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Ace High
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Ace High
I quattro dell'Ave Maria
Italy 1968 - 116 Min.
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Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy exchange the gold of Bill San Antonio for cash with bank manager Herold. Herold, who joined forces with Bill San Antonio, hires Cacopoulos, who was sentenced to death, to kill the two of them. Cacopoulos, who has been in prison for 15 years and is now waiting for the gallows, as his friends had betrayed him at the time, seems to agree, but in reality he only wants revenge. Bank director Herold was one of his traitorous friends. After he named the whereabouts of the other two traitors, Paco and Drake, he gets Cacopoulos' revenge first. On the way to Paco, who left for Mexico, Cacopoulos robs Cat and Hutch. He takes the money from them, but does not kill them. Cat and Hutch then start the pursuit. After arriving in Mexico, they learn that Paco has a lot of debts with Cacopoulos. The Greek persuades the two of them to help him so that he can get revenge and the two of them get the money back. After an argument with Paco's small army, where Cat got help from Mexican mercenaries, Cacopoulos gets his revenge, but the mercenaries are now looking for the money. With a trick they can escape from the mercenaries at first, but the Greek leaves Hutch and Cat behind and flees alone. After Cat and Hutch managed to get rid of the mercenaries, they resume their pursuit. They know that Cacopoulos still has a score to settle with his former buddy Drake. Drake now operates a large casino, where the guests are robbed by fraudulent means. When Hutch and Cat arrive there, Cacopoulos has lost all the money. Cat and Hutch find out how to manipulate the games in the casino and decide to get Drake's money back in the same way. Together with street performer Thomas and Cacopoulos, they are heading to the casino, where the big showdown with Drake and his men finally takes place.

Ace High is, apart from Hannibal, the second film of the duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. It is the direct sequel of God forgives... I don't!.

One year later Boot Hill marks the end of the trilogy about the Western heroes Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy.

German DVD (Second dubbing): 117:25 minutes
Italian DVD (General Video): 126:19 minutes
Hungarian DVD: 117:02 minutes

Release Dates:
31.10.1968 Italy Premiere
03.10.1969 Germany Premiere
23.11.1991 Hungary Television premiere MTV2 19:05
Additonal Title Screens:
USA Italy USA (Video) France Deutschland (TV)

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No. Actor Role (Descriptions in German) Voice Actor Picture InfoIMDb
Opening credits
1 Eli Wallach CacopulosEli Wallach
2 Terence Hill
Cat Stevens
3 Bud Spencer
Hutch Bessy
4 Brock Peters ThomasBrock Peters
5 Livio Lorenzon Paco
6 Steffen Zacharias
(als Stephen Zacharias)
7 Tiffany Hoyveld Frau von Thomas 
8 Armando Bandini Sektretär von Herold 
9 Kevin McCarthy
(con la partecipazione straordinaria di)
Closing credits
10 Remo Capitani
(Altri interpreti)
11 Rick Boyd Einer von Drake beim finalen Duell
12 Isa Foster Frau die Cacopoulos das Geld abnimmt 
13 Bruno Corazzari Apfelbacke
14 Dante Cleri Bankier
15 Antonietta Fiorito
16 Aldo Sala einer von Drake 
17 Giuseppe Terranova Casino-Kassier 
18 Edoardo Torricella Roulettespieler 
19 Corrado Olmi Passant, wird von Cacopoulos nach Geld gefragt (Szene fehlt in dt. Version)
20 Luciano Telli Roulettespieler 
Uncredited Actors
21 Franco Gulà alter, weißhaariger Mann
22 Enzo Santaniello kleiner rothaariger Junge
23 Giancarlo Badessi Promoter des Preisboxers
24 Roger Beaumont Croupier 
25 Simonetta Santaniello Tochter der irischen Familie
26 Vicente Roca Don Pedro Ramirez 
27 Gildo Di Marco Einer von Drake 
28 Frank Braña Joe
29 Gino Marturano einer von Drake beim finalen Duell
30 Mel Gaines Einer von Drake beim finalen Duell 
31 Fulvio Pellegrino Betrunkener auf der Straße 
32 Unbekannt Schwarzbart
(evtl,, aber höchstwahrscheinlich NICHT!)
33 Leroy Haynes Preisboxer 
34 Carlo Landa Roulettespieler  
35 Unbekannt Croupier Roulettespieler  
36 Angelo Casadei Roulettespieler  
37 Unbekannt Kleiner Glatzkopf Zuschauer beim Boxkampf 
38 Quinto Marziali Mann im Casino  
39 Riccardo Pizzuti Handlanger von Drake
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Bruno Nicolai (Diretta da), Carlo Rustichelli (Musica di)
Bino Cicogna, Giuseppe Colizzi (Soggetto e sceneggiatura)
Director of Photography
Marcello Masciocchi (Direttore della Fotografia), Antonio Schiavo Lena (Operatore), Giovanni Bonivento (Assistenti operatore (als Gianni Bonivento)), Claudio Tondi (Assistenti operatore), Antonio Serafini (Fotografo), Roberto Girometti (operatore (uncredited))
Marcello Malvestito (Montaggio), Franco Malvestito (Assistente montaggio)
Action sequences staged by
Ferdinando Poggi
Renato Moretti (Segretario edizione)
Augusto Troiani (Fonico), Maurizio Troiani (Microfonista)
Make up
Massimo De Rossi (Truccatore)
Hair stylist
Anna Graziosi (Parrucchiera)
Special effects
Erasmo Bacciucchi (Effetti speciali), Eros Bacciucchi (Effetti speciali)
Art Direction
Gastone Carsetti (Scenografia)
Raffaele Mottola (als Ray Mottola; Dialogue coach)
Production company
Crono Cinematografica S.p.A. (Roma), San Marco S.p.A. (Roma)
Assistant director
Silvana Mangini Colizzi (Aiuto regista (als Silvana Colizzi)), Luigi Mangini (Aiuto regista)
Bino Cicogna (Prodotto da), Giuseppe Colizzi (Prodotto da), Maurizio Marvisi (Direttore di produzione), Sergio Nasca (Ispettori di produzione (c.s.c.)), Bruno Frascà (Ispettori di produzione), Maurizio Biasini (Segretario di produzione), Giuseppe Fioravanti (Amministratore)
Giuseppe Colizzi (Regia)
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CD Bud Spencer e Terence Hill Music Collection - Volume 1 Hobby e Work Italy 2006
CD Bud Spencer e Terence Hill Music Collection - Volume 2 Hobby e Work Italy 2006
CD I quattro dell' Ave Maria Digitmovies Italy 16.11.2005
CD Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Greatest Hits 2 Vivi Musica Italy 2003
CD 4 für ein Ave Maria Alhambra Switzerland 1997
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LP12 Ciak - Spaghetti Western Cinevox Italy 1984
LP12 I quattro dell' Ave Maria Cinevox Italy 1968
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