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News about Bud and Terence
2024-05-06 - 12:37 pm - 50 years of "Watch out, we're mad" at Spencer/Hill World
Roger Worrod in front of Bud Spencer's figure On Saturday, a special film event was held at Spencer/Hill-World to mark the 50th anniversary of the film Watch out, we're mad. The English actor and dubbing artist Roger Worrod was a guest and talked about his work as a dubbing artist in Italy. A screening of the anniversary film rounded off the successful evening. We were there and have brought you a short illustrated report. Have fun with it!

Link: The report in the database
2024-03-30 - 9:09 pm - New book about Terence Hill
Cover of the new book There is a new book about Terence Hill. Published last summer in France under the title On l'appelle Terence Hill, the book by Alexandre Alfonsi and Jean-Marie Lambert is now also available in German, Italian and Spanish. The English version is entitled We call him Terence Hill. The 200-page book describes the life and career of the cult actor. It is introduced by a foreword by Bud Spencer's daughter Cristiana Pedersoli, followed by an exclusive interview with Terence Hill himself. A complete filmography rounds off the beautifully illustrated book. All language versions of the book can now be ordered from the Terence Hill online shop for 39 euros.

Link 1: The book in the database
Link 2: The books in the Terence Hill shop
2024-03-19 - 2:04 pm - Why did you pick on me?: Soundtrack premiere on CD and LP!
Cover of the LP On 22 April, the Italian label Beat Records, in collaboration with Digitmovies and Cabum, will be release the soundtrack to Why did you pick on me? on CD and LP for the first time ever! Of the soundtrack by brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, only the title track Mr. Nothingoesright has been released as a single and later on various Spencer/Hill samplers.

Link 1: The CD in the datebase
Link 2: The LP in the database
2024-02-19 - 3:36 pm - The Spencer Hill World is open
The logo of the Spencer Hill World Last Saturday, the Spencer Hill World opened in Berlin as the successor to the Bud Spencer Museum. We were on site the whole week before and helped set up the new exhibition about the careers of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. On Saturday, many fans took the opportunity to visit the new attraction in the heart of Berlin for the first time. Cristiana and Giuseppe Pedersoli, Marcus and Jorgo, Felix Wendlandt and dubbing actress Carolin Brunk were also there. You can find out all about Spencer/Hill World on our new information page. You will also find a small illustrated report from the opening.

Link 1: Die Spencer/Hill-World in der Datenbank
Link 2: Zur Homepage der Spencer/Hill-World (extern)
2024-02-09 - 1:44 pm - Happy 100th birthday, Woody Woodbury!
Woody Woodbury Today we celebrate a very special birthday. The American actor, comedian and musician Woody Woodbury is 100 years today! Spencer/Hill fans know Woody as Admiral O'Connors in "Pair and impair", as Major in "Super Snooper" and finally as the agent in "Go for it" who hands Doug and Rosco the suitcase full of money on the plane.

Woody only acted on the side. In the USA, he is mainly known as a comedian and above all as a TV presenter. First he takes over Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" in 1962 and then hosts his own "The Woody Woodbury Show" from 1967. Woody still lives in Fort Lauderdale, where he was inducted onto the Walk of Fame in 2012. He is the father of two children and sometimes even performs as a comedian at private parties.

More information: Woody Woodbury in the database
2024-01-30 - 6:39 pm -

The Cook is coming

The time has finally come. The mediabooks for Bud Spencer's last TV series "The Crimes of the Cook" (I delitti del cuoco) can now be pre-ordered in the Bud Spencer fan shop! The Mediabooks will be delivered from the end of February!The Mediabooks contain either three Blu-rays or four DVDs with all eleven episodes of the series - in German and Italian language! There is also a 20-page booklet with information about the series and bonus material including two making-of videos and another promo clip in which Bud Spencer himself has his say. In addition, all Mediabooks will include a chef's hat with the logo of Bud Spencer's restaurant in the series.

Link 1: To the order site on budspencer.com
Link 2: The Blu-ray version of the mediabook in the database
Link 3: The DVD version of the mediabook in the database
2023-11-22 - 10:53 pm - Flatfoot in Egypt: Soundtrack for the first time on CD & LP
Cover of the CD On December 10, the Italian music label Beat Records will release the soundtrack of Flatfoot in Egypt on CD and LP for the first time ever. When the film was released in 1980, only the title track Sphinx was released on a vinyl single. We fans had to wait a whole 43 years for the complete soundtrack. Like all the soundtracks in the Flatfoot series, the one for "Flatfoot in Egypt" was written by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

The CD will contain 22 tracks, the LP 12 songs. Both versions can be pre-ordered directly from the label at beatrecords.it or from Chris Soundtrack Corner at soundtrackcorner.de.

