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Bud Spencer
Születési neve: Carlo Pedersoli
Született 31.10.1929 ben Neapel
Elhunyt 27.06.2016 ben Rom

Youth (1929 - 1948)
Bud Spencer was born as Carlo Pedersoli in Naples on 31 October 1929. His mother was Rina "Rosa" Facchetti from Brescia, his father was the furniture manufacturer Alessandro Pedersoli. Just one year after he started school in 1936, Carlo made his first attempts at swimming and joined a swimming club. In 1943, the Second World War arrived Naples: Pedersoli's furniture factory was destroyed in air raids by the Allies. Naples became too unsafe and so the Pedersoli family, which since 1934 additionally consisted of Bud's sister Vera, moved to Rome the same year. Carlo attended high school there and graduated above average in 1946. In the same year he also passed the entrance examination at the Roman University and began studying chemistry. Shortly afterwards the Pedersoli family moved again, this time to Brazil. Bud worked there as an assembly line worker in Rio de Janeiro before returning to Italy in 1948. He quit his studies in chemistry and instead studied law (but never finished this study either, so other than often read, he didn't have a Ph.D. in law!) in order to have more time for swimming.

Great success as a swimmer, first film roles and emigration to South America (1949 - 1959)
The success in swimming came fast. He became Italian freestyle champion for the first time in 1949 and was the first Italian in 1950 to swim the 100m freestyle in under one minute (59:50 seconds on 19.09.1950). Until the abrupt end of his swimming career in 1957, Carlo had won six Italian championships and four other national titles in relay competitions. He also made it to the Italian national water polo team. In between, around 1950, Carlo also came into contact with the film business for the first time. In 1949 he made a guest appearance in Quel fantasma di mio marito and two years later he had an extra role in the historical epic Quo Vadis. But even if in the 50s some small roles followed, he mainly was a swimmer in this time. In 1952 he started for the Italian swimming team at the Olympic Games in Helsinki. In the qualification run for the 100m freestyle final he finished fifth. Four years later Carlo was back at the Olympics, this time in Melbourne. But also here was not fast enough for a medal- in the end he achieved aa respectable 11th place. A year later, after the Italian championships in 1957, Carlo finally ended his swimming career. He only finished second on his parade course and realized that his time as a champion is over after winning ten Italian championships before. Carlo went back to South America, more precisely to Venezuela. He later justified this step with the fact that he was on the verge of fame. So he could not stay with his comfortable live- with fast cars and countless women. He wanted to find out who he really was: a brave man or a coward? In Venezuela, Bud works as a foreman for a road construction company, leading road construction projects in the Venezuelan jungle. Although he often longs to return to Italy during this time, he keeps up. After his job as an assistant, he worked in a car factory in Caracas before finally returning to Rome in 1959. In the same year he also gets another film role. In the monumental film Hannibal he plays the tribal leader Rutario. His participation in this film is particularly remarkable because his later film partner Terence Hill also had a role within the movie. However, the two did not yet get to know each other on set during the shooting.
Quel fantasma di mio marito
The swimming career of Carlo Pedersoli
Individual competitions
Rank Date Competition Place Discipline Time
1. 03./04.09.1949 Italian championship Rome/Turin 100m freestyle 01:01.20
1. 09./10.09.1950 Italian championship Genoa 100m freestyle 01:00.70
1. 15./16.09.1951 Italian championship Naples 100m freestyle 01:00.50
2. 05.10. - 20.10.1951 Mediterranean Games Alexandria 100m freestyle 00:59.70
1. Alex Jany (Fra), in 00:58,90 - 3. Boiteux (Fra), in 01:00.00
5. at SF 19.07. - 03.08.1952 Olympic Games Helsinki 100m freestyle 00:58.90
Finished 5th in the semi-finals.
1. 13./14.09.1952 Italian championship Turin 100m freestyle 00:59.50
1. 08./09.08.1953 Italian championship Rome 100m freestyle 00:59.90
2. 02.09. - 04.09.1955 Italian championship Terni 100m freestyle
Winner: Angelo Romani in 00:58.90
1. 21./22.04.1956 Italian Spring Championship Genoa 100m freestyle 00:58.03
1. 31.08. - 02.09.1956 Italian championship Naples 100m freestyle 00:58.80
8. at SF 22.11. - 08.12.1956 Olympic Games Melbourne 100m freestyle 00:59.00
Finished 8th in the semi-finals.
2. 30.08. - 01.09.1957 Italian championship Milan/Genoa 100m freestyle
Winner: Paolo Pucci in 00:57.80
Relay competitions
Rank Date Competition Place Discipline Time
1. 03./04.09.1949 Italian championship Rome/Turin 3x100m medley relay 03.32.20
with Andrea Ceccarini, Crugnola – Team Lazio Nuoto
1. 09./10.09.1950 Italian championship Genoa 3x100m medley relay 03.32.70
with Andrea Ceccarini, Crugnola – Team Lazio Nuoto
1. 09./10.09.1950 Italian championship Genoa 4x200m freestyle relay 10:02.60
with Crugnola, Andrea Ceccarini and Pennichini – Team Lazio Nuoto
5. at PR 19.07. - 03.08.1952 Olympic Games Helsinki 4x200m freestyle relay 09:17.90
Finished 5th in the pre-run.
2. 13./14.09.1952 Italian championship Turin 3x100m medley relay
1. 08./09.08.1953 Italian championship Rome 4x100m medley relay 05:00.40
with Andrea Ceccarini, De Pità and Jeradi – Team Lazio Nuoto
2. 24./25.04.1955 Italian spring championship Bologna 4x100m medley relay
Winners: Gilberto Elsa, Roberto Lazzari, Roman, Rampezzotti in 04:52.90
2. 24./25.04.1955 Italian spring championship Bologna 4x100m freestyle relay
Winners: Fritz Dennerlein, Buonocore, Cannavale, Buonocore in 04:17.10
3. 31.08. - 02.09.1956 Italian championship Naples 4x200m freestyle relay
Winners: Mannelli, Fritz Dennerlein, Buonocore, Costantino Dennerlein in 09:20.90
3. 31.08. - 02.09.1956 Italian championship Naples 4x100m medley relay
according to Wikipedia, this discipline is missing in the competition directory
The Italian records of Carlo Pedersoli
Date Place Discipline Time
15.08.1949 Spalato 4x100m freestyle relay 04:09.70
with Gianni Paliaga, Egidio Massaria, Vittori
11.09.1949 Athens 100m butterfly 01:13.00
19.09.1950 Salsom 100m freestyle 00:59.50
Carlo Pedersoli is the first Italian to finish under one minute!
28.04.1951 Genoa 100m freestyle 00:58.90
02.06.1952 Turin 4x200m freestyle relay 09:13.80
with Egidio Massaria, Angelo Romani, Constantino Dennerlein
07.06.1952 Genoa 4x200m freestyle relay 09:10.20
with Egidio Massaria, Angelo Romani, Constantino Dennerlein
21.06.1952 Turin 4x100m freestyle relay 03:59.80
with Egidio Massaria, Angelo Romani, Buonocore
21.06.1952 Turin 100m freesyle 00:58.20

