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Kommissariat 9 (1975)

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Peter Thom
born: 06.02.1935 in Berlin
died: 23.09.2005 in München
Voice actor
No. Title Actor Role
1 All The Way, Boys Antoine Saint-John Schläger
2 Go for It Clarence Thomas Putzkraft im Flughafen
3 Speaking of the Devil Riccardo Pizzuti Joe Grant, rivalisierender Taxifahrer
4 Speaking of the Devil Lee Duval NASA-Mitarbeiter
5 Extralarge: Black and White Jackie Davis Harry
6 Extralarge: Moving Target Jackie Davis Harry
7 Extralarge: Miami Killer Jackie Davis Harry
8 Extralarge: Yo-Yo Jackie Davis Harry
9 Extralarge: Black Magic Jackie Davis Harry
10 Extralarge: Gonzales' Revenge Roberto Marrero Aufseher Felipe
11 Extralarge: Diamonds Mike Kirton Streifenpolizist
12 Extralarge: Condor Mission Norman 'Max' Maxwell Joe
13 Extralarge: Indians Mark Macaulay Schläger im Billardsalon
Dubbing roles of unknown actors
No. Title Role
1 We are Angels: Jailbirds Brown
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