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2024-05-06 - 12:37 pm - 50 years of "Watch out, we're mad" at Spencer/Hill World
Roger Worrod vor der Figur Bud Spencers On Saturday, a special film event was held at Spencer/Hill-World to mark the 50th anniversary of the film Watch out, we're mad. The English actor and dubbing artist Roger Worrod was a guest and talked about his work as a dubbing artist in Italy. A screening of the anniversary film rounded off the successful evening. We were there and have brought you a short illustrated report. Have fun with it!

Link: The report in the database

2024-03-30 - 9:09 pm - New book about Terence Hill
Cover des neuen Buchs There is a new book about Terence Hill. Published last summer in France under the title On l'appelle Terence Hill, the book by Alexandre Alfonsi and Jean-Marie Lambert is now also available in German, Italian and Spanish. The English version is entitled We call him Terence Hill. The 200-page book describes the life and career of the cult actor. It is introduced by a foreword by Bud Spencer's daughter Cristiana Pedersoli, followed by an exclusive interview with Terence Hill himself. A complete filmography rounds off the beautifully illustrated book. All language versions of the book can now be ordered from the Terence Hill online shop for 39 euros.

Link 1: The book in the database
Link 2: The books in the Terence Hill shop

2024-03-19 - 2:04 pm - Why did you pick on me?: Soundtrack premiere on CD and LP!
Cover der LP On 22 April, the Italian label Beat Records, in collaboration with Digitmovies and Cabum, will be release the soundtrack to Why did you pick on me? on CD and LP for the first time ever! Of the soundtrack by brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, only the title track Mr. Nothingoesright has been released as a single and later on various Spencer/Hill samplers.

Link 1: The CD in the datebase
Link 2: The LP in the database

2024-02-19 - 3:36 pm - The Spencer Hill World is open
Das Logo der Spencer/Hill-World Last Saturday, the Spencer Hill World opened in Berlin as the successor to the Bud Spencer Museum. We were on site the whole week before and helped set up the new exhibition about the careers of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. On Saturday, many fans took the opportunity to visit the new attraction in the heart of Berlin for the first time. Cristiana and Giuseppe Pedersoli, Marcus and Jorgo, Felix Wendlandt and dubbing actress Carolin Brunk were also there. You can find out all about Spencer/Hill World on our new information page. You will also find a small illustrated report from the opening.

Link 1: Die Spencer/Hill-World in der Datenbank
Link 2: Zur Homepage der Spencer/Hill-World (extern)

2024-02-09 - 1:44 pm - Happy 100th birthday, Woody Woodbury!
Woody Woodbury Today we celebrate a very special birthday. The American actor, comedian and musician Woody Woodbury is 100 years today! Spencer/Hill fans know Woody as Admiral O'Connors in "Pair and impair", as Major in "Super Snooper" and finally as the agent in "Go for it" who hands Doug and Rosco the suitcase full of money on the plane.

Woody only acted on the side. In the USA, he is mainly known as a comedian and above all as a TV presenter. First he takes over Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" in 1962 and then hosts his own "The Woody Woodbury Show" from 1967. Woody still lives in Fort Lauderdale, where he was inducted onto the Walk of Fame in 2012. He is the father of two children and sometimes even performs as a comedian at private parties.

More information: Woody Woodbury in the database

2024-01-30 - 6:39 pm -

The Cook is coming

The time has finally come. The mediabooks for Bud Spencer's last TV series "The Crimes of the Cook" (I delitti del cuoco) can now be pre-ordered in the Bud Spencer fan shop! The Mediabooks will be delivered from the end of February!The Mediabooks contain either three Blu-rays or four DVDs with all eleven episodes of the series - in German and Italian language! There is also a 20-page booklet with information about the series and bonus material including two making-of videos and another promo clip in which Bud Spencer himself has his say. In addition, all Mediabooks will include a chef's hat with the logo of Bud Spencer's restaurant in the series.

Link 1: To the order site on budspencer.com
Link 2: The Blu-ray version of the mediabook in the database
Link 3: The DVD version of the mediabook in the database

2023-11-22 - 10:53 pm - Flatfoot in Egypt: Soundtrack for the first time on CD & LP
Cover der CD On December 10, the Italian music label Beat Records will release the soundtrack of Flatfoot in Egypt on CD and LP for the first time ever. When the film was released in 1980, only the title track Sphinx was released on a vinyl single. We fans had to wait a whole 43 years for the complete soundtrack. Like all the soundtracks in the Flatfoot series, the one for "Flatfoot in Egypt" was written by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

The CD will contain 22 tracks, the LP 12 songs. Both versions can be pre-ordered directly from the label at beatrecords.it or from Chris Soundtrack Corner at soundtrackcorner.de.

Link 1: The CD in the database
Link 2: The LP in the database

2023-08-09 - 11:54 am - This was the Spencer/Hill Festival 2023
Terence Hill auf der Festivalbühne The Spencer/Hill Festival 2023 in Gubbio is over. Over 20,000 fans celebrated their idols Bud Spencer and Terence Hill over four days. There were plenty of star guests, lots of live music, great costumes and sun and good mood without end. And on Saturday, Terence Hill himself suddenly appeared on the festival stage and brought the whole area to the boil. Goosebumps were guaranteed. We have now summarised our impressions of the festival in a small illustrated report. Enjoy reading and watching!

To the report: The Spencer Hill Festival at the database

2023-06-13 - 8:28 am - Report from the DEFA Event at the Bud Spencer Museum
Titeleinblendung der DEFA-Fassung Last Saturday, the Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin hosted the first public screening of the GDR dubbed version of "Flatfoot in Egypt" since 1982. Many fans did not miss this perhaps unique opportunity. We were also there and had an interesting and beautiful evening. Pictures and a short report can now be found here in the database.

Link: Report from the DEFA event at the Bud Spencer Museum.

2023-05-31 - 8:09 am - Events in the Spencer/Hill Universe
In the meantime, there are far more events around Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in the Spencer/Hill universe than the annual Spencer/Hill Festival. In June alone, there are four events that might be of interest to Spencer/Hill fans: Hella Brice's visit to the Terence Hill Museum, the DEFA evening with the long-lost GDR dubbing of Flatfoot in Egypt at the Bud Spencer Museum, the Spencer/Hill film evening in the cinema hall of the Cologne Film Club 813 and the first St. Kilian Whisky Festival in Rüdenau. We have therefore added a new event overview to our database, which informs you about all events known to us and also provides links to the respective organisers. You can find the event overview at https://spencerhilldb.de/events or here on the homepage via the "Events" link in the top left-hand navigation bar.

Link: To the events

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Our ambition with this database is to create a comprehensive data collection about the movies of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and his actors. After a lot of work, we can say now, that all movies of Bud and Terence are in the database.

We examined the data of this database carefully, but there is no claim of completeness. We always try to keep the data correct and up to date. If you found a mistake or if you like to work with us on upgrading the data, please send us an e-mail or write a comment in our guestbook. Approval or criticism are always welcome.


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