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2018-03-19 - 10:47 am - Re-release of the soundtrack from A reason to live a reason to die
The Italian label Digitmovies will re-release the soundtrack of A reason to live a reason to die on March 26, 2018. In addition to a CD version, there will also be a deluxe version consisting of the CD plus an LP. The tracklist of the CD corresponds 1:1 to the release from 2009. The LP version will contain exactly the same tracks. It is the first time that this soundtrack is released on vinyl.

Link 1: The special edition in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The CD in the Spencer/Hill database
2018-03-18 - 12:50 pm - New Terence Hill film starts in Italy on April 19
Terence Hill's new film My name is Thomas will be released in Italian cinemas on April 19. In Italy, too, the film will now be called "Il mio nome Ŕ Thomas" (Watch the new trailer). For Germany there is no specific date yet, but the film will also be released in cinemas in Germany this year.

Link 1: My name is Thomas in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: Article at (Ital.)
2018-02-22 - 2:51 pm - News about the Spencer/Hill festival 2018
There are news about the 2018 Spencer/Hill festival. The event will once again change the venue. The original kart track was unfortunately too small and so the festival will now take place in Lommatzsch in Saxony. The place will surely sound familiar to some fans, because it is the place where Terence Hill spent part of his childhood. Furthermore, it looks as if we can welcome two more star guests this year with Guido and Maurizio De Angelis (also known as Oliver Onions).

Link: To the information page
2018-02-14 - 8:20 am - New Blu-ray box with 10 joint films in March
On March 16, a new Blu-ray box will be released in Germany with ten films by the duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The ten Blu-rays of this box have all been released individually before, but if you're just starting to collect the movies and want to start with the duo's joint movies, this box is a very good way to get started. Eight films in this box contain English audio, while five films also have Italian audio. This might make the box attractive for orders from abroad.

Link: The new Box at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-02-13 - 8:48 am - Information about the Hungarian Spencer and Hill festival 2018
First details about this year's Hungarian Spencer/Hill Festival have reached us. The Hungarians will also change the place this year. This year's festival will take place from 12 to 15 July in a "Spa and Leisure Center" in CeglÚd. The small town of CeglÚd is located about 70 kilometres southwest of Budapest. Unfortunately, the new location is no longer located directly on a large lake, but there is no need to miss a beach, as there is an aquapark in the immediate vicinity. For all interested people, we have created an info page with all known information about the festival. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are in contact with the Hungarian organizers.

Link: To the information page
2018-01-30 - 6:50 pm - Italian television reports about the myth of Bud Spencer
The Italian show "La vita in diretta" reported today about the myth of Bud Spencer. Beside his son Giuseppe Pedersoli, Buds daughter Cristiana and his grandson Carlo, Jr. were invited to talk about it. The topic of her entertaining conversation was the incredible career and varied life of Bud Spencer and how he became an icon all over the world. The statue in Budapest was mentioned as well as the sports ambitions of Carlo, Jr. and the special thing about the duo Spencer/Hill. The conversation was spiced up by TV clips, old interviews and of course film scenes.

Url: Info about the show in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2018-01-26 - 9:06 pm - Re-release of the soundtrack from Blackie the Pirate
The Italian label Digitmovies will re-release the soundtrack of Blackie the Pirate on February 22, 2018. In addition to a CD version, there will also be a deluxe version consisting of the CD plus an LP. The LP is based on the original LP from 1971, supplemented by four bonus tracks. The tracklist of the CD corresponds 1:1 to the release from 2006.

Link 1: The special edition in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The CD in the Spencer/Hill database
2018-01-12 - 3:55 pm - Don Matteo is back
Yesterday, the first two episodes of the 11th season of Terence Hill's hit series Don Matteo were broadcast on Italian television. With up to 8.26 million viewers and a market share of 31.6%, the series once again achieved fantastic ratings. You will now find everything you need to know about the two episodes in the database:

Url 1: L'errore pi¨ bello in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Url 2: Scene da un matrimonio in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2017-12-28 - 6:50 pm - Don Matteo 11 starts on January 11th at Rai Uno
The shooting for the 11th season of the successful Italian series with Terence Hill as priest Don Matteo is finished and now it is known when they will be broadcast. The first new episode will be broadcast on italian television on Thursday, January 11th on Rai Uno.

Link: More about the 11th season at the Spencer/Hill database
2017-12-10 - 10:24 am - Guido and Maurizio De Angelis release concert DVD
Guido and Maurizio De Angelis have now released their last year's Bud Spencer Tribute concert from Budapest on CD and DVD. The release consists of two CDs and one DVD. There is also a small book with a text by Maurizio De Angelis and many pictures of the concert.

Meanwhile, the new edition of the concert in Berlin announced for February 2nd has apparently been postponed. The new date will be announced.

Link: The CD/DVD set at the Spencer Hill database
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