Private happiness and work as a composer (1960 - 1967)
On February 25th, 1960 Carlo married Maria Amato, who is several years younger than him. Only one year later their son Giuseppe was born, another year later their daughter Cristiana was born. During this time Carlo professionally worked for the Italian record company RCA, for which he composed Neapolitan folk songs and other Italian songs from 1960 to 1964. In 1964 Carlo terminated his contract with RCA and found a production company, which mainly produced documentaries for Italian television. In the same year, Carlo's father-in-law Giuseppe Amato, a successful and influential film producer, dies. Despite a well-known producer as a father-in-law, Carlo did not see his future in acting at that time.

The birth of Bud Spencer and the successful duo Spencer/Hill (1967 - 1977)
But then, in 1967, director Giuseppe Colizzi contacts Carlo. He was a friend of his wife and offered Carlo the leading role in his next film, the Italo-Western God forgives - I don't! (Dio perdona... io no!). He needed a "giant" for this film and Carlo's height of 1.94m and his weight would fit very well. Carlo needed the money and accepted. But because he didn't want to jeopardize his reputation because of one "prank movie", he growed a beard so his friends wouldn't recognize him, which suited him well. Consequently he was asked to adopt a new name for the film. Since American names simply had a bigger impact with regards to marketing effect, Carlo chose a combination of his favourite actor Spencer Tracy and his favourite beer brand Budweiser as his new name: Bud Spencer was born. The second role in the film was cast by Colizzi with Mario Girotti, who was younger but much more experienced in the film business. He also had to choose a new name for this film and from now on called himself Terence Hill. Bud didn't expect to start a real acting career at that time and Terence is also rather sceptical because the great time of Italo westerns was already coming to an end. But the two were mistaken. The audience liked the new duo and the film became a major success. So it was only logical that Colizzi hired them for two more sequels (Ace High (I quattro dell'Ave Maria, 1968) and Boot Hill (La collina degli stivali, 1969)), which also run successfully. In addition to the three Western movies with Terence Hill, Bud Spencer also shot some films during this time without his new partner, e.g. Beyond the Law (Al di là della legge, 1967) and The Five Men Army (Un esercito di 5 uomini, 1969). But then Bud Spencer achieved the big breakthrough together with Terence Hill again. In 1970 the former cinematographer Enzo Barboni, who now called himself E. B. Clucher, engaged the successful duo. In his new film he wanted to expand the humor already presented in the Colizzi trilogy in the Italo-Western. The cast of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill proved to be a real stroke of luck. They call me Trinity (Lo chiamavano Trinità..., 1970) became a great success with its harsh, sometimes snappy lines and comic fights. Only one year later, in 1971, the trio Clucher, Spencer and Hill even managed to top this success. The sequel to They call me Trinity is called They still call me Trinity (... continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità, 1971) and attracted even more people to the cinemas. In Germany to this day, this film is still the most successful of the two., but it is also due to a very successful revival with new dubbing. With a total of 12.15 million viewers, the film is currently still the list of the tenth most successful films of all time in Germany. In 1972, his professional life was topped with new private happiness. Bud's second daughter Diamante was born. Also professional success has only just begun for Bud Spencer. In the 70s he shot seven more very successful movies with his congenial partner Terence Hill and could achieve some successes in between. In 1973, for example, he took on the role of comissario Rizzo for the first time in Flatfoot Cop (Piedone lo sbirro, 1973). The film based on his own idea. Until 1980 he played the role of the inspector with the unconventional methods and the heart in the right place three more times. Bud calls this role in this time also his favourite role which proves the special meaning to him choosing this role out of 21 movies in the 70s alone.
1967 - God forgives - I don't!
1969 - Boot Hill
1970 - They call me Trinity
1972 - All the way, boys!
1974 - Watch out, we're mad
1977 - Crime Busters

