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Interview with April Clough
The interview was conducted by Andreas in 2014 and published in the forum of

Bud Spencer and Ronald Russell

How and who detected you to be a stunt double for Bud Spencer?

Well when Mr. Spencer Production company came into Miami they met with a local stunt coordinator (Mike Kirton) and wanted him to fine a stunt man to double Bud. And I was some what know in town as a karate man and stuntman, I had worked on the hit show Miami Vice for five years. as the personal bodyguard to the star of the show (Don Johnson) and because of my size was per fit match for Bud.

How was it to shoot a film with Bud Spencer? What are your fragrant memories?

It was great to work with Bud, every day we had a blast. But it was hard working in the heat of Florida in the summer time.

Do you have a screen role in the Troublemakers?

No I was just his double, I had to do a lot of horse and wagon stunts and of course fight scenes.

Where was the office in Extralarge?

It was the old apartment building on South Beach Ocean Drive before (Gianni Versace) bought it and turn it into his home. The same spot where Versace was murdered on his front steps.

Did you stay anytime in Germany the last years?

Yes I went to Stuttgart one year with Don Johnson to the Porsche factory to see his Porsche that was being built.

What do you do today?

I'm and always been a medic working primarily in the movie industry.

Did you have contact with Terence Hill on the shooting location?

Yes I worked with Mr. Hill once, in "The Fight before Christmas". He is a real GentIeman and his family are really great people.

How was it to work with Michael Winslow and Philip Michael Thomas?

Winslow was cool, funny, and a joy to work with. Philip, I had worked with for five years on the set of Miami Vice. He's a great guy, if you worked with him you would loved him.

Will we see you in a new film in the near future?

There's something in the works that will start filming in the fall if everything works out but the movie business you never know until your on the set filming.

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