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Jess Hill
born: 07.11.1969

Jess Hill ist der Sohn von Terence Hill.

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1970 They call me Trinity Mormonenbaby  
2. 1983 The World of Don Camillo
(Die Szenen als Gespenst fehlen in der dt. Fassung)
Angel Soccer Player / Gespenst  
3. 1994 The Fight before Christmas Telegrammbote  
4. 1996 Cyberflic Polizist  
5. 2008 Triggerman Jesse Fortunato  
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Work as crewmember
Year Title Comment
1994 The Fight before Christmas
1996 CyberflicRevisione dei dialoghi
2008 Doc WestAdattamento All'Inglese
2008 TriggermanAdattamento All'Inglese

Year Title Comment
1991 Lucky Luke - Cafe OléMacchinista
1991 Lucky Luke - Luke's FiancéeMacchinista
1991 Lucky Luke - Grand DelusionsMacchinista
1991 Lucky Luke - Nobody's FoolMacchinista

Master of arms
Year Title Comment
1983 The World of Don CamilloStuntman

Year Title Comment
1987 They call me RenegadeAssistente al montaggio

Year Title Comment
2018 My Name is ThomasProdotto da; per Paloma4 srl

Other activities
Year Title Comment
1990 Lucky LukeRegieassistent - 2nd 2nd assistant director
1991 Lucky Luke - Who is Mr. Joseph'sRegieassistent - 2. aiuto regista
1991 Lucky Luke - Midsummer in Daisy TownRegieassistent - 2. aiuto regista
1991 Lucky Luke - Ghost TrainRegieassistent - 2. aiuto regista
1991 Lucky Luke - Ma DaltonRegieassistent - 2. aiuto regista
1994 The Fight before ChristmasRegieassistent - 2nd Unit-Regie
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