Jack of all trades Bud Spencer: composer, singer, pilot, entrepreneur and inventor (1978 - 1981)
Despite being very busy during at thas time, Bud still found time to compose. So he could be seen for the first time as a singer in his film They called him Bulldozer (Lo chiamavano Bulldozer) from 1978. One year later he sings the title song Grau Grau Grau of the film I'm for the hippopotamus (Io sto con gli ippopotami). Also in the late 1970s, Bud Spencer obtained his helicopter and pilot license. In 1981 he even founded his own airline, Mistal Air, which started operations in 1984, was later sold by Bud and today belongs to the Italian Post Office. Bud was also inventive in other areas, for example, he has patented a walking stick with built-in table and chair, an electric toy mouse and a disposable toothbrush with integrated toothpaste. He held a total of 12 patents.
1978 - They called him Bulldozer

The end of an era (1981 - 1985)
In the 80's Bud shot four more successful movies with his partner Terence Hill. In 1984, the two of them were even shown twice on the screen. In Double Trouble (Non c'è due senza quattro) they play the doubles of two billionaires and also the billionaires. A year later, in 1985, after their sixteenth joint film (Hannibal not included) Miami Supercops (Miami Supercops (I poliziotti dell' 8ª strada)), Bud and Terence finally went different ways, as it was foreseeable that this kind of comedy would no longer be successful in these times. The two friends turned to solo projects. This was the end of a unique success story. With their films, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill attracted over 100 million people in German cinemas alone, a success that is still unparalleled today.
1985 - Miami Supercops

Bud becomes a TV star and works with son and daughter (1986 - 2001)
Bud then shot the fantasy comedy Aladdin (Superfantagenio, 1986) in which his youngest daughter Diamante also appeared and then Bud tries something new again, namely a television series. In 1988 he appeared in 6 episodes of the series Big Man, for which he also collaborated on the script. The series was realised by flatfoot director Steno, who unfortunately dies during the making of the movie. In 1990, E. B. Clucher finally brought him back to the cinema with Speaking with the Devil (Un piede in paradiso). Bud's daughter Diamante also appeared in this film, playing the role of his daughter. The next television series followed in 1991 and 1992. In Extralarge, Bud Spencer was catching gangster as Detective Extralarge in sunny Florida. His son Giuseppe was involved in the scripts and in the production of the very successful series in Italy. In 1994 Bud finally persuaded his old friend and permanent partner Terence Hill to come back to the camera together. Directed by Terence Hill, the once successful duo shot the western The Night before Christmas (Botte di Natale). The script was written by Terence's son Jess, while Bud's son Giuseppe was involved as producer. BBut the two didn't make the great comeback. The film disappointed at the box office and Bud started the next series. Together with Philip Michael Thomas, his partner from the first season of Extralarge, Bud plays in We are Angels (Noi siamo angeli) a hoodlum disguised as a monk who fights against injustice. Together with Philip Michael Thomas Bud also sings the Italian title song of the series, which unfortunately cannot be heard in the German version. Afterwards, Bud took it a little easier . He could be seen almost only in supporting roles in this time, e.g. as a blind singer in Fuochi d'artificio. 2001 was the year of Bud Spencer's return to Italian television. After the great success of his friend Terence Hill in the role of the priest Don Matteo, Bud also slipped into the role of a clergyman and shoots the pilot film for the planned series Father Hope, again with the participation of his son Giuseppe in production and script. The Italian broadcaster RAI, which bought the rights to this pilot film, however, made the audience wait for more than four years before broadcasting the episode on 28 December 2005. And although the ratings for this broadcast were very good, it's probably too late to follow up on the pilot with another series.
1992 - Extralarge
1994 - The Night before Christmas
1996 - We are Angels
2001 - Father Hope

