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2022-06-24 - 3:18 pm - Trinity is still my name: New LP for the 50th Anniversary
Cover der neuen LP On 10 July, Beat Records will release the soundtrack of Trinity is still my name in a special limited edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film. The green and white coloured LP contains all 13 tracks of the original LP plus six bonus tracks. The soundtrack was composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, who wrote the music for a Spencer/Hill film for the first time and created a catchy tune with Trinity stand tall.

Link: The new LP in the database

2022-06-22 - 6:22 pm - Terence Hill receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Terence Hill receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Terence Hill has received another lifetime achievement award in Italy. He was honoured by the non-profit association "Moige". The word stands for "Movimento Italiano Genitori", which translates roughly as "Italian Parents' Movement". Every year, the association evaluates series, shows, but also web and streaming content to see how suitable they are for children and young people and publishes these evaluations in a TV and web guide.

Now the association has decided to award Terence Hill "for his undoubted acting qualities and for the consistency between the characters he plays and the person he is. Never over the top, Terence is always discreet, respectful and decent, able to make what he expresses through his acting believable and worth watching. He is always a source of reflection for family audiences of all ages."

"Moige" released a video today thanking Terence for the award. In it, he recounts a long-ago encounter with a young mother and her two children who recently saw "They call me Trinity" at the cinema. At the time, she asked Terence to continue making such films that she could watch with her children without worry. He has complied. Terence concludes by saying that he misses Italy and will return soon.

The video: The video on YouTube

2022-05-02 - 12:45 pm - Double event at the Bud Spencer Museum
Sal Borgese im Bud-Spencer-Museum Last weekend there were two events at the Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin. Friday was dedicated to actor and stuntman Sal Borgese. Sal was present and showed himself to be in good spirits. Finally, on Saturday, the new Lifelike figure of Terence Hill was ceremoniously unveiled at the museum. This took place during an online whisky tasting with several star guests. Besides Sal Borgese, Cristiana Pedersoli, Aaron Troschke, Dennis Schmidt-Foß and Marcus and Jorgo were also present. We were also present at both events and have summarised our impressions in two small photo reports.

Link 1: An evening with Sal Borgese
Link 2: Terence Hill figure inauguration

2022-04-23 - 12:26 am - Don Matteo says goodbye to his Italian viewers

Don Matteo says goodbye

On Thursday evening it was time. Terence Hill said goodbye to Italian television viewers after 22 years as Don Matteo. The last episode Così vicini, così lontani (Eng: "So near, so far") was watched by 6.093 million viewers on RAI Uno. The series itself continues next week with a new priest as its successor, but for us it has come to an end at this point. After 259 episodes, a little melancholy set in last night, but every goodbye is also a new beginning. In Italy, Terence Hill's time as Don Matteo has come to an end, but here in Germany it is just beginning this year. It starts in autumn on Bibel TV. We can hardly wait!

URL 1: The last episode in the database
URL 2: Our series overview
URL 3: Report from last day of Terence Hills filming

2022-03-01 - 4:19 pm - Trailer for the remake of "Watch out, we are mad" released
Vorschaubild zum Trailer As we reported last year, the Italians have made a remake of the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill classic Watch out, we're mad. Now the movie, starring Edoardo Pesce and Alessandro Roia, is ready. Today the theatical trailer was released and on 23 March it will start in Italian cinemas. Although both the music of the fire brigade choir and "Dune Buggy" can be heard in the trailer, the music for this remake is not by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, but by Francesco Cerasi.

It is uncertain whether the film will make it to cinemas in Germany or other countries. However, since Netflix is co-producer, at least a broadcast on the streaming service is not unlikely in the near future.

And now take a look for yourself at what's on offer:
The trailer on YouTube

2022-02-22 - 11:57 am - Happy Birthday Maurizio De Angelis!
Maurizio De Angelis auf einem Plattencover Maurizio De Angelis, the younger half of the Duo Oliver Onions, celebrates his 75th birthday today! We repeatedly had the pleasure of spending time with the composer and singer of countless hits such as Bulldozer, Dune Buggy, Sheriff, Santa Maria or Orzowei and have known him as a very pleasant and likeable person. Therefore, we wish all the best and much health, fun and joy for hopefully many more years together. We are looking forward to the next reunion!

Link: Maurizio De Angelis at the database

2022-02-15 - 9:02 am - News about the Spencer/Hill Festival 2022
Logo des Filmfestivals The Spencer/Hill Festival will not be able to take place in its usual form this year due to the planning uncertainty caused by the corona pandemic. But Spencer/Hill fans won't have to do without the festival altogether this year, because the first Spencer/Hill Film Festival will take place instead on 2 and 3 September. The venue will be the Urania in Berlin, an event cinema with seven cinema halls, a large gallery and a beer garden in the courtyard. In addition to the films, there will be live music, star guests and a few other surprises.

Ticket sales started today. The number of tickets is limited to 1000. A ticket for both festival days costs 79 EUR, club members pay 65 EUR.

Link 1: More information and tickets at spencerhill-festival.de
Link 2: The festival page in the database

2022-02-07 - 8:10 pm - Bud Spencer's stunt double Ronald Russell deceased
Bud's family announced today that Ronald Russell died yesterday. Russell doubled Bud in the series Entralarge and We are Angels, as well as in The Troublemakers. Series fans may also know him from the Don Johnson series "Nash Bridges". Here he had a recurring role as policeman Ronny.

Here you find a short interview with him:
S/H-DB: Interview with Ronald Russell

2021-12-02 - 3:24 pm - Italy now also has a Bud Spencer stamp
Die italienische Bud-Spencer-Briefmarke On the occasion of his 92nd birthday on 31 October 2021, Bud Spencer was also honoured with his own stamp in his home country Italy. The stamp is part of the series "Le eccellenze italiane dello spettacolo" (Italian Show Business Excellence) and was issued in an edition of 300,000. It is normally available in the postal branches of Poste Italiane and can also be ordered online there - but not from abroad. For the issue date there are also limited special products around the stamp, e.g. a collector's folder (2000 copies), a plastic credit-card-sized card with the stamp on it (1500 copies), a philanthropic info sheet with a text by Bud's children (1000 copies) and postcards and envelopes with the stamp of the first day of issue.

We have taken this stamp as an opportunity to add an info page to the database about all the stamps with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill that have been published so far. There you will also find more pictures of the new Italian stamp.

Link: To the info page about Spencer/Hill stamps

2021-11-08 - 8:53 am - The soundtrack to "Watch out, we're mad" comes on CD & LP!
Cover von CD und LP No other soundtrack has Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans been waiting for as long as the one for the film Watch out, we're mad. When the film was released in 1974, there was only one single with the title song Dune Buggy and the track "Across the fields" on the B-side. After that, there was nothing until today. But this is changing now!

Beat Records, in collaboration with Cabum and Digitmovies, has announced the release of the complete soundtrack by brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis on CD and LP! Both versions will be released on 13 December 2021. There is no exact track list yet, but we are promised "Dune Buggy", both vocal and instrumental, "Across the fields", the firemen's choir, violin music, ballroom music, various background sounds and much more.

From 17 November it will be possible to pre-order the soundtrack. The first places to go should be the websites of Beat Records and Digitmovies. One day before the release, on 12 December, the soundtrack will be presented to the public in the presence of the De Angelis brothers at the Music Day in Rome.

Link 1: Die CD at the database
Link 2: Die LP at the database

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