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The Leopard
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Book: Henning Stegelmann
Director: Gerhard Graf
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The Leopard
Il Gattopardo; Le Guépard
Italy - France 1963 - 178 Min.
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The wealthy Prince Fabrizio of Salina is facing difficult times. Garibaldi's revolutionary followers, who wanted to force the unification of Italy, have arrived in Sicily and the Prince is convinced that this development can no longer be stopped. Therefore, he accepts the changes, but without actively supporting them. His impoverished nephew Tancredi Falconieri, on the other hand, takes advantage of the moment to make a respectable career in the army alongside the revolutionaries. He also gets engaged to the beautiful daughter of the mayor Calogero Sedara, who has earned a lot of money in the new times but who is also longing for social recognition. The film ends with a pompous ball at which Calogero Sedara and his beautiful daughter Angelica are introduced to noble society, while Prince Fabrizio melancholy looks forward to the new times and is convinced that nothing will change for Sicily.

In this historical drama, Terence Hill plays Count Carlo Cavriaghi, who initially fights alongside Tancredi Falconieri on the side of the revolutionaries, also makes a career in the army and is finally a guest in the house of Salinas to court the Prince's daughter.

The film was a decisive step in the career of the later Terence Hill, because the great success confirmed Terence Hill's decision to give up his studies of literature and philosophy and concentrate fully on acting.

The film is based on the 1958 novel "Il Gattopardo" by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. The Prince of Lampedusa takes up his own family history. Lampedusa wrote the novel as early as 1954, but found no interested publisher. Only after his death in 1957 was the quality of the novel recognized and the work was published.

Not only the original novel for the film comes from an Italian nobleman, also the film itself is of aristocratic descent. Director Luchino Visconti also came from the nobility. His full name was Count Don Luchino Visconti di Modrone.

Luchino Visconti is the uncle of Eriprando Visconti. Eriprando Visconti filmed the court drama The True and the False with Terence Hill in 1972.

The budget for the filming was exorbitantly high at that time at 7 million dollar. The money was not only invested in the fees of the stars, but above all in the pompous equipment of the film to give the film a realistic atmosphere.

The famous final dance scene at the big ball in the Prince's house was filmed in a palace with 218 rooms. The ballroom was lit by 2000 wax candles and populated by up to 600 extras. Among the extras were also many counts, barons and baronesses from the Italian nobility to improve the realism. The elaborate costumes of the actors and extras alone cost a fortune, but the rest of the equipment also contributed to the enormous costs. Valuable works of art and paintings were lent from various museums, which subsequently had to be insured very expensively.

The elaborate costumes were created by Piero Tosi, who was nominated for the Oscar for best costume design in 1964.

The ball scene was shot in 57 nights. It could only be shot at night because it was much too hot to work in costumes during the day. Every evening the gigantic food buffet was rebuilt and filled with fresh lobster, spiny lobsters, roasts, cakes and many others.

The music for the film was written by Nino Rota, who takes up themes by Giuseppe Verdi. A waltz by Verdi was also used for the film. The soundtrack was already released on LP in 1963 and then re-released several times both as LP and on CD.

The film won the Golden Palm as best film at the Cannes Film Festival in 1963.

Until 1983, the film was only ever shown in a shortened version in Germany. The film was extensively restored for the Venice Film Festival in 1991. In 1995 the film was shown in German cinemas for the first time in full lenght. The current DVD and Blu-ray releases also contain the restored uncut version.

The shooting began on 15.05.1962 in the streets of Palermo, Ciminna, Villa Boscogrande near Palermo and Palazzo Gangi-Valguarnera, where the famous ball scene was shot.

The original Italian title of the novel and the film is "Il gattopardo". For both the novel and the film this was translated into many languages as "The Leopard". However, this is not correct, because Leopard is called "Leopardo" in Italian. As Gattopardo, a smaller African wildcat is called in Italy, whose English name is "Serval".