Health problems and "promotion" to a real actor (2001 - 2003)
In the following years Bud suffered from severe health problems. He was given an artificial metal hip and his eyes inflamed. He ignored the first signs of inflammation just due to his own convenience, as he later said, and went to the doctor almost too late. However, the subsequent eye surgery was successful and Bud could continue his film career. In 2003 Bud tooks the role of an old pirate captain in Ermanno Olmi's Cantando dietro i paraventi, a role that Bud described as his first role as a real actor. Bud was already 74 years old. He said he didn't see himself as an actor before. He until then just represented some type of man which wasn't too difficult with mostly up to 25 takes per scene.
2003 - Bud Spencer as Pirate Captain in Cantando dietro i paraventi

New film and series projects and the prospect of a comeback with Terence Hill (2004 - 2010)
Just in time for Bud's 78th birthday on October 31, 2007, the shooting of Bud's last feature film began. Right the night before Bud’s birthday the shooting for the German production Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling (translated: Killing is my Business, Honey, in Italy: Tesoro, sono un killer)began in Berlin, in which Bud can be seen in a supporting role as an old mafia boss. Due to various postponements the film had his premiere on February 26, 2009, so Bud in between had time for another film project in 2008 and started the shooting for Pane e olio (translated: Bread and Oil) in the spring of this year. The almost 44-minute fairy tale, in which Bud, as the main actress's paternal friend, can only be seen in flashbacks of her childhood, celebrated its premiere on December 7, 2008 on the Italian pay TV channel Alice. In January 2009 a new TV series was announced. In I delitti del cuoco (translated: The Crimes of the Cook), Bud Spencer took on the role of a retired inspector, who settled on the tourist island of Ischia and opened a restaurant there. The shooting in Ischia began in May 2009 under the direction of Extralarge director Alessandro Capone. The series was produced by Bud's son Giuseppe. The series was first broadcasted on the Italian private channel Canale 5 on 9 May 2010. Two days earlier Bud Spencer would have a special honour to share. Together with Terence Hill, he was awarded the "David di Donatello", Italy's most important film prize, for his lifetime achievement in Rome. On this occasion, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill have been together again after a long time, even if only on one stage. However, another common film is no longer an issue. After several speculations about a funny version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", the question of a last joint film was then answered by Bud Spencer with the remark that he was too old for this kind of roles and therefore he could not meet the expectations of the audience.
2008 - Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling
2008 - Pane e olio
2010 - I delitti del cuoco

Bud becoming a bestselling author (2010 - 2016)
On 27 May 2010, Bud Spencer's autobiography Altrimenti mi arrabbio (Aliberti editore, Rome, in English: "Otherwise I get angry", an allusion to the original title of the film Watch out we're mad) was published first in Italy. On November 25 of the same year, the book would also be published in Hungary. The Hungarian title simply translates the Italian title. Here the book is called Különben dühbe jövök (Nyiott Könyvmuhely, Budapest). The publisher was hosting a big party at which Bud Spencer was speaking to the Hungarian fans in a video message. In Germany the fans had to wait until April 7, 2011 until they could hold a translated version of the biography in their hands. The biography was published in Germany under the title Bud Spencer: Mein Leben, meine Filme (Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin). In the course of the publication Bud Spencer also came to Germany several times. In 2011 he would give a total of eleven signing sessions in all parts of the country and was also a guest on four TV talk shows. During the signing sessions there is a veritable mass crowd. More than 1,000 fans were waiting in line for hours to get their autograph. The first edition of 10,000 copies was sold out within a week, Amazon reported number 1 for the biography in its sales charts and the Spiegel bestseller list also was topped by the biography very soon. Bud Spencer’s name was resounded troughout the land during this time, which somehow also led to quite strange phenomena. In Schwäbisch Gmünd, for example, a newly built tunnel was to be named after Bud Spencer after an Internet vote. Although the project was later blocked by politicians, in December 2012 the swimming pool in the small town would finally be given the name "Bud Spencer Bad". No surprise the first book was soon followed by an audio book version and finally also a second book was announced in 2012. It was entitled In achtzig Jahren um die Welt - Der zweite Teil meiner Autobiografie (translated: In 80 years around the world - The second part of my autobiography) and was also published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf on 15 March 2012. This publication again was accompanied by several visits to Germany by Bud Spencer. He gave more signing sessions and Bud Spencer again would be a guest on two TV talk shows in 2012. The second book did not sell as well as the first volume for a long time, but was still considered a success and so finally in 2013 a 10-hour documentary about Bud Spencer was published on DVD by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf. This DVD also contains many pictures from the signing sessions of the past years. In the course of the presentation Bud Spencer would again return to Germany. It was his eighth visit to Germany over the last two years. In October 2014, Bud not only celebrated his 85th birthday, but also his third book. It was entitled Ich esse also bin ich - Mangio Ergo Sum - Meine Philosophie des Essens (translated: I eat so I am - Mangio Ergo Sum - My philosophy of eating). In this book Bud described the nightmare of a prescribed diet and discussed his dilemma in Neapolitan dishes with various philosophers from all epochs. The book was published on October 22th first in Germany, then in Italy on November 27th. In the course of the announcement and the publication of the book Bud Spencer wanted to come back to Germany, but the tour would be cancelled by Bud Spencer at short notice for health reasons. Only in June 2015 Bud was coming to Germany for the last time. In Berlin he gave two more signing hours and presented his third book with a little delay. For October 2015 a fourth book was announced, which would be entitled Was ich Euch noch sagen wollte... (translated: What else I wanted to tell you...). The publication of the book was delayed. In the meantime Bud fulfills his life's dream of his own CD. In January 2016 he released a CD with ten self-composed and of course self-sung Neapolitan songs. Buds fourth book was then published in March 2016, again by the Berlin publishing house Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf. In May 2016 Buds album was released on vinyl. Fans also had the opportunity to get a limited and signed special edition of 100 copies. Among the 100 buyers of this special edition, also a Meet and Greet with Bud Spencer in Rome was raffled off, but unfortunately this would no longer be possible...
2011 - Bud Spencer signs in Bremen
2013 - Bud Spencer signs in Potsdam
2016 - Bud Spencer sings Neapolitan songs

