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2021-09-21 - 3:57 pm - Terence Hill finishes filming Don Matteo
Terence Hill wartet auf die letzte Klappe Last saturday an era came to an end after 22 years. We had the opportunity to be there in Spoleto, Umbria, when Terence Hill's last take for his hit series Don Matteo was shot in the afternoon in the church of Santa Eufemia. After the emotional last take, the whole crew celebrated their long-time leading actor first spontaneously in the church and later on the forecourt at a champagne reception. Producer Luca Bernabei thanked Terence Hill in a speech and of course Terence Hill thanked the crew afterwards for the great cooperation in the last years. Terence Hill's last day of shooting ended with a group photo of the crew on the cathedral steps of Spoleto. For Hill, this day marked the end of a significant period in his film career after 13 seasons with a total of 259 episodes. However, he is not thinking of retirement now, but will devote himself to new projects with a little distance. Meanwhile, the series "Don Matteo" continues with a successor. We have summarised our impressions of the set and the emotional last take in a small report for the database. Enjoy reading!

Link: The last day of Don Matteo

2021-08-31 - 8:04 am - Oliver Onions presents a new version of "Dune Buggy"
Cover der neuen Single Oliver Onions released their new version of "Dune Buggy" as a single this morning at midnight sharp. Guido and Maurizio put the pedal to the metall and deliver a very rocking version of the old classic. It serves as a foretaste of their upcoming album "Future Memorabilia", which will be released in October. By the way, the two likeable singers will also be guests at the Spencerhill fan meeting starting next weekend. We are looking forward to seeing them!

And now turn up the speakers and let the buggy roll:
Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

2021-08-09 - 10:09 am - Terence Hill is honorary citizen of Pomponesco

Pictures from the award ceremony in Pomponesco

Last Saturday, Terence Hill received a special honour. The small town of Pomponesco named the actor the first honorary citizen of its town history. Terence Hill gave the town national fame in 1983 when he decided to shoot his film Don Camillo here during his directorial debut. A screening of the film was held that evening in the town's central square, Piazza XXIII Aprile (23 April Square). Beforehand, Terence Hill was received by the mayor in the town hall, where he was presented with the certificate of honorary citizenship. Fans of the film are advised to visit the town. Although it is very small, it has hardly changed in the last 40 years, so that even today you have the feeling that Don Camillo could turn up on his motorbike at any moment.

2021-08-09 - 10:02 am - Terence Hill visits film festival in Gran Sasso

Pictures from the event in Gran Sasso

Terence Hill was a guest at the Gran Sasso and L'Aquila Film Festival on Wednesday 4 August, returning to the place where Trinity is still my name was filmed 50 years ago. He visited the original locations, diligently signed autographs and spoke about his memories of the film in front of many enthusiastic fans during a panel discussion. Besides Terence Hill, Cristiana Pedersoli, Sandra Zingarelli and the author Samuele Pinna, who wrote a book about Terence Hill in Italy, were also guests. The evening on location finally ended with a screening of the film.

2021-07-18 - 5:10 pm - Big event for the 50th anniversary of Trinity
Terence Hill erhebt sein Glas Last Thursday, 15 July, the family of film producer Italo Zingarelli celebrated the 50th anniversary of the film They call me Trinity with a big gala at their estate in Tuscany. Among others, Terence Hill, Cristiana Pedersoli, Diamante Pedersoli, Andy Luotto and Renato Casaro were also present. The film and Italo Zingarelli were remembered in a relaxed atmosphere. On this occasion, the Zingarelli family presented a limited wine in a noble special edition to celebrate the anniversary of the film. We were guests at the event and brought you a few pictures and a short report. The following day, we also visited the museum about Italo Zingarelli, which was opened at the same time on the winery and contains many interesting pieces about his films. We have also put together a few impressions of this museum for you.

Link 1: Report from the Anniversary Gala
Link 2: Presentation of the Zingarelli Museum

2021-07-02 - 11:08 am - The Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin is open
Diamante, Giuseppe und Cristiana im Museum Last Sunday, the Bud Spencer Museum was opened in Berlin. We were already there the whole week before to help set up the museum and therefore also had the opportunity to be present at the two press events beforehand and at the opening itself. Now we are back and have put together some information about the museum and a few pictures from the opening. Enjoy reading and looking at them!

Link 1: Information about the museum
Link 2: Pictures from the opening

2021-06-29 - 1:15 pm - The life of Bud Spencer as Graphic Novel
Das Cover des Buches In November 2021, a graphic novel about the life of Bud Spencer will be published in Italy. The graphic novel will be drawn by Roberto Lauciello, the texts will be written by Marco Sonseri and the 112-page work will be published by ReNoir Comics. There will also be a foreword by Cristiana, Diamante und Giuseppe Pedersoli.

The publisher writes about the content:
How many actors can say they have had a life as adventurous as that of the characters they have played on screen? Few, very few. Among them, Carlo Pedersoli stands out, an Olympic-level swimmer, truck driver in South America and above all, hero in dozens of films based on humour and fistfights. A happy marriage, a film career that started almost by accident, a few diet attempts and a lot of binge eating. Little Luca meets him on a magical day at an airport and is entranced by his life story. A unique story, funny and fascinating, like those that made Bud Spencer a myth for generations of viewers.

Link: Preview of the graphic novel

2021-03-14 - 10:38 am - Marvelous Marvin Hagler is dead
Marvelous Marvin Hagler in Virtual Weapon Former boxer and actor Marvelous Marvin Hagler is dead. Terence Hill fans know Hagler as Hill's partner in the action comedy "Virtual Weapon". He also starred in the Italian action films "Indio" and "Indio 2 - The Revolt" in 1989 and 1990. However, Hagler became internationally known not as an actor but as a professional boxer. Hagler is considered one of the best middleweight boxers of all time. From 1980 to 1987 he was undefeated world champion in this weight category. He won 62 of his 67 professional fights. Yesterday he died unexpectedly at his home in New Hampshire. He was 66 years old.

Link: Marvelous Marvin Hagler in the database

2021-03-11 - 7:38 am - Re-release of the "My Name is Nobody" soundtrack
Covermotiv der neuen CD On 25 March 2021, the Italian label Beat Records will re-release the soundtrack of My Name is Nobody on CD. The soundtrack from Ennio Morricone was last released on CD in 2004 (GDM 0159042), but this CD is now hardly available in regular stores. This new release offers everyone the opportunity to turn up the volume to the sounds of the Wild Bunch.

Link: Die neue CD in der Datenbank

2021-03-09 - 11:51 am - The Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin opens in June 2021
Zeichnung der Bud-Spencer-Statue The Bud Spencer Museum was supposed to open last year, but then the pandemic cancelled all plans. But now we are in a positive mood again and are relaunching the idea with old passion and new energy: On 27 June 2021, the fifth anniversary of Buddy's death, the museum in Berlin will open its doors and will offer you with the support of the Pedersoli family exclusive insights into the life of the unforgotten actor, competitive swimmer, songwriter, pilot and writer Bud Spencer. In front of the museum, a life-size statue of Bud Spencer will greet the fans, there will be an official fan shop and visitors will also find food and drinks in the style of Bud. In addition to the normal museum activities, there will be various special events on the weekends, such as concerts with music from the films or film screenings in the museum's own cinema lounge. You can find all further information on the museum's homepage. We look forward to see you!

Link: To the hompage of the museum

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