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Italy 1959 - 96 Min.
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The year is 216 BC. The Carthaginian commander Hannibal has crossed the Alps and reached Italy with his large army and his famous elephants. There he agrees peacefully with some tribal lords and can prepare the march to Rome. In the course of preparation, he uses another trick. He kidnapped the beautiful Silvia, the niece of the Roman senator Quintus Maximus. He demonstrates to her the strength and greatness of his army and sends it to Rome to stir up fear with this knowledge. But this plan does not work, because Silvia has fallen in love with the commander and does not want to return to Rome. However, after Silvia was betrayed by a slave, she is captured and brought to Rome. Hannibal, who was able to flee during the access, now makes his troops mobile and marches on Rome.

Bud Spencer plays the not inconsiderable supporting role of the tribal leader Rutario. He offers to let Hannibal pass him without resisdance if he gets the supremacy over the valley. Hannibal agrees and thanks him.

Terence Hill plays Quinitilius, the son of the powerful senator Fabius Maximus, who is terribly in love with Silvia. In addition to this unreturned love, Silvia falls in love with Hannibal despite her previous kidnapping. The role, which begins rather small and inconspicuously, is becoming increasingly important, but ends with Hill's death in a battle against Hannibal.

Eight years before the duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were born, they both made an early film together with Hannibal. However, since both of them only appear in supporting roles and have no scenes in common, the film is not at all comparable to the later films.

German DVD (Best): 95:30 minutes.
Italian DVD (01 Distribution): 90:39 minutes (music until 90:47 minutes).
Greek DVD (Modern Times A.E.E.): 100:02 minutes.

Release Dates:
21.12.1959 Italy Premiere
16.04.1960 Germany Premiere
Additonal Title Screens:
Germany International (Alternativ) Italy

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No. Actor Role (Descriptions in German) Voice Actor Picture InfoIMDb
1 Victor Mature HannibalVictor Mature
2 Gabriele Ferzetti Senator Quintus Fabius
3 Rita Gam Silvia
4 Milly Vitale Danila, Hannibals Exfrau
5 Rik Battaglia Hasdrubal
6 Franco Silva MaharbalRichard McNamara
7 Terence Hill
(als Mario Girotti)
8 Mirko Ellis Margo oder Mago
9 Andrea Aureli Konsul Gajus Terentius Varro
10 Andrea Fantasia Konsul Paulus Emilius
11 Renzo Cesana Minitius
12 Bud Spencer
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
13 Pina Bottin Claudia, Skavin von Silvia
14 Remo De Angelis Römer
15 Piero Mitri  
16 Mario Pisu Priester
17 Arturo Dominici
(als Franco Dominici)
18 Enzo Fiermonte der im Senat den Marsch Hannibals verkündet
Uncredited Actors
19 Piero Tiberi Sohn Hannibals
20 Andrea Esterhazy Sklave, der Silvia verrät
21 Walter Grant
Mitglied des Senats
22 Nello Pazzafini Gladiator
23 Bruno Arié Gladiator 
24 Vladimiro Picciafuochi Gladiator  
25 Sergio Testori Gladiator 
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Carlo Rustichelli (Musiche originali di), Franco Ferrara (Dirette da)
Mortimer Braus (Sceneggiatura), Ottavio Poggi (Soggetto di), Sandro Continenza (als Alessandro Continenza; Sceneggiatura)
Master of Arms
Andrea Fantasia (als Fratelli Fantasia; Maestro d'armi), Franco Fantasia (als Fratelli Fantasia; Maestro d'armi)
Director of Photography
Raffaele Masciocchi (Direttore della fotografia), Marcello Masciocchi (Operatore alla macchina)
Renato Cinquini (A.I.M.; Montatore)
Art Direction
Ernest Kromberg (Scenografo), Amedeo Mellone (Architetto), Carlo Gentili (Arredatore)
Giancarlo Bartolini Salimbeni (als Giancarlo Salimbeni; Costumista), Luciana Angelini (Aiuto costumista)
Make up
Anacleto Giustini (Truccatore)
Hair stylist
Mirella Gonnoto (Parrucchiera)
Francesco Groppioni (als Franco Groppioni; Fonico), Raffaele Del Monte (Fonico)
Juli Poggi (als July Poggi; Segretaria di edizione)
Production company
Liber Film
Assistant director
Nino Zanchin (Aiuto regista), Albino Cocco (Assistente alla regia)
Ottavio Poggi (Organizzatore generale), Nino Battiferri (Ispettore di produzione), Lucio Bompani (Ispettore di produzione), Gino Fanano (Segretario di produzione), Germano Romolo (Segretario di produzione), Remo De Angelis (Segretario di produzione)
Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
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Type Title Publisher Country Date
DVD DeAgostini Edition - Teil 87: Hannibal DeAgostini Germany 19.04.2017
DVD Aníbal Classic Cinema Spain 27.07.2015
DVD Hannibal und die Schlacht der Elefanten Great Movies Germany 13.03.2012
DVD Hannibal Great Movies Germany 2009
DVD Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Megabox - Limited Edition (20 DVDs) KSM Germany 04.12.2008
DVD Hannibal Great Movies Germany 03.03.2008
DVD Bud Spencer und Terence Hill Collection (3 Filme auf 1 DVD) Carol Media Germany 15.10.2007
DVD Hannibal PD Entertainment Südkorea 2007
DVD Bud Spencer und Terence Hill Collection (3 Filme 1 Preis) Best Entertainment Germany 2007
DVD Annibale 01 Distribution Italy 05.07.2006
DVD Annibale Arena Video Russia 2006
DVD Annibale Modern Times A.E.E. Greece 2006
DVD Bud Spencer und Terence Hill Collection (3 DVDs) KSM Germany 17.05.2005
DVD Anibal RsR Spain 2005
DVD Hannibal VCI Entertainment USA 19.10.2004
DVD Hannibal Best Entertainment Germany 20.02.2004
VHS Hannibal Public Home Video Germany 1990
VHS Hannibál Ada Video Special Hungary 1990
Promo Hannibal Das neue Filmprogramm Germany
VHS Hannibal Hunter Home Video Germany
VHS Hannibal AllVideo Germany
VHS Hannibal Wonderworld Germany
Promo Hannibal Illustrierte Film-Bühne Germany 1960
Promo Hannibal Neues Filmprogramm Austria 1960
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Type Title Publisher Country Date
CD Annibale Digitmovies Italy 19.11.2008
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