Bud going on his last journey (27.06.2016)
On 27.06.2016 news went out to the countless Bud Spencer fans globally, lines they never wanted to hear: Bud Spencer is dead. He fell asleep peacefully, with his family closeby, in Rome on that 27th of June. In the evening, the Pedersoli family announced on Bud Spencer's Facebook page that Bud has now embarked on his last journey, and shortly afterwards all other media will also report about it. The sympathy is enormous, many film and television celebrities commemorate Bud Spencer and Bud Spencer's Facebook account reached countless condolences from all over the world. The program was immediately rescheduled on German, Italian and Hungarian television, broadcasting his movies over weeks. The great Bud Spencer has passed away, but he will live on in the hearts of his fans forever.
Thanks for all, Bud!

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Add-on: Eindrücke von Bud Spencers Besuchen in Deutschland (2011-2015)
Add-on: Bilder von der Verleihung des David di Donatello Preises

No. év Cím Szerep Német szinkron Kép
1. 1949 Quel fantasma di mio marito
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
Mann der Vivia aus dem Pool rettet  
2. 1951 Quo Vadis
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
Ein Leibwächter Neros  
3. 1954 Siluri umani
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
4. 1955 Napjaink Hõse
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
5. 1957 Il Cocco di Mamma
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
6. 1957 Búcsú a fegyverektõl
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
Militärpolizist Nincs dialógusa 
7. 1959 Hannibál
(als Carlo Pedersoli)
8. 1967 Nincs bocsánat Hutch Bessy / Dan Kránitz Lajos 
9. 1967 Ezer pofon ajándékba
O'Bannion Kránitz Lajos 
10. 1967 Az utolsó számlát te fizeted! James Cooper  
11. 1968 Bosszú El Pasóban
Hutch Bessy Vajda László 
12. 1969 Ötszemélyes hadsereg Mesito Túri Bálint 
13. 1969 Akik csizmában halnak meg Hutch Bessy
in dt. Originalfassung: Dan
Bujtor István 
14. 1969 Vesztesek és győztesek
(e con)
Corporal Jelinek Újlaki Dénes 
15. 1970 Az ördög jobb és bal keze Der Kleine / Bambino Bujtor István 
16. 1971 A kalózok háborúja
Skull Bujtor István 
17. 1971 Az ördög jobb és bal keze 2 Der Kleine / Bambino Bujtor István 
18. 1971 Négy légy a szürke bársonyon
(e con)
Diomede, Godfrey, Gottfried  
19. 1971 Vadnyugati Casanova Hiram Coburn Kránitz Lajos 
20. 1972 Sötét Torino
(e con; nel ruolo di Rosario Rao)
Rosario Rao Bujtor István 
21. 1972 Élet vagy halál Eli Sampson Bujtor István 
22. 1972 Mindent bele! Salud Bujtor István 
23. 1972 Az angyalok is esznek babot Charlie Kránitz Lajos 
24. 1973 Piedone, a zsaru Kommissar Rizzo Bujtor István 
25. 1974 Különben dühbe jövünk Ben Bujtor István 
26. 1974 Morcos Misszionáriusok Pater Pedro De Leon Bujtor István 
27. 1975 Piedone Hongkongban Kommissar Rizzo Bujtor István 
28. 1975 A zsoldoskatona Hector Fieramosca / Ettore Fieramosca da Capua Bujtor István 
29. 1977 Charleston
Brian Kránitz Lajos 
30. 1977 Bûnvadászok Wilbur Walsh Bujtor István 
31. 1978 Piedone Afrikában Kommissar Rizzo Kránitz Lajos 
32. 1978 Akit Bulldózernek hívtak Mücke Bujtor István 
33. 1978 És megint dühbe jövünk Charlie Firpo Bujtor István 
34. 1979 Seriff az égbõl Sheriff Kránitz Lajos 
35. 1979 Én a vizilovakkal vagyok Tom, das Nilpferd Bujtor István 
36. 1980 Piedone Egyiptomban Kommissar Rizzo Bujtor István 
37. 1980 Seriff és az idegenek Sheriff Bujtor István 
38. 1981 Aranyesõ Yuccában
Bud Bujtor István 
39. 1981 Kincs, ami nincs Charlie O Brien Bujtor István 
40. 1982 Banán Joe Banana Joe Kránitz Lajos 
41. 1982 Bombajó bokszoló Bud Graziano, der Bomber Gruber Hugó 
42. 1982 Rabló - pandúr Lieutenant Alan Parker Kránitz Lajos 
43. 1983 Nyomás, utána! Doug O'Riordan / Agent Mason Vajda László 
44. 1984 Nincs kettő négy nélkül Antonio Coímbra / Greg Wonder Bujtor István 
45. 1985 Szuperhekusok Steve Forrest Bujtor István 
46. 1986 Aladdin Geist aus der Lampe Bujtor István 
47. 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - Egy különös biztosítás Jack Clementi Bujtor István 
48. 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - Bumeráng Jack Clementi Bujtor István 
