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A nagy kék országút
Pictures from Vrsar and Umag in Croatia, taken in May 2015, almost 58 years after the premiere of the movie.
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1. Entrance to the port 1
2. Entrance to the port 2
3. At the port 1
4. At the port 2
5. At the port 3
6. At the port 4
7. Domenico's corpse is taken away
8. At Gaspare's boat 1
9. At Gaspare's boat 2
10. On the promenade
Einfahrt in den Hafen 1
Timecode: 00:09:09 - Adress: Vrsar, Ulica Rade Koncara
The fishermen come back to the harbor.
The fishing boat in the port.
The port today.
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Einfahrt in den Hafen 2
Timecode: 00:09:22 - Adress: Hafen von Umag
The fishermen put on front of the church.
The boats in the port.
The boats in front of the church.
The church and the round building today.
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Im Hafen 1
Timecode: 00:09:45 - Adress: Hafen von Umag
Also Renato landed with his boat.
Renato and his boat.
Today there is a restaurant.
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Im Hafen 2
Timecode: 00:10:06 - Adress: Umag, Rijecka Ulica
Policeman Gaspare is looking at the fisherman.
Gaspare and the fishermen at the port.
The buidings at the port today.
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Im Hafen 3
Timecode: 00:10:38 - Adress: Umag, Rijecka Ulica
More fishing boats come in.
Fishermen at work.
The same buildings today.
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Im Hafen 4
Timecode: 00:10:57 - Adress: Umag, Rijecka Ulica
In the port is a lot of activity.
The corpse of Domenico is brought into the harbor.
Squarciò unloads his fish.
The harbor of Umag today.
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Domenicos Leiche wird weggebracht
Timecode: 00:22:15 - Adress: Umag, Rijecka Ulica
Domenico's corpse is taken away with a car.
The village mourns Domenico.
The same place today.
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Am Boot von Gaspare 1
Timecode: 00:28:24 - Adress: Vrsar, Hafen
Gaspare makes his boat ready.
Gaspare leaves the village.
The island in the background is the same. The place changed.
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Am Boot von Gaspare 2
Timecode: 00:29:40 - Adress: Vrsar, Hafen
Squarciò leaves Gaspare.
Squarciò leaves Gaspare and goes back to the village.
The building in the harbor of Vrsar today.
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An der Küstenpromenade
Timecode: 00:50:19 - Adress: Umag, Rijecka Ulica
The fishermen work on the promenade.
Renato at work on the promenade.
Squarciò on the promenade.
The promenade today.
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