Link 1: The CD in the database
Link 2: The LP in the database
2023-08-09 - 11:54 am - This was the Spencer/Hill Festival 2023
Terence Hill on the festival stage The Spencer/Hill Festival 2023 in Gubbio is over. Over 20,000 fans celebrated their idols Bud Spencer and Terence Hill over four days. There were plenty of star guests, lots of live music, great costumes and sun and good mood without end. And on Saturday, Terence Hill himself suddenly appeared on the festival stage and brought the whole area to the boil. Goosebumps were guaranteed. We have now summarised our impressions of the festival in a small illustrated report. Enjoy reading and watching!

To the report: The Spencer Hill Festival at the database
2023-06-13 - 8:28 am - Report from the DEFA Event at the Bud Spencer Museum
Title overlay of the GDR version Last Saturday, the Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin hosted the first public screening of the GDR dubbed version of "Flatfoot in Egypt" since 1982. Many fans did not miss this perhaps unique opportunity. We were also there and had an interesting and beautiful evening. Pictures and a short report can now be found here in the database.

Link: Report from the DEFA event at the Bud Spencer Museum.
2023-05-31 - 8:09 am - Events in the Spencer/Hill Universe
In the meantime, there are far more events around Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in the Spencer/Hill universe than the annual Spencer/Hill Festival. In June alone, there are four events that might be of interest to Spencer/Hill fans: Hella Brice's visit to the Terence Hill Museum, the DEFA evening with the long-lost GDR dubbing of Flatfoot in Egypt at the Bud Spencer Museum, the Spencer/Hill film evening in the cinema hall of the Cologne Film Club 813 and the first St. Kilian Whisky Festival in Rüdenau. We have therefore added a new event overview to our database, which informs you about all events known to us and also provides links to the respective organisers. You can find the event overview at https://spencerhilldb.de/events or here on the homepage via the "Events" link in the top left-hand navigation bar.

Link: To the events
2023-05-11 - 8:51 am - Don Matteo creator Enrico Oldoini passed away
Enrico Oldoini Italian director and screenwriter Enrico Oldoini died yesterday in Rome at the age of 77. Oldoini was a very important man for the later career of Terence Hill, being the creator of the series Don Matteo and One step from Heaven. In both series he also directed the respective first season, before other directors took over later. In episode The Actor from Don Matteos first season he can also be seen in front of the camera. He plays the director on the set of the film, in which the actor dies.

In the 80s Oldoini also wrote scripts for Adriano Celentano. He penned the scripts for "Bingo Bongo", "Sing Sing" and "He's worse than me". He also directed the latter film.
2023-04-20 - 6:00 pm - Video game "Slaps and Beans 2" will be released in September
Logo of Slaps and Beans 2 Many of you have probably already played "Slaps and Beans", the retro beat'em up game with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill as the main characters. On September 22, "Slaps and Beans 2" will finally be released. The successor once again features the original music by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, contains varied mini-games in addition to the normal game and offers a co-op mode for two players in addition to the single-player game.

But of course there are also some interesting news:
For example, we are promised an expanded combat system for more varied battles and a special party game mode for up to four players. And the game will also have voice-overs for the first time. We will hear our heroes and also the villains speak this time.

While the PC version will only be released on Steam, there will also be collector's editions for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, which are now available for pre-order on the Strictly Limited Games website. In addition to the collector's box and the game in the respective variant, these editions also contain a printed manual, an artbook with graphics from the game, six collectible postcards, a sticker set, an A2 poster with the game's cover motif drawn by Renato Casaro, as well as an inflatable punching bag including bracket and air pump. All Collector's Editions cost 79.99 EUR.

Link: Homepage of Strictly Limited Games
2023-03-29 - 7:14 am - Happy Birthday Terence Hill!
The head of the new Don Matteo figure We congratulate acting legend Terence Hill to his 84th birthday today and wish him much happiness, success, fun and of course continued health for the coming years! We are looking forward to the new movie he wants to shoot this year and hope very much that there will soon be an opportunity to meet him in person, because he is not only a great actor, but first and foremost a great person! All the best, Terence!