49. 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - 1 uncia = 395 Dollár Jack Clementi Bujtor István 
50. 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - A hamisítvány Jack Clementi Bujtor István 
51. 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - A díva Jack Clementi Bujtor István 
52. 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - Halálbiztosítás Jack Clementi Bujtor István 
53. 1990 Fél lábbal a paradicsomban Bull Webster Bujtor István 
54. 1991 Extralarge - Az enyveskezû Jack Costello Kránitz Lajos 
55. 1991 Extralarge - Mozgó célpont Jack Costello Kránitz Lajos 
56. 1991 Extralarge - A Miami ügy Jack Costello Kránitz Lajos 
57. 1991 Extralarge - Jo-Jo Jack Costello Kránitz Lajos 
58. 1991 Extralarge - Ágyúgolyó Jack Costello Kránitz Lajos 
59. 1991 Extralarge - Fekete varázslat Jack Costello Kránitz Lajos 
60. 1992 Extralarge II - A nap ura Jack Costello Bujtor István 
61. 1992 Extralarge II - Gonzales bosszúja Jack Costello Bujtor István 
62. 1992 Extralarge II - Gyémántok Jack Costello Bujtor István 
63. 1992 Extralarge II - A nindzsa árnyéka Jack Costello Bujtor István 
64. 1992 Extralarge II - Kondor küldetés Jack Costello Bujtor István 
65. 1992 Extralarge II - Indiánok Jack Costello Bujtor István 
66. 1994 Bunyó karácsonyig Moses Bujtor István 
67. 1996 Őrangyalok - Balfácánok szabadlábon Padre Orso / Bob Russel Újlaki Dénes 
68. 1996 Őrangyalok - Égbõl pottyant szerencse Padre Orso / Bob Russel Újlaki Dénes 
69. 1996 Őrangyalok - A Mayák kincse Padre Orso / Bob Russel Újlaki Dénes 
70. 1996 Őrangyalok - Kalandos földetérés Padre Orso / Bob Russel Újlaki Dénes 
71. 1996 Őrangyalok - Dolláreső Padre Orso / Bob Russel Újlaki Dénes 
72. 1996 Őrangyalok - Aranyláz Padre Orso / Bob Russel Újlaki Dénes 
73. 1997 Fuochi d'artificio
(il cieco è)
Gandhi, der blinde Sänger  
74. 1997 A végsõ határ Elorza Papp János 
75. 1997 Hárman az örökkévalóságnak Bops Újlaki Dénes 
76. 1999 A szél fiai Quintero Kránitz Lajos 
77. 2001 Atyai pofonosztó
Don Carlo Vasari Kránitz Lajos 
78. 2003 Dal a bordélyházból Der alte Kapitän, Erzähler Újlaki Dénes 
79. 2008 Pane e olio
(con la partecipazione straordinaria di)
80. 2008 Maffiózó vagyok, drágám! Pepe Papp János 
81. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - A hal szeme 2/2 Carlo Banci Papp János 
82. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - A kis szemtanú (3. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
83. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Bűntény a szállóban (4. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
84. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Nők hálójában (5. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
85. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Partnercsere (6. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
86. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Sulibuli (7. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
87. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Halál tánclépésben (8. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
88. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Ki ölte meg a séfet? (9. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
89. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - A rajongó halála (10. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
90. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - Nyomtalanul (11. rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
91. 2010 Nincs kettő séf nélkül - A királynő kincse (12. és befejező rész) Carlo Banci Papp János 
Mint stábtag
No. év Title Megjegyzés
1 1978 Akit Bulldózernek hívtakla canzone 'Como se llama' é cantata da
2 1979 Én a vizilovakkal vagyokGesang des Titelsongs
3 1996 Őrangyalok - Balfácánok szabadlábonLa canzone 'Guardian Angels' è cantata da
4 1996 Őrangyalok - Égbõl pottyant szerencseLa canzone 'Guardian Angels' è cantata da
5 1996 Őrangyalok - A Mayák kincseLa canzone 'Guardian Angels' è cantata da
6 1996 Őrangyalok - Kalandos földetérésLa canzone 'Guardian Angels' è cantata da
7 1996 Őrangyalok - DolláresőLa canzone 'Guardian Angels' è cantata da
8 1996 Őrangyalok - AranylázLa canzone 'Guardian Angels' è cantata da
9 2001 Atyai pofonosztóLa sigla di testa è composta e cantata da

