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2018-10-15 - 1:24 pm - Report from the Oliver Onions concert in Berlin
On 5 October 2018 Guido and Maurizio De Angelis gave a concert in Germany after more than 30 years of abstinence. The venue of this event was the Columbiahalle in Berlin. The two brothers also known under the pseudonym Oliver Onions played all the great hits from the Spencer/Hill movies and many more of their hits. We were at this great event and made a little report about it.

Link: To the report
2018-10-10 - 1:56 pm - Terence Hill receives prize for his career in South Tyrol
Terence Hill has been a guest in Trento in South Tyrol since yesterday. Yesterday he presented his film My Name is Thomas at the Religion Today festival. The film also runs in the competition of the film festival and competes there for two film prizes. The winners will be announced tomorrow at a gala at the Spazio Archeologico Sotterraneo del Sas Museum. Whatever the jury decides, Terence Hill will definitely receive a prize there, the prize for his career. Congratulations!

Link: Report about Hills visit in Trento (Ital.)
2018-09-19 - 3:16 pm - Bud Spencer exhibition in Naples cancelled
The opening of an exhibition about Bud Spencer's life planned for 21 September in Naples (we reported) is cancelled. Whether the exhibition can still be seen at all is not clear at the moment. We will report as soon as there are news.
2018-09-04 - 1:39 pm - Lucky Luke with Terence Hill finally on Blu-ray
What lasts long will finally be good. Originally announced for last autumn, the Lucky Luke boxset will now be released in Germany on October 5, 2018, with the feature film and the eight series episodes appearing in full HD for the first time on three Blu-rays! The shortened scenes have been dubbed for this new boxset with Terence Hill's regular dubbing actor Thomas Danneberg! For the release in October, 3L kindly provides us with five boxes for raffle. You will find out more about the raffle at the beginning of October.

Link: The new boxset at the database
2018-08-21 - 12:13 pm - German premiere of My name is Thomas
Terence Hill was in Dresden yesterday for the German premiere of his new film My name is Thomas. More than 5000 fans gave Terence a warm welcome in two performances at the "Filmnächte am Elbufer" and celebrated him and also his dubbing actor Thomas Danneberg, who was also invited as a guest. We were also on the spot and made a small report about the premiere. Have fun with it!

URL (in German): Our report from this event
2018-08-04 - 1:03 pm - Naples dedicates a large exhibition to Bud Spencer
Attention! The exhibition will not take place until further notice!

Bud's hometown Naples dedicates a large exhibition to her famous son Bud Spencer. From September, 21 the Palazzo delle Arti (PAN) (Palace of art) will show an exhibition about Buds life. The exhibition refers not only to his film career, but also to his time as a swimmer and his activities as an entrepreneur, pilot, author, composer, singer and inventor. Bud's companions don't miss out either, first and foremost of course Terence Hill, but also the directors Steno, Olmi, Festa Campanile, Montaldo, Colizzi, Clucher, Argento, Castellari, Deodato, Capone and the composers Micalizzi, De Angelis and La Bionda. Bud's own voice guides the visitor through the exhibition and leads him into the world of the actor. In addition to video installations and film clips, props, costumes, Italian and international film and sports awards, newspaper articles from all over the world, film posters, public and private photos and much more can be seen. A reproduction of the statue dedicated to Bud Spencer by the city of Budapest last year can also be admired.

The curator of the exhibition is Umberto Croppi, supported by the Cultural and Tourist Centre of Naples, the Luce Cinecittŕ Film Institute and the Pedersoli family.

URL 1: Article from
URL 2: Homepage of the Palazzo delle arti
2018-07-31 - 1:17 pm - MDM releases Spencer/Hill commemorative coins

Die Spencer/Hill-Gedenkmünzen

The Münzhandelsgesellschaft Deutsche Münze (MDM) publishes three Spencer/Hill commemorative coins on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Hannibal. Two coins show a scene with both actors from Trinity is still my name on the front, the third has a colourful design from Watch out we're mad. The back side of all coins has the same design. It shows a collage of props from various films.

Nr. Material Diameter Weight Price
1. Silver (333) 30 mm 6,8 g 10,00 EUR
2. Silver (333) 36 mm 14,66 g 49,95 EUR
3. Gold (585) 17 mm 1,55 g 199,00 EUR

The coins can now be pre-ordered from MDM. Delivery of the coins is scheduled for mid-September.

Link: To the order page (in German)
2018-07-17 - 7:30 am - Terence Hill as guest at Italian film festival
Terence Hill will be guest of honour on Saturday 28 July at the 12th Est Film Festival, which will take place from 22 to 29 July in Montefiascone, a small city about 90 kilometres north of Rome. At 9:30 pm at Piazzale Frigo he is awarded the "Arco di Platino" (engl. Platinum Bow) for his extraordinary career. Afterwards Terence Hill will present his new film My name is Thomas.

Link: Homepage of the Est Film Festival (ital.)
2018-05-18 - 7:56 pm - Thomas Danneberg will come to Terence Hill's cinema premiere
Not only Terence Hill himself will be present at the premiere of his new film Il mio nome č Thomas on 20.08.2018 in Dresden, but also his long-time dubbing voice Thomas Danneberg will be guest. For fans surely one more reason to consider the date in Dresden. Tickets for 13 Euro are still available at the website of the "Filmnächte am Elbufer".

URL: To the page of the "Filmnächte am Elbufer"
2018-05-15 - 9:37 pm - Terence Hill will present his new film in Germany
Terence Hill will personally present his new film Il mio nome e Thomas in Germany. It starts on 20.08.2018 in Dresden at the "Filmnächte am Elbufer" (Movie nights at the river Elbe). Ticket sales for this event will start tomorrow. Until 26.08. Terence will stay in Germany and attend to further appointments. Details will be announced shortly.

URL: To the page of the "Filmnächte am Elbufer"
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