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Butler Parker (1972)

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Horst Sommer
Voice actor
No. Title Actor Role
1 Carthage in Flames Arturo Dominici
2 God forgives... I don't! Luis Barboo Einer von Bills Bande
3 Trinity Is STILL My Name (Original-Fassung) Gérald Landry Clark
4 Can be done... Amigo (Kino-Fassung) Riccardo Pizzuti Schläger
Dubbing roles of unknown actors
No. Title Role
1 Boot Hill Handlanger von Fisher
Dialogues and Dubbing direction
No. Title Function Dubbing version
1 God forgives... I don't! Dialogues, Dubbing director
2 Boot Hill Dialogues, Dubbing director
3 They call me Trinity Dialogues, Dubbing director
4 Trinity Is STILL My Name Dialogues, Dubbing director Original-Fassung
5 Can be done... Amigo Dialogues, Dubbing director Kino-Fassung
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