No. év Title Megjegyzés
1 1982 Banán JoeSoggetto, als Carlo Pedersoli
2 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - Egy különös biztosításSoggetto e sceneggiatura; als Carlo Pedersoli
3 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - BumerángSoggetto e sceneggiatura; als Carlo Pedersoli
4 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - 1 uncia = 395 DollárSceneggiatura;als Carlo Pedersoli
5 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - A hamisítványSoggetto e sceneggiatura;als Carlo Pedersoli
6 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - A dívaSceneggiatura; als Carlo Pedersoli
7 1988 Az óriási nyomozó - HalálbiztosításSoggetto; als Carlo Pedersoli

No. év Title Kiadó Ország
1 2018 Bud Spencer - Mi chiamavano Bud Volume Italien
2 2014 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - 80 év alatt a föld körül Libri Kiadó Ungarn
3 2015 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Eszem, tehát vagyok Libri Kiadó Ungarn
4 2014 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Ich esse, also bin ich - Mangio ergo sum - Meine Philosophie des Essens Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
5 2018 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Ich esse, also bin ich - Mangio ergo sum - Meine Philosophie des Essens (Taschenbuch) Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
6 2022 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Il giro del mondo in ottant'anni - L'autobiografia di Bud Spencer Burno Italien
7 2012 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - In achtzig Jahren um die Welt - Der zweite Teil meiner Autobiografie Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
8 2018 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - In achtzig Jahren um die Welt - Der zweite Teil meiner Autobiografie (Taschenbuch) Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
9 2014 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Mangio ergo sum Nicola Pesce Editore Italien
10 2011 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Mein Leben, Meine Filme - Die Autobiografie Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
11 2011 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Mein Leben, meine Filme - Die Autobiografie (Hörbuch) Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
12 2018 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Mein Leben, Meine Filme - Die Autobiografie (Taschenbuch) Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
13 2016 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Was ich euch noch sagen wollte... Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
14 2016 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Was ich euch noch sagen wollte... (Limitierte Sonderausgabe) Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
15 2018 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca - Was ich euch noch sagen wollte... (Taschenbuch) Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Deutschland
16 2010 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca, David De Filippi - Altrimenti mi arrabbio - La mia vita Aliberti editore Italien
17 2013 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca, David De Filippi - Különben dühbe jövök Libri Kiadó Ungarn
18 2014 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca, David De Filippi - Különben dühbe jövök Libri Kiadó Ungarn
19 2010 Bud Spencer, Lorenzo De Luca, David De Filippi - Különben dühbe jövök - Önéletrájz Nyitott Könyvmühely Ungarn

