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Alexander Allerson
born: 19.05.1930 in Osterode in Ostpreußen

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1972 All The Way, Boys Saluds Bruder  
2. 1973 My name is Nobody Gast im Saloon  
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Work as crewmember

Voice actor
No. Year Title Voice of
1 1970 The revenge of Trinity José Manuel Martín (German version)
2 1972 Massacre at Fort Holman Adolfo Lastretti (German version)
3 1988 Big Man: Boomerang Vanni Materassi (German version)
4 1988 Big Man: Boomerang Lanfranco Spinola (German version)
5 1996 We are Angels - Romancing Eldorado Richard Liberty (German version)
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Voice of unknown actors
Year Title Voice of
1 1988 Big Man: The False Etruscan Polizist
2 1992 Extralarge: Gonzales' Revenge TV-Moderator
3 1992 Extralarge: Diamonds Mr. Bridges in London
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