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Dan Fitzgerald
Daniel Louis Fitzgerald
born: 30.12.1928
died: 21.11.2017 in Miami

Ein Duke kommt selten allein - Folge 1 (1979) Police Academy 5 (1988)

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1980 Super Fuzz Gefängnisdirektor Dan Fitzgerald 
2. 1982 Cats and Dogs
(als Don Fitzgerald)
Senator Edward Anderson Tony La Penna 
3. 1983 Go for It Portier im Hotel Dan Fitzgerald 
4. 1991 Extralarge: Black and White Bürgermeister  
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Work as crewmember

Voice actor
Year Title Voice of
1980 Super Fuzz Dan Fitzgerald (English version)
1983 Go for It Dan Fitzgerald (English version)
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