Német szinkron
No. év Title Voice of
1 1969 Ötszemélyes hadsereg Bud Spencer (English version)
2 1975 Piedone Hongkongban Bud Spencer (Italian version)
3 1975 A zsoldoskatona Bud Spencer (Italian version)
4 1978 Piedone Afrikában Bud Spencer (Italian version)
5 1980 Piedone Egyiptomban Bud Spencer (Italian version)
6 1981 Aranyesõ Yuccában Bud Spencer (Italian version)
7 1986 Aladdin Bud Spencer (English version)
8 1991 Extralarge - Az enyveskezû Bud Spencer (English version)
9 1991 Extralarge - Mozgó célpont Bud Spencer (English version)
10 1991 Extralarge - A Miami ügy Bud Spencer (English version)
11 1991 Extralarge - Jo-Jo Bud Spencer (English version)
12 1991 Extralarge - Ágyúgolyó Bud Spencer (English version)
13 1991 Extralarge - Fekete varázslat Bud Spencer (English version)
14 1992 Extralarge II - A nap ura Bud Spencer (English version)
15 1992 Extralarge II - Gonzales bosszúja Bud Spencer (English version)
16 1992 Extralarge II - Gyémántok Bud Spencer (English version)
17 1992 Extralarge II - A nindzsa árnyéka Bud Spencer (English version)
18 1992 Extralarge II - Kondor küldetés Bud Spencer (English version)
19 1992 Extralarge II - Indiánok Bud Spencer (English version)
20 1996 Őrangyalok - Balfácánok szabadlábon Bud Spencer (English version)
21 1996 Őrangyalok - Égbõl pottyant szerencse Bud Spencer (English version)
22 1996 Őrangyalok - A Mayák kincse Bud Spencer (English version)
23 1996 Őrangyalok - Kalandos földetérés Bud Spencer (English version)
24 1996 Őrangyalok - Dolláreső Bud Spencer (English version)
25 1996 Őrangyalok - Aranyláz Bud Spencer (English version)
26 1997 Fuochi d'artificio Bud Spencer (Italian version)
27 2001 Atyai pofonosztó Bud Spencer (Italian version)
28 2003 Dal a bordélyházból Bud Spencer (Italian version)
29 2010 I delitti del cuoco Bud Spencer (Italian version)
No. Title Channel Air date
1 Die aktuelle Schaubude ARD 01.10.1977
2 Portobello Rai 2 06.01.1978
3 Der große Preis ZDF 20.07.1978
4 Am laufenden Band ARD 02.09.1978
5 Disco ZDF 27.11.1978
6 Stars in der Manege ZDF 31.12.1978
7 Der Große Preis ZDF 17.01.1980
8 Okay ORF 20.01.1980
9 Telespiele ARD 26.05.1981
10 Auf Los geht's los ARD / ORF / SRG 28.08.1982
11 Wetten, dass..? ZDF / ORF / SRG 03.09.1983
12 Auf Los geht's los ARD / ORF / SRG 20.10.1984
13 MAA Assicurazioni 1986
14 MAA Assicurazioni 1987
15 das aktuelle sportstudio ZDF 22.08.1987
16 Big Babol 1989
17 Gran Premio Internazionale della TV 1989 Canale 5 09.05.1989
18 Fantastico 12 Rai Uno 1991
19 Wurlitzer ORF 07.02.1992
20 Ding Dong ORF 10.02.1992
21 Gran Premio Internazionale della TV 1992 Canale 5 05.05.1992
22 La festa della mamma Rai Uno 10.05.1992
23 Gottschalk Late Night RTL 05.11.1993
24 Lavazza 1994
25 Journal de 20 heures France 2 06.12.1994
26 RTL Nachtshow RTL 1995
27 Zeit im Bild 2 ORF 2 / 3sat 17.03.1995
28 Willkommen Österreich ORF 2 17.03.1995
29 Wetten, dass..? ZDF / ORF / SRG 18.03.1995
30 Gran Premio Internazionale della TV 1995 Canale 5 09.05.1995
31 Bitte lächeln! Gala '96 ORF 08.04.1996
32 Tutti in una notte Rai Uno 03.07.1996
33 Scherzi a parte Italia 1 31.10.1997
34 maischberger n-tv 17.02.2004
35 On a tout essayé France 2 07.12.2004
36 Johannes B. Kerner ZDF 04.04.2006
37 Im Gespräch mit Bud Spencer Premiere Nostalgie 16.04.2006
38 Melegatti 2007
39 Backstage Pane e olio Sitcom Televisioni srl 2008
40 Vite Straordinarie Rete 4 23.01.2008
41 Stracult Show Rai 2 11.12.2008
42 Bancaja 2009
43 TV total Pro 7 18.02.2009
44 Gottschalks Classics Tele 5 14.12.2009
45 Premi David di Donatello 2010 RaiSat Cinema / Rai Uno 07.05.2010
46 Victor Victoria - Niente è come sembra La 7 13.05.2010
47 Gylne Tider TV 2 19.12.2010
48 3 nach 9 Radio Bremen TV 15.04.2011
49 Markus Lanz ZDF 23.06.2011
50 Riverboat MDR 24.06.2011
51 Menschen der Woche SWR 03.12.2011
52 Die allerbeste Sebastian Winkler Show EinsFestival, BR, BR-alpha 26.01.2012
53 Bud's Best - Die Welt des Bud Spencer arte 17.03.2012
54 Gottschalk Live ARD 10.04.2012
55 Markus Lanz ZDF 18.07.2012
56 Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo Rai Uno 06.04.2013
57 Das Bud Spencer Spezial Kabel eins 01.11.2014
58 Verissimo Canale 5 17.01.2015
59 Exclusiv Weekend RTL 14.02.2016
60 Niemals geht man so ganz ZDF 27.12.2016
61 Sie nannten ihn Spencer EPO Film, Departures Film 23.06.2017
62 Buone notizie dalla radio TGCom24 26.06.2017
63 Abenteuer Leben täglich Kabel Eins 27.06.2017
64 Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag Kabel Eins 24.09.2017
65 Che tempo che fa Rai Uno 08.10.2017
66 La vita in diretta Rai Uno 30.01.2018
67 Domenica Live Canale 5 25.03.2018
68 Le 1000 vite di Bud Spencer History Channel 31.10.2019
69 La vita in diretta Rai Uno 17.06.2020
70 Leute heute ZDF 29.06.2020
71 Oggi è un altro giorno Rai Uno 15.10.2021
A színész adatlapját ennyien nézték eddig: 292268.