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Keresés az adatbázisban
50 years of Trinity
Rocca della Macìe - loc. Le Macìe 45 - 53011 Castellina in Chianti

Terence Hill and Cristiana Pedersoli at the panel discussion
On 15 July 2021, the Zingarelli family invited guests to their estate in Tuscany to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film "They call me Trinity" with a gala. Sandra, Fabio and Sergio Zingarelli, the three children of the film producer Italo Zingarelli, welcomed various guests of honour to the event, including Terence Hill, Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli, Andy Luotto and Renato Casaro. The event began at 7pm with a reception in the winery's garden, where visitors could enjoy the family's wines as well as a breathtaking view of the surrounding vineyards.
View of the surrounding vineyards
Wine reception in the winery garden Terence Hill together with Sergio, Sandra and Fabio Zingarelli
Trinity's horse and flatbed, also observed by Renato Casaro
After the reception, the invited guests were invited into the interior of the winery. A stage with a large screen was set up here. In front of it were the round tables for the guests. Each table was named after an Italo Zingarelli film. Terence Hill's table directly in front of the stage was of course the table "Lo chiamavano Trinità" (They call me Trinity), but we also had luck with the table "Più forte Ragazzi" (All the Way, boys!). Each guest found a card at their seat with the menu of the day, as well as a CD with the soundtrack of "They call me Trinity" in an anniversary special edition. When all the guests had taken their seats, the programme for the evening began on stage. The guests of honour were welcomed and in panel discussions they recalled the making of the film and the producer Italo Zingarelli, who died back in 2000. It was he who, with the money earned from his films, bought the winery where this gala was now taking place. Parallel to the event on stage, wine was served at the tables and a gourmet menu was served.
The guests gather at their tables. The stage is ready.
Anniversary CD and place card The menu of the day
Bud Spencer also shares his memories of the film in a video clip
Renato Casaro and Andy Luotto are welcomed on stage
Jorgo plays the Trinity theme song
At the end of the event, a special anniversary wine was presented. There are only 1970 copies of the wine in the noble magnum bottle. The wine is not yet available for purchase this evening, but the guests of honour are already receiving it and it is also being served at the tables. It tastes good. :-)
Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli and Terence Hill received the wine from Sergio Zingarelli
On stage, the wine is introduced while a waiter serves it We enjoy the fine wine
After the wine presentation, the evening slowly ended. The title melodies of Zingarelli's films were interpreted on a cello and piano. Later, Jorgo joined the musicians. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a beautiful and unforgettable evening came to an end. At this point we would like to thank the Zingarelli family for their hospitality and of course Marcus for taking us to this great event. We enjoyed every moment!
The evening ends with live music Later Jorgo joins in as well
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Additional pictures from Marcus and Matteo