German Blu-ray: 185:27 minutes

Release Dates:
28.03.1963 Italy Premiere
14.06.1963 France Premiere
08.11.1963 Germany Premiere
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No. Actor Role (Descriptions in German) Voice Actor Picture InfoIMDb
Opening credits
1 Burt Lancaster Don Fabrizio SalinaCarl Raddatz
2 Claudia Cardinale
Angelica Sedara / BertianaDagmar Altrichter
3 Alain Delon
Tancredi FalconeriChristian Wolff
4 Paolo Stoppa
Don Calogero SedaraHans Hessling
5 Rina Morelli Maria Stella SalinaTilly Lauenstein
6 Romolo Valli Pater PirroneArnold Marquis
7 Terence Hill
(als Mario Girotti)
Graf Carlo CavriaghiJörg Cossardt
8 Pierre Clémenti Francesco Paolo
9 Lucilla Morlacchi Concetta
10 Giuliano Gemma General
11 Ida Galli Carolina
12 Ottavia Piccolo Caterina
13 Carlo Valenzano
(nicht sicher)
14 Brook Fuller Der kleine Prinz
15 Anna Maria Bottini Dombreuil, Gouvernante
16 Lola Braccini Donna Margherita
17 Tina Lattanzi
(nicht sicher)
Gast auf dem Ball
18 Marino Masé Privatlehrer
19 Marcella Rovena
20 Howard Nelson Rubien
(als Howard N. Rubien)
Don Diego
21 Rina De Liguoro Prinzessin von Presicce
22 Valerio Ruggeri Mann beim Gottesdienst 
23 Olimpia Cavalli Mariannina
24 Giovanni Melisenda Don Onofrio Rotolo 
25 Anna Maria Surdo  
26 Giancarlo Lolli
(als Carlo Lolli)
27 Halina Zalewska
(als Alina Zalewska)
28 Franco Gulà Butler
29 Winni Riva
30 Vittorio Duse Mann der im Kampf gehängt wird
31 Stelvio Rosi Der blonde Gast beim Abschlußfest
32 Vanni Materassi
33 Carlo Palmucci  
34 Giuseppe Stagnitti  
35 Dante Posani  
36 Carmelo Artale  
37 Rosolino Bua  
38 Ivo Garrani Oberst Pallavicino
39 Leslie French Cavaliere Chevalley
40 Serge Reggiani
Don Ciccio TumeoGert Günther Hoffmann
Uncredited Actors
41 Sandra Christolini
(lt. IMDb)
Die jüngste Tochter 
42 Nando Sarlo
(nicht sicher)
Gast auf dem Ball 
43 Pino Caruso Singender Revolutionär auf der Straße
44 Tuccio Musumeci
45 Renato Pinciroli Gast auf dem Ball  
46 Luigi Scavran Gast auf dem Ball  
47 Ferruccio Fregonese Gast auf dem Ball 
48 Margherita Horowitz Gast auf dem Ball
49 Unbekannt Slim man with moustaches   
50 Omero Capanna
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Franco Ferrara (Orcehstra sinfonica di Santa Cecilia diretta da), Giuseppe Verdi (Un valzer inedito di), Nino Rota (Musica di)
Enrico Medioli (Adattato e sceneggiato da), Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa (dal romanzo di), Luchino Visconti (Adattato e sceneggiato da), Massimo Franciosa (Adattato e sceneggiato da), Pasquale Festa Campanile (Adattato e sceneggiato da), Suso Cecchi d'Amico (Adattato e sceneggiato da)
Director of Photography
Giuseppe Rotunno (Fotografia di), Nino Cristiani (Operatore alla macchina), Enrico Cignitti (Operatore alla macchina), Giuseppe Maccari (Operatore alla macchina), G.B. Poletto (Fotografo di scena)
Mario Serandrei (Montaggio di)
Art Direction
Mario Garbuglia (Scenografia di), Giorgio Pes (Arredamento di), Laudomia Hercolani (Arredamento di), Ferdinando Giovannoni (Aiuto architetto), Emilio D'Andria (Aiuto arredatore)
Piero Tosi (Costumi di), Vera Marzot (Aiuto costumista), Bice Brichetto (Aiuto costumista), Alessandro Gasparinetti (Consulente uniformologico)
Make up
Alberto De Rossi (Truccatore)
Hair stylist
Maria Angelini (Parrucchiere), Amalia Paoletti (Parrucchiere)
Mario Messina (Tecnico del suono)
Stephan Iscovescu (Segretario di edizione)
Production company
Titanus S.p.A. (Roma), Société Nouvelle Pathé Cinéma (als S.N. Pathé Cinéma; Parigi), Société Générale de Cinématographie (als S.G.C.; Parigi)
Assistant director
Rinaldo Ricci (Aiuto regista), Albino Cocco (Aiuto regista), Francesco Massaro (Assistente alla regia), Brad Fuller (Assistente alla regia)
Goffredo Lombardo (presenta), Pietro Notarianni (Realizzazione di), Enzo Provenzale (Direttore di produzione), Giorgio Adriani (Direttore di produzione), Roberto Cocco (Ispettore di produzione), Riccardo Caneva (Ispettore di produzione), Gilberto Scarpellini (Ispettore di produzione), Gaetano Amata (Ispettore di produzione), Bruno Sassaroli (Ispettore di produzione), Umberto Sambuco (Segretario di produzione), Lamberto Pippia (Segretario di produzione)
Luchino Visconti
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DVD Il gattopardo - The leopardIl gattopardo - The leopard A-Film Netherlands
VHS Le GuépardLe Guépard Tele K7 France
Promo Der LeopardDer Leopard Progress Film Programm Germany 1966
Promo Der LeopardDer Leopard Illustrierte Film-Bühne Germany 1963
Promo Der Leopard (Werberatschlag)Der Leopard (Werberatschlag) 20th Century Fox Germany 1963
Promo Der LeopardDer Leopard Neues Filmprogramm Austria 1963
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CD Il gattopardo (2 CDs)Il gattopardo (2 CDs) Quartet Records Spain 30.04.2018
LP12 Il gattopardoIl gattopardo At the movies Germany 08.04.2016
CD Der LeopardDer Leopard CAM Germany 28.10.2004
LP12 The LeopardThe Leopard Varèse Sarabande USA 1983
MC Il GattopardoIl Gattopardo RCA Cinematre Italy 1979
LP12 Il GattopardoIl Gattopardo RCA Cinematre Italy 1979
LP7 Le GuepardLe Guepard Ducretet Thomson France
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