In honor of his birthday, the Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin will unveil a new life-like figure today featuring Terence Hill in his longest-running role as Don Matteo. Berlin-based artist Lisa Büscher hand-sculpted the lifelike figure out of silicone, recreating the original down to the smallest detail with tens of thousands of manually placed hairs.
2023-03-17 - 6:30 pm - New Western: Terence Hill returns as Trinity!

New western with Terence Hill: Trinity, the Nun and the Gun

Today, an interview with Terence Hill was published in the Italian weekly newspaper "7", which belongs to the "Corriere della sera". In this interview Terence Hill talks about his next film. He has already said that the next film will be a western. Now he is giving more details.

The film will be a Trinity film, i.e. Terence Hill will return to his role as Trinity! The international working title of the film is "Trinity, the Nun and the Gun".

Regarding the titular nun, he says: "I didn't want to do another western. I thought it was pointless, I had already done everything and couldn't do it better. But then I found a book with the true story of an Italian nun who emigrated with her peasant and very poor family from the Ligurian hinterland to America at the end of the 19th century. From Cincinnati she decided to go west alone. The nun in the film is called Blandina, her real name was Rosa Maria Segale."

The gun in the title refers to Billy, the Kid because the nun Blandina actually met Billy the Kid in her life. In the film, she will do the same and Trinity and Billy, the Kid will also meet.

On the progress of the project, he says: "We've been working on the script for 18 months, as usual with various difficulties. I hope to go for shooting to Abruzzo in the summer. I'm also directing my own spaghetti western of Trinity."

Source: corriere.it
2023-02-28 - 9:37 am - Flatfoot goes East: Double CD of the soundtrack released
Cover of the new CD Chris' Soundtrack Corner has just re-released the soundtrack of Flatfoot goes East. For the first time, the music by the brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis is on a double CD. The set therefore also contains many previously unreleased tracks from Commissioner Rizzo's second adventure in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Macao.

Link 1: The CD in the database
Link 2: The CD on Chris' Soundtrack Corner page
2023-02-14 - 7:31 pm - Exactly 50 years ago, Joe Bugner first fought Ali
Joe Bugner as villain Mr. Ormond Exactly 50 years ago today, British heavyweight boxer Joe Bugner - later Bud Spencer's adversary in films like I'm for the hippopotamus, They called him Bulldozer, The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid and Buddy goes West - fought boxing legend Muhammad Ali in Las Vegas. The fight electrified boxing fans at the time. Ali, who was favoured, only prevailed on points in the end.

The anniversary of this fight prompted the British Sun to contact Bugner in Australia, where he has lived for many years. The attempt to contact him failed, but they did reach his eldest son Joe, Jr. He told the paper that his father was suffering badly from dementia and could not remember anything about his boxing career. During a visit at Christmas time, he himself was not even recognised and, moreover, his father claimed to expect his wife Marlene back from shopping soon. Marlene, however, died more than a year ago. Physically, Bugner is still in top shape and looks much younger than his almost 73 years. Furthermore, his son reports that he had thought about bringing his father back to England, but his carers had strongly advised against taking him out of his familiar environment. Despite this sad news, Joe Jr. is keen to let people know that his father is not unhappy. He lives in his own world, in luxurious accommodation where the staff take excellent care of him.

Link: More about Joe Bugner in the database
2023-02-02 - 10:36 am - The Bud Spencer Museum will be open longer
The Bud Spencer museum in Berlin The Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin has announced that it will be open longer than previously planned. Originally planned for only one year, the museum was extended last year until mid-2023. Now there is another six months' extension. The museum will now be open until 31 December 2023 - as before, daily from 10 am to 7 pm. On 31 December, the museum will close with a New Year's Eve party! So if you haven't been there yet, you now only have eleven months to plan a visit to the museum. We can only recommend it, because it's worth it. You can find more information about the museum here in the database and, of course, on the museum's website.

Link 1: Information about the museum in the database
Link 2: Website of the museum
2022-12-01 - 6:26 pm - Big Man: Fernande actress Mylène Demongeot deceased
Mylène Demongeot as Fernande French actress Mylène Demongeot died today at the age of 87. Bud Spencer fans know Demongeot as hotel owner Fernande from the series Big Man. She is in all six episodes of the series, although the scenes with her in the hotel are mainly seen at the beginning and end of each episode. Demongeot became internationally known through her role as the photographer Hélène in the Fantomas trilogy with Louis de Funés and Jean Marais.

