of Fontevivo in the province of Parma, the first street in Italy was named after Bud Spencer. To celebrate the event, the Municipality invited all the actor's fans to a small party from 4 p.m. on that day. The roundabout plus all access roads at the "Piazza Stradella" had been closed off. Various beer and food shops were set up on the square, western riders and linedancers provided a western atmosphere and various costumed actors played various scenes from Spencer/Hill films and the illustrator Alberto Baldisserotto presented his paintings and comics about Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. There was also a whole armada of beach buggies to admire.

Around 17 o'clock the Buggys started to a kind of parade. They crossed the roundabout and finally drove through the "Via Antonio Gramsci" to the new "Via Carlo Pedersoli". For the opening ceremony the new "Via Carlo Pedersoli" was closed off. Tommaso Fiazza, the mayor of the community, addressed a few words to the guests and welcomed Bud Spencer's son Giuseppe on site. To the applause of the people, the blue cover was pulled from the veiled sign. Giuseppe took the floor and was visibly pleased about the honour of his father. The press took many pictures and a priest blessed the new street. We had the luck to catch Giuseppe at the street for a short time and he was so friendly to have himself photographed for us again with the street sign. Around 18 o'clock the official part of the opening was over and the street was opened for traffic. But the festivities were not over yet.

At the "Piazza Stradella" there was still a program. Sketches were still played, show-boxing fights took place and of course food and drinks were still being eaten and drunk. Around 19:45 Giuseppe Pedersoli was received once again on stage at the Piazza. The film critic Filiberto Molossi interviewed Giuseppe, who told in detail a few stories about Bud's life and his father's enormous success. He is very happy that there are still so many fans of his father in Europe today and sent a little greeting to us German fans. After the interview the mayor thanked Giuseppe again for his coming and was very pleased about the popularity of the small party in his home community. Giuseppe left the stage and came straight back to us to say goodbye. But the evening was not over yet, because at 9 pm the concert of the "Dune Buggy Band" started on the stage at the Piazza. But if you wanted to see a film instead of music, you also had the opportunity, because in a cinema not far from the venue a screening of the film Watch out, we are mad started at the same time. But of course we decided for the music, because we know the guys of the band since many years and therefore we knew that their show would be a worthy end of the spectacle. After the concert we first said goodbye to Alberto Baldisserotto, who happily told us that he had so many nice conversations with fans the whole day that he didn't had the time to draw. Afterwards we happened to meet Mayor Tommaso Fiazza on the piazza, whom we thanked personally for the great event and the warm welcome. Last but not least we said goodbye to the "Dune Buggy Band", which we will see again in Lommatzsch at the end of August. So this great event came to an end for us. On the way to the hotel we were approached by two Bud Spencer fans from Naples, who just arrived and were desperately looking for the new "Via Carlo Pedersoli". Since our hotel was very close to the new road, we made a small detour and guided the two fans to the street sign.
Party atmosphere at the Piazza Stradella
Alberto Baldisserotto and his paintings
Interview with Giuseppe Pedersoli
Concert of the Dune Buggy Band
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