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The premiere of "My name is Thomas" in Italy
Veronica Bitto Terence Hill Cristiana Pedersoli
On 14.04.2018 the Italian cinema premiere of "My Name is Thomas" took place in the City Plex Politeama Lucioli in Terni in Umbria. The film was shown in four cinemas at 9 pm.
Premiere at the City Plex Politeama Lucioli
14.04.2018 - 20:00 until 23:30 o'clock - City Plex Politeama Lucioli
Around 8pm Terence Hill arrived at the cinema, where several hundred fans have already waited and celebrated his arrival loudly. In the foyer Terence first met the other guests of honour and also answered the questions of the fans waiting there. Among the guests of honour were the main female actress of the film, Veronica Bitto, Bud Spencer's daughters Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli, stuntman Salvatore Borgese, Terence Hill's son Jess, "Sie nannten ihn Spencer" actor Marcus Zölch and the camera woman of the film Roberta Allegrini.
Veronica Bitto Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli, behind them Jess Hill
At 8:30 pm we went to the cinema on the red carpet, where Terence Hill and Veronica Bitto answered questions and gave autographs to the fans and made selfies.
Roberta Allegrini and Jess Hill Veronica Bitto and Terence Hill
Terence Hill talks to Salvatore Borgese Terence Hill and Veronica Bitto present the film
Afterwards we went back to inside the cinema and shortly before 9 pm Terence started to present the film in the big hall. He then did the same in the other three halls before returning to the great hall under the cover of darkness. Here the film ran already approx. 30 minutes. Already during the film there was thunderous applause from the audience at the bar fight scene. After the film Terence was celebrated with standing ovations. After a short drink stop in the VIP area, Terence went out to the fans to sign more autographs, talk to them and take photos. Around 11:30 pm Terence Hill left the cinema and finished the evening with a glass of wine. The next morning he went directly to Milan, where he was expected as a guest in the TV show Che tempo che fa.
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Many thanks to Marcus Zölch for the pictures and the information about the time schedule!