Link 1: Mylène Demongeot at the database
Link 2: Big Man at the database
2022-11-23 - 11:23 am - Banana Joe: Soundtrack to be released for the first time
The cover of the new LP and CD We have great news for all music lovers among Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans. Beat Records has announced the release of the Banana Joe soundtrack for December 10. This will be the first time ever that the soundtrack from Guido and Maurizio De Angelis will be released on CD and LP, filling a huge gap in any soundtrack collection.

The yellow LP is limited to 700 copies and will contain 17 tracks. There is more space on a CD and so there will be 28 tracks on it, including as a bonus the title Brotherly Love, which is actually the theme song of Odds and evens, but which can also be heard in Banana Joe. And of course the song Wanna Believe, with which singer Dorianne enchants in the film Banana Joe, will also be included.

Link 1: The LP at the database
Link 2: The CD at the daebase
2022-11-05 - 7:34 pm - Carmelo La Bionda passed away
Carmelo La Bionda at the Spencer Hill festival Today we received the sad news that Carmelo La Bionda has died. Together with his brother Michelangelo, he formed the pop duo "La Bionda". In the Spencer/Hill area, they achieved fame through their soundtracks to the films Super Fuzz, Who finds a friend finds a treasure, Cats and Dogs, Miami Supercops and Virtual Weapon. They also had great success with their disco songs "One for you, one for me" and "Vamos a la playa". We had the great luck to meet him in Lommatzsch and Templin at the Spencer/Hill Festival and to party with them to their music. We will remember him and will think of him every time we hear Movin' Cruisin'. Rest in peace, Carmelo!

Link: Carmelo La Bionda at the database
2022-10-29 - 1:43 pm - All the Way, boys: New soundtracks
Cover of the new LP The adventure film All the Way, boys! celebrates the 50th anniversary of its world premiere in December. To mark the occasion, Beat Records has now announced a new release of the soundtrack. The soundtrack by the brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis with the chart hit Flying through the Air will be released on November 10 on both CD and LP. The CD is a 1:1 reissue of the long-sold-out CD from 2012, while an LP with the soundtrack has not been released since the film.

Link 1: The CD in the database
Link 2: The LP in the database
2022-09-23 - 10:52 am - Dune Buggy and the Firemen Choir come as single
Cover of the new single The Italian label Beat Records is releasing a new vinyl single for the film Watch out, we're mad on 10 October. The single is limited to 500 copies. The vinyl of the single is two-coloured - half yellow, half red, like the famous buggy from the film. The A-side features the title track Dune Buggy, sung by Oliver Onions. The B-side features the almost equally famous firemen's chorus from the film, in a one minute longer version, than on the CD and LP from 2021.

Link 1: The single in the database
Link 2: The single at Beat Records
2022-06-24 - 3:18 pm - Trinity is still my name: New LP for the 50th Anniversary
Cover of the new LP On 10 July, Beat Records will release the soundtrack of Trinity is still my name in a special limited edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film. The green and white coloured LP contains all 13 tracks of the original LP plus six bonus tracks. The soundtrack was composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, who wrote the music for a Spencer/Hill film for the first time and created a catchy tune with Trinity stand tall.

Link: The new LP in the database
2022-06-22 - 6:22 pm - Terence Hill receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Terence Hill receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Terence Hill has received another lifetime achievement award in Italy. He was honoured by the non-profit association "Moige". The word stands for "Movimento Italiano Genitori", which translates roughly as "Italian Parents' Movement". Every year, the association evaluates series, shows, but also web and streaming content to see how suitable they are for children and young people and publishes these evaluations in a TV and web guide.

Now the association has decided to award Terence Hill "for his undoubted acting qualities and for the consistency between the characters he plays and the person he is. Never over the top, Terence is always discreet, respectful and decent, able to make what he expresses through his acting believable and worth watching. He is always a source of reflection for family audiences of all ages."

"Moige" released a video today thanking Terence for the award. In it, he recounts a long-ago encounter with a young mother and her two children who recently saw "They call me Trinity" at the cinema. At the time, she asked Terence to continue making such films that she could watch with her children without worry. He has complied. Terence concludes by saying that he misses Italy and will return soon.

