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Guido and Maurizio De Angelis in concert in Villafranca di Verona 2019
After giving a sold-out concert in Budapest in February 2019, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis returned to Italy in June for another concert. This time they performed on 07.06. as part of a comic festival beginning on the following day. The venue was Villafranca di Verona in northern Italy, the scenery a medieval castle of the Scaliger.

The concert took place inside the castle in the open air and was almost sold out with about 400 - 450 spectators. The show "...continuiamo a chiamarli Oliver Onions", conceived by Andrea Lucchi and directed by Jean Paul Carradori, was accompanied by presenter Omar Fantini and included songs from films with Bud Spencer & Terence Hill as well as music from cartoon series, comedies and police films of the 70s and 80s. The Oliver Onions were accompanied by nine outstanding musicians.

In addition to the songs, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis told anecdotes and stories from their career, which has lasted for over five decades, in a relaxed atmosphere. This was accompanied by suitable pictures and videos, which were shown in the background on a big screen.

After the concert, the Oliver Onions answered questions from a small circle of guests at an aftershow party, signed autographs and generally took a lot of time for their fans.
The songs of the concert
01. Bulldozer Lo chiamavano Bulldozer 1978
02. Trinity stand tall ... continuavano a chiamarlo Trinitą 1974
03. Flying through the Air ... Pił forte ragazzi! 1982
04. Medley "Cartoons"
Rocky Joe Rocky Joe 1982
Marco Polo Le Avventure di Marco Polo 1982
Doraemon Doraemon 1982
Eighty Days around the World Il giro del mondo di Willy Fog 1983
Galaxy Galaxy Express 999 1982
Fantasy Bomber 1982
05. Medley "Poliziotteschi"
Gangster Story La polizia incrimina, la legge assolve 1973
E nun ce vojo sta Squadra antifurto 1976
Goodbye my friend Il cittadino si ribella 1974
06. Sheriff Uno sceriffo extraterrestre... 1979
07. Banana Joe Banana Joe 1982
08. Sweet Lady Blue Sandokan 1975
09. Medley "Le donne"
Stay Cenerentola '80 1984
Quoi Cinecittą Cinecittą 1985
Stand by my side Cinecittą Cinecittą 1985
10. Medley "TV"
Incantesimo Incantesimo 1998
Spazio 1999 Spazio 1999 1976
Furia Furia 1977
11. Orzowei Orzowei - Il figlio della savana 1976
12. Sandokan Sandokan 1975
13. Coro dei pompieri ...Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! 1974
14. Dune Buggy ...Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! 1974
15. Mañana Porgi l'altra guancia 1974
16. Bulldozer Lo chiamavano Bulldozer 1978
Many thanks to Anika and Florian Berg for the report and the pictures!