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M & G Orchestra
General Information
Type: LP12
EAN: TPL1-1088
Publisher: RCA
Country of this publication:
Date 1974
Description (in German)
Musik: Guido und Maurizio De Angelis

Dieses Album wurde auch auf MC veröffentlicht.
Lato A:
01. Verde                                           3:41
02. Blue Song                                       2:58
03. Angels and Beans                                2:59
04. London Town                                     2:09
05. Goodbye my friend                               3:55
06. Dune Buggy                                      2:41

Lato B:
01. Why is everyone so mad                          2:49
02. Una vita a metà                                 2:37
03. Flying through the air                          2:54
04. Delitto di regime                               2:44
05. Freedom Rainbow                                 3:29
06. Miss Elena                                      3:20
This soundtrack contains songs from following movies
Even Angels Eat Beans
Watch out, we're mad!
All The Way, Boys
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