The video: The video on YouTube
2022-05-02 - 12:45 pm - Double event at the Bud Spencer Museum
Sal Borgese at the Bud Spencer Museum Last weekend there were two events at the Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin. Friday was dedicated to actor and stuntman Sal Borgese. Sal was present and showed himself to be in good spirits. Finally, on Saturday, the new Lifelike figure of Terence Hill was ceremoniously unveiled at the museum. This took place during an online whisky tasting with several star guests. Besides Sal Borgese, Cristiana Pedersoli, Aaron Troschke, Dennis Schmidt-Foß and Marcus and Jorgo were also present. We were also present at both events and have summarised our impressions in two small photo reports.

Link 1: An evening with Sal Borgese
Link 2: Terence Hill figure inauguration
2022-04-23 - 12:26 am - Don Matteo says goodbye to his Italian viewers

Don Matteo says goodbye

On Thursday evening it was time. Terence Hill said goodbye to Italian television viewers after 22 years as Don Matteo. The last episode Così vicini, così lontani (Eng: "So near, so far") was watched by 6.093 million viewers on RAI Uno. The series itself continues next week with a new priest as its successor, but for us it has come to an end at this point. After 259 episodes, a little melancholy set in last night, but every goodbye is also a new beginning. In Italy, Terence Hill's time as Don Matteo has come to an end, but here in Germany it is just beginning this year. It starts in autumn on Bibel TV. We can hardly wait!

URL 1: The last episode in the database
URL 2: Our series overview
URL 3: Report from last day of Terence Hills filming
2022-03-01 - 4:19 pm - Trailer for the remake of "Watch out, we are mad" released
Preview picture of the trailer As we reported last year, the Italians have made a remake of the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill classic Watch out, we're mad. Now the movie, starring Edoardo Pesce and Alessandro Roia, is ready. Today the theatical trailer was released and on 23 March it will start in Italian cinemas. Although both the music of the fire brigade choir and "Dune Buggy" can be heard in the trailer, the music for this remake is not by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, but by Francesco Cerasi.

It is uncertain whether the film will make it to cinemas in Germany or other countries. However, since Netflix is co-producer, at least a broadcast on the streaming service is not unlikely in the near future.

And now take a look for yourself at what's on offer:
The trailer on YouTube
2022-02-22 - 11:57 am - Happy Birthday Maurizio De Angelis!
Cover of a LP with Maurizio De Angelis Maurizio De Angelis, the younger half of the Duo Oliver Onions, celebrates his 75th birthday today! We repeatedly had the pleasure of spending time with the composer and singer of countless hits such as Bulldozer, Dune Buggy, Sheriff, Santa Maria or Orzowei and have known him as a very pleasant and likeable person. Therefore, we wish all the best and much health, fun and joy for hopefully many more years together. We are looking forward to the next reunion!

Link: Maurizio De Angelis at the database
2022-02-15 - 9:02 am - News about the Spencer/Hill Festival 2022
Logo of the film festival The Spencer/Hill Festival will not be able to take place in its usual form this year due to the planning uncertainty caused by the corona pandemic. But Spencer/Hill fans won't have to do without the festival altogether this year, because the first Spencer/Hill Film Festival will take place instead on 2 and 3 September. The venue will be the Urania in Berlin, an event cinema with seven cinema halls, a large gallery and a beer garden in the courtyard. In addition to the films, there will be live music, star guests and a few other surprises.

Ticket sales started today. The number of tickets is limited to 1000. A ticket for both festival days costs 79 EUR, club members pay 65 EUR.

Link 1: More information and tickets at spencerhill-festival.de
Link 2: The festival page in the database
2022-02-07 - 8:10 pm - Bud Spencer's stunt double Ronald Russell deceased
Bud's family announced today that Ronald Russell died yesterday. Russell doubled Bud in the series Entralarge and We are Angels, as well as in The Troublemakers. Series fans may also know him from the Don Johnson series "Nash Bridges". Here he had a recurring role as policeman Ronny.

