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Unter den Linden 10
10117 Berlin

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2021.06.27 - 2023.12.31

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Unter den Linden 10 - 10117 Berlin

Terence Hill figure inauguration
Sal, Cristiana and Matteo pose next to the unveiled Terence Hill figure
Saturday, 30 May 2022
On the Saturday after the evening event with Sal Borgese, the Bud Spencer Museum invited visitors to the ceremonial unveiling of its new Terence Hill figurine, which shows Terence Hill as Trinity and will henceforth complete the picture in the museum alongside the figurine of Bud Spencer as Sheriff Bambino. The unveiling took place in the context of an online whisky tasting by the St. Kilian distillery, where five Spencer/Hill whiskies and two liqueurs were presented and tasted. The tasting was broadcast live on the internet, so that in addition to the visitors on site, all other fans could also be present at the unveiling. In keeping with the occasion, a number of guests of honour were also present, namely actor and stuntman Sal Borgese, Bud Spencer's daughter Cristiana Pedersoli, YouTuber and presenter Aaron Troschke, dubbing actor Dennis Schmidt-Foß and Jorgo Papasoglou and Marcus Zölch, although Marcus was only able to join online for health reasons.
Markus and Andreas set the mood before the event Jorgo plays for Trinity his theme song on the accordion
Even before the event, many fans gathered in front of the museum. While the main exhibition room in the museum was being reconstructed for the live broadcast, Jorgo with the accordion, Andreas and Marcus as Bambino and Trinity and Bud double Enrico ensured that the fans were in a good mood in front of the museum. In addition, all the museum's cars were parked in front of the museum today, as the space inside was needed elsewhere today, which was gratefully accepted as a photo motif by many fans.
Sal and Leander perform lasso tricks in front of the museum Together with Jorgo, the new "Jorgo and Marcus whisky" is already being tasted
Sal, Cristiana, Matteo, Andreas Thümler, Mario Rudolf, Marcus (on Screen), Aaron Troschke, Dennis Schmidt-Foß und Jorgo beim Whisky-Tasting
The live online tasting from the Bud Spencer Museum started at 8 pm. The Master Distiller of St. Kilians Mario Rudolf and the founder of the distillery Andreas Thümler welcomed the star guests and led through the evening in a good mood. Tasted that evening were Terence Hill whisky mild, Bud Spencer whisky mild, the new special bottling "Jorgo and Marcus", Terence Hill whisky smoky, Bud Spencer whisky smoky, Terence Hill nut liqueur "Voll auf die Nüsse" and the Bud Spencer Feuerwasser, a chilli-cinnamon liqueur. Marcus Zölch announced in a live broadcast that Dennis Schmidt-Foß, who was present, will be the new German voice of Terence Hill in the upcoming German version of the series "Don Matteo", Jorgo livened up the event with short musical interludes on the accordion and finally the ceremonial unveiling of the new Terence Hill figure by Sal Borgese and Cristiana Pedersoli also took place during the event.

Link: The whiskies at the shop of St. Kilian
The preparations are underway. Many guests have already taken their seats. Auch auf der Terrazza Napoli lässt das Event verfolgen.
The event can also be followed on the Terrazza Napoli. It is done: Sal and Cristiana have unveiled the figure.
The life-size figure of Terence Hill is made of silicone. Like Bud Spencer's figure, Terence Hill was created by Berlin artist Lisa Büscher. Finally, Trinity and Bambino are reunited, if only in the Bud Spencer Museum.
Newspaper article from the "BZ am Sonntag" of 1 May 2022