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2020-12-24 - 1:20 pm - Merry Christmas!

The choir from the movie

We've been working on a little Spencer/Hill fan project over the last few days, creating a fan version of the Oliver Onions fire choir video released last week.

We were overwhelmed by how many fans spontaneously and enthusiastically supported us! It was great fun and showed us that the Spencer/Hill community really is one big family. Within just four days we received 48 videos with 77 participants from five different countries. Many thanks for the organisational cooperation to Marcus Zölch, Michael Maaß and Ili Jelusic from Festival Team and Andrea Lucchi! And, of course, just as many thanks to the all of the fans who took part in the project and sent us very funny contributions!

Merry Christmas to all!

And here is the video: https://youtu.be/HVGudETnvw8

2020-12-18 - 8:13 am - Watch out, we're mad: The choir is back
Covermotiv zur Single des neuen Songs Every Spencer/Hill fan knows the famous scene with the firemen's choir from Watch out, we're mad!, in which Bud and Terence try to outwit a professional killer while singing. The soundtrack was written by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. Now, for Christmas, the two brothers have released a brand new Christmas version of this chorus. The song has been available since Tuesday on all the usual music platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. There is also a music video for the new song on Youtube, for which the Onions have received support from many Italian stars. From the Spencer/Hill universe, for example, Kabir Bedi, Jerry Calà, Rita Pavone, Claudia Gerrini and Nino Frassica are involved.

Link: The music video for the new song

2020-12-14 - 9:12 am - Bodo actor Baldwin Dakile presumed long dead
Plattfuß und Bodo in der Wüste Südafrikas Baldwin Dakile, the actor who played the little boy Bodo in the films Flatfoot in Africa und Flatfoot in Egypt, has probably been dead for many years. At least this is what Neri Parenti, assistant director on "Flatfoot in Africa", reports in his book "Due palle... di Natale", which was recently published in Italy. In it, he tells an anecdote about how it happened that he celebrated Christmas 1977 together with Baldwin and his mother at his family's home in Florence. The very beautyful anecdote ends with Parenti receiving a letter from Baldwin's mother several years later, telling him that her son had been killed in a youth revolt against apartheid oppression.

2020-11-16 - 7:35 pm - New Pizza: Four cheeses with Bud and Terence
Bud Spencer und Terence Hill auf dem Karton der neuen Pizza Matching the Bud Spencer whisky, there is now also a Spencer/Hill pizza! From "Gustavo Gusto" the pizza "Vier Käse für ein Halleluja" will be on sale in the next few days. The manufacturer promises deep-frozen pizzas in restaurant quality and with the new pizza is now adding a Pizza Quattro Formaggi (mozzarella, mountain cheese, cheddar and blue cheese) to its portfolio. The new pizza with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill on the packaging will be available in four different cover designs. The pizzas from Gustavo Gusto are available in many German supermarkets, such as Edeka, real, Netto, Penny, Billa, Globus and Famila. We wish you bon appétit!

2020-11-06 - 1:24 pm - Stuntman Domenico Cianfriglia passed away
Domenico Cianfriglia als Bösewicht im ersten Plattfuß-Film The Italian stuntman Domenico Cianfriglia is dead. Cianfriglia worked as a stuntman for over 30 years without having played major roles. He was mostly used as a villain or henchman, like at the side of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in Flatfoot Cop, Watch out, we're mad!, Flatfoot goes East und Crime Busters. In his late career Cianfriglia's experience as a stuntman was also in demand for some major productions. For example, he took part in "Daylight" (1996) with Sylvester Stallone and in "The Phantom of the Opera" (1998) by Dario Argento. Domenico Cianfriglia died on 26 October 2020 as a result of a heart attack. He became 82 years old.

Link: Domenico Cianfriglia in the Spencer Hill database

2020-11-05 - 7:09 pm - Bud Spencer gets his own whisky!
Etikett der Whisky-Flasche The German distillery "St. Killian Distillers" will offer the single malt whisky "Bud Spencer - The Legend" from 16th November. The Bud Spencer whisky is made from 100% pure barley malt, aged for over three years in Amarone and ex-Bourbon casks and was double distilled in original Scottish pot stills. The whisky is bottled in a 0.7 litre bottle with a high-quality, chunky look and a genuine wooden cork. Its alcohol strength is 46%. A bottle of the premium whisky will cost 34.90 euros. You can order this noble spirit directly online at the distillery and at selected retailers.

Link: To the website of the distillery

2020-10-30 - 7:45 am - New Soundtrack: The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid
Covermotiv der neuen CD On 15 December, the soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis to the Bud Spencer film The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid (Uno sceriffo extraterrestre... poco extra e molto terrestre) will be re-released in Italy. In addition to a re-release of the original LP from 1979, the soundtrack will now also be released on CD for the first time. In addition to the eleven original album tracks, the CD will contain 17 new, previously unreleased tracks from the film. The release is a collaboration between Beat Records, Cabum and Digitmovies.

Link 1: The new CD in the database
Link 2: The new LP in the database

2020-10-26 - 7:43 am - Dominic Barto died in 2019
Dominic Barto als Monky Smith in Verflucht, verdammt und Halleluja Yesterday we received the news that the actor Dominic Barto has already passed away in April 2019. The American actor will be remembered by Spencer/Hill fans for his roles as Killer Mortimer in They call me Trinity, Monky Smith in Man of the East, small-time crook Tom Ferramenti in the first two films of the flatfoot series and William Dalton in Lucky Luke.
After his time in Italy he appeared in many American TV series, e.g. in "Starsky and Hutch" and "Hardcastle & McCormick". In 1984 Sylvester Stallone also cast him in the fourth part of his Rocky saga.

Link: Dominic Barto in der Datenbank

2020-08-24 - 3:57 pm - Report from the Oliver Onions Concert from Dresden
Maurizio und Guido De Angelis live in concert As reported, Oliver Onions gave two concerts at the "Filmnächte am Elbufer" in Dresden last weekend. For all those who did not have the opportunity to attend these unforgettable evenings, we have prepared a small report for the database and uploaded a video recording of the new version of their hit Banana Joe, which was played live there for the first time, to our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy watching it!

Link 1: To the concert report
Link 2: Toi the Banana Joe video

2020-07-06 - 9:34 am - Ennio Morricone is dead
Ennio Morricone auf der Bühne in Berlin This night in Rome the star composer Ennio Morricone died at the age of 91. A few days ago he fell and broke his thigh. Now he has died of the consequences of this fall. During his career Ennio Morricone wrote the music for well over 300 cinema and television productions and won countless prizes with his compositions, including two Academy Awards and nine David Di Donatello awards. He is the only artist who have won a regular trophy after the Academy Award for his life's work (2007) (2016 for "The Hateful Eight"). Morricone became world-famous for his music for the Western movies of Sergio Leone like "A Fistful of Dollars", "For a Few Dollars More", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and "Once Upon a Time in the West". He also created many well-known melodies in the Spencer/Hill area, among others for The Five Man Army, My Name is Nobody, A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe and Buddy Goes West. Ennio Morricone was still touring with a large orchestra until his old age. In January 2019 we ourselves were lucky to see him on stage in Berlin. Rest in peace, Maestro!

Link: Ennio Morricone at the database

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