Here you find a short interview with him:
S/H-DB: Interview with Ronald Russell
2021-12-02 - 3:24 pm - Italy now also has a Bud Spencer stamp
The Italian stamp of Bud Spencer On the occasion of his 92nd birthday on 31 October 2021, Bud Spencer was also honoured with his own stamp in his home country Italy. The stamp is part of the series "Le eccellenze italiane dello spettacolo" (Italian Show Business Excellence) and was issued in an edition of 300,000. It is normally available in the postal branches of Poste Italiane and can also be ordered online there - but not from abroad. For the issue date there are also limited special products around the stamp, e.g. a collector's folder (2000 copies), a plastic credit-card-sized card with the stamp on it (1500 copies), a philanthropic info sheet with a text by Bud's children (1000 copies) and postcards and envelopes with the stamp of the first day of issue.

We have taken this stamp as an opportunity to add an info page to the database about all the stamps with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill that have been published so far. There you will also find more pictures of the new Italian stamp.

Link: To the info page about Spencer/Hill stamps
2021-11-08 - 8:53 am - The soundtrack to "Watch out, we're mad" comes on CD & LP!
Cover from CD and LP No other soundtrack has Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans been waiting for as long as the one for the film Watch out, we're mad. When the film was released in 1974, there was only one single with the title song Dune Buggy and the track "Across the fields" on the B-side. After that, there was nothing until today. But this is changing now!

Beat Records, in collaboration with Cabum and Digitmovies, has announced the release of the complete soundtrack by brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis on CD and LP! Both versions will be released on 13 December 2021. There is no exact track list yet, but we are promised "Dune Buggy", both vocal and instrumental, "Across the fields", the firemen's choir, violin music, ballroom music, various background sounds and much more.

From 17 November it will be possible to pre-order the soundtrack. The first places to go should be the websites of Beat Records and Digitmovies. One day before the release, on 12 December, the soundtrack will be presented to the public in the presence of the De Angelis brothers at the Music Day in Rome.

Link 1: Die CD at the database
Link 2: Die LP at the database
2021-10-28 - 11:37 am - The new album from Oliver Onions is out now!
Cover from the new album Tomorrow is the day. "Future Memorabilia", the new album by Oliver Onions, will finally be released. The brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, who form the duo "Oliver Onions", have been in the music business since the 1960s, but only became internationally known when they started composing music for films in 1971. Now, 50 years and over 200 soundtracks for cinema and TV productions later, the brothers present ten of their most popular songs in a new, modern style on their new album.

For the album, Oliver Onions re-sung the Spencer/Hill title songs "Dune Buggy", "Bulldozer" and "Flying through the Air" on their own. For the seven other songs, Guido and Maurizio brought in guest musicians. The version of "Banana Joe" sung with Bud Spencer will be on the album, and also a German-Italian version of the super hit "Santa Maria" sung with Roland Kaiser. For the new version of "Sheriff", the title song from "The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid", the brothers were able to win cult actor and singer David Hasselhoff. In addition, there are several collaborations with artists who are very successful in Italy, such as Tommaso Paradiso (Orzowei), Elio e Le Storie Tese (Coro dei pompieri - the famous fire brigade choir from "Watch out we're mad") and Claudio Baglioni (Sandokan). Baglioni already published his own version of "Sandokan" on his album "Anime in gioco" in 1997 and now sings the song together with Oliver Onions for the first time. This version is accompanied by cellist Tina Guo, who also enriched songs composed by Hans Zimmer with her cello. The album closes with the ballad "We believe in Love", which is sung together with musical singer Elhaida Dani to the melody of "Verde".

The album will be available digitally tomorrow on all known streaming services. For fans and collectors, however, there is also a CD and a limited LP. The CD contains a booklet and five stickers as a bonus. The LP is a yellow record in a sleeve which, when opened, presents a three-dimensional model of the record cover.

Link: The CD in the database
2021-09-21 - 3:57 pm - Terence Hill finishes filming Don Matteo
Terence Hill waits for the final take Last saturday an era came to an end after 22 years. We had the opportunity to be there in Spoleto, Umbria, when Terence Hill's last take for his hit series Don Matteo was shot in the afternoon in the church of Santa Eufemia. After the emotional last take, the whole crew celebrated their long-time leading actor first spontaneously in the church and later on the forecourt at a champagne reception. Producer Luca Bernabei thanked Terence Hill in a speech and of course Terence Hill thanked the crew afterwards for the great cooperation in the last years. Terence Hill's last day of shooting ended with a group photo of the crew on the cathedral steps of Spoleto. For Hill, this day marked the end of a significant period in his film career after 13 seasons with a total of 259 episodes. However, he is not thinking of retirement now, but will devote himself to new projects with a little distance. Meanwhile, the series "Don Matteo" continues with a successor. We have summarised our impressions of the set and the emotional last take in a small report for the database. Enjoy reading!

Link: The last day of Don Matteo
2021-08-31 - 8:04 am - Oliver Onions presents a new version of "Dune Buggy"
Cover of the new single Oliver Onions released their new version of "Dune Buggy" as a single this morning at midnight sharp. Guido and Maurizio put the pedal to the metall and deliver a very rocking version of the old classic. It serves as a foretaste of their upcoming album "Future Memorabilia", which will be released in October. By the way, the two likeable singers will also be guests at the Spencerhill fan meeting starting next weekend. We are looking forward to seeing them!

And now turn up the speakers and let the buggy roll:
Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube
2021-08-09 - 10:09 am - Terence Hill is honorary citizen of Pomponesco

Pictures from the award ceremony in Pomponesco

Last Saturday, Terence Hill received a special honour. The small town of Pomponesco named the actor the first honorary citizen of its town history. Terence Hill gave the town national fame in 1983 when he decided to shoot his film Don Camillo here during his directorial debut. A screening of the film was held that evening in the town's central square, Piazza XXIII Aprile (23 April Square). Beforehand, Terence Hill was received by the mayor in the town hall, where he was presented with the certificate of honorary citizenship. Fans of the film are advised to visit the town. Although it is very small, it has hardly changed in the last 40 years, so that even today you have the feeling that Don Camillo could turn up on his motorbike at any moment.
2021-08-09 - 10:02 am - Terence Hill visits film festival in Gran Sasso

Pictures from the event in Gran Sasso

Terence Hill was a guest at the Gran Sasso and L'Aquila Film Festival on Wednesday 4 August, returning to the place where Trinity is still my name was filmed 50 years ago. He visited the original locations, diligently signed autographs and spoke about his memories of the film in front of many enthusiastic fans during a panel discussion. Besides Terence Hill, Cristiana Pedersoli, Sandra Zingarelli and the author Samuele Pinna, who wrote a book about Terence Hill in Italy, were also guests. The evening on location finally ended with a screening of the film.
2021-07-18 - 5:10 pm - Big event for the 50th anniversary of Trinity
Terence Hill raises his glass Last Thursday, 15 July, the family of film producer Italo Zingarelli celebrated the 50th anniversary of the film They call me Trinity with a big gala at their estate in Tuscany. Among others, Terence Hill, Cristiana Pedersoli, Diamante Pedersoli, Andy Luotto and Renato Casaro were also present. The film and Italo Zingarelli were remembered in a relaxed atmosphere. On this occasion, the Zingarelli family presented a limited wine in a noble special edition to celebrate the anniversary of the film. We were guests at the event and brought you a few pictures and a short report. The following day, we also visited the museum about Italo Zingarelli, which was opened at the same time on the winery and contains many interesting pieces about his films. We have also put together a few impressions of this museum for you.

Link 1: Report from the Anniversary Gala
Link 2: Presentation of the Zingarelli Museum
2021-07-02 - 11:08 am - The Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin is open
Diamante, Giuseppe and Cristiana at the museum Last Sunday, the Bud Spencer Museum was opened in Berlin. We were already there the whole week before to help set up the museum and therefore also had the opportunity to be present at the two press events beforehand and at the opening itself. Now we are back and have put together some information about the museum and a few pictures from the opening. Enjoy reading and looking at them!

Link 1: Information about the museum
Link 2: Pictures from the opening
2021-06-29 - 1:15 pm - The life of Bud Spencer as Graphic Novel
Cover of the book In November 2021, a graphic novel about the life of Bud Spencer will be published in Italy. The graphic novel will be drawn by Roberto Lauciello, the texts will be written by Marco Sonseri and the 112-page work will be published by ReNoir Comics. There will also be a foreword by Cristiana, Diamante und Giuseppe Pedersoli.

The publisher writes about the content:
How many actors can say they have had a life as adventurous as that of the characters they have played on screen? Few, very few. Among them, Carlo Pedersoli stands out, an Olympic-level swimmer, truck driver in South America and above all, hero in dozens of films based on humour and fistfights. A happy marriage, a film career that started almost by accident, a few diet attempts and a lot of binge eating. Little Luca meets him on a magical day at an airport and is entranced by his life story. A unique story, funny and fascinating, like those