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2017-04-24 - 7:25 am - Now available: Movie trailers at the Spencer/Hill database
The Spencer/Hill database now offers the possibility to watch original movie trailers of certain films. For the start of the new feature, we have uploaded 43 trailers from four different countries of the 17 common films of the duo. Further trailers will be added gradually. You can find the trailers by clicking on the corresponding link here on the homepage on the left side in the section Movies. In addition, you will find links to the trailers directly in the corresponding film view directly under the title-screen of the film. The trailers can then be started directly from there. The trailers are hosted on a specially launched channel on the video platform YouTube.

Link 1: The trailers at the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The YouTube channel of the Spencer/Hill database
2017-04-07 - 3:01 pm - Hungarian Spencer/Hill festival in July
Since 2007 there also is a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Festival in Hungary. In contrast to the German counterpart, the Hungarian festival takes place under the open sky in the middle of summer. The venue is a campsite right on the banks of Lake Velence. For all interested parties, we have put together all information about the festival on an overview page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are in contact with the Hungarian organizers.

Link: Click here for more information
2017-03-23 - 6:44 pm - Tomas Milián passed away
We have sad news today. The actor Tomas Milián passed away yesterday in Miami. He was 84 years old. In Miami he also shot Cats and Dogs with Bud Spencer in 1982.

Rest in peace, Tony Roma!

Source: repubblica.it
2017-03-23 - 8:51 am - Reopening of the ice cream parlor Girotti at Amelia
In the post-war period up to the year 1974, Quirino Girotti had an ice cream parlor in the center of Amelia in Umbria. Together with the local bakery Russo, the Girotti family will reopen this ice cream parlor this year on March 30. The shop is located in Via della Repubblica 52 and the opening is scheduled for 4 pm. At the opening, Terence 's son Jess Girotti Hill and his son William Girotti Hill will be present. It is not known, however, whether pistachio is already sold out ;-)

Source: Article at umbria24.it
2017-02-28 - 7:52 am - Lobby cards are now available in the database
Attentive visitors to the database have already noticed that we added a new section for lobby cards to the database. We have filled them with content in the last few weeks. A big thanks goes to Martin Richartz from Cologne, who shared more than 1500 lobby cards from his collection, which created the idea for the new section. In the meantime more than 2000 lobby cards have been registered. In the new section they are arranged by films and countries, but also in the individual film views there are now links to the corresponding picture galleries. We wish you a lot of fun!

Link: To the lobby cards
2017-02-25 - 1:16 pm - Bud Spencer receives international fair play award
Last Thursday, the "Domitianus Fairplay International Award" was awarded for the first time in Rome at the Domitian Stadium (Stadio di Domoziano). In this context Bud Spencer was also honored for his exemplary honesty and integrity in life. His son Giuseppe Pedersoli gratefully accepted the award. In addition, the city of Amatrice, severely hit during the earthquake disaster of August 2016, was awarded as "Capital of Fair Play" for the merits and cohesion of the population after the earthquake.

Source: rainews.it
2017-01-20 - 7:35 am - The shooting of the 11th season of Don Matteo starts in May
The post-production of his actual film La chiamavano Maryam is not yet complete, but Terence Hill hat already the next project on his agenda. As the Italian Sorrisi e canzoni TV and other media reports, the shooting of the 11th season of the success series Don Matteo will begin in May this year. The city of Spoleto will be once again the scene of action and shooting. With Simone Montedoro will leave at least one leading actor the series. It seems that his Capitano Tommasi will be replaced by a female version in the new season. We will keep you up to date.
2017-01-18 - 8:12 am - Terence Hill is special guest at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona
From 20 to 22 January 2017, the Motor Bike Expo 2017 will take place in Verona. On the opening day, Terence Hill will be visiting the booth of Wild Hog Handmade Leather with his Harley Davidson from the film They called her Maryam. Terence and Wild Hog already worked together last year for a joint product line. Wild Hog Handmade Leather can be found at the fair in Hall 2 at booth 19N.
Link: Terence Hill in a spot of Wild Hog Handmade Leather (youtube)
2017-01-13 - 7:56 am - Experimental film Org with Terence Hill for the first time on DVD
For enthusiasts and collectors there will be a real highlight in February. On February 24th the German "Filmgalerie 451" publishes the experimental film Org with Terence Hill on DVD. In addition to the 177-minute version of the film (Italian language with German and English subtitles), this first release world-wide also contains a very large amount of bonus material.

Link 1: The DVD at the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 2: Org at the Spencer/Hill-Database
2016-12-12 - 8:07 am - Releasedate and first trailer of La chiamavano Maryam
Last thursday Terence Hill has shown the first trailer of his new movie La chiamavano Maryam in an Italien tv-show. Now the trailer is available online, english subtiltes are included. The movie will start in the Italian cinemas next year on March, 24. Release dates for other countries are not known yet. Have fun!

Link 1: Trailer with english subtiltes (youtube.com)
Link 2: La chiamavano Maryam at the Spencer/Hill-Database
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