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Aldo Dell'Acqua
Richtiger (vollständiger) Name: Arnaldo Dell'Acqua
born: 08.07.1938 in Lecce, Italien

Der älteste der Gebrüder Dell'Acqua.

Seine Brüder:
Alberto Dell'Acqua
Franco Dell'Acqua
Ottaviano Dell'Acqua
Roberto Dell'Acqua

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1969 Boot Hill Bösewicht  
2. 1970 They call me Trinity Schläger in Endschlägerei  
3. 1971 Trinity Is STILL My Name Schläger  
4. 1972 Man of the East Schläger im Saloon  
5. 1973 Flatfoot Cop Gast in Bar  
6. 1974 Watch out, we're mad! Schläger in Turnhalle  
7. 1977 Crime Busters Schläger in der Bowlingbahn  
8. 1978 They called him Bulldozer Glücksspieler  
9. 1979 The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid Feuerwehrmann  
10. 1981 Buddy Goes West Schläger von Colorado Slim  
11. 1982 Banana Joe Schläger  
12. 1982 Bomber Schläger im Lokal  
13. 1984 Double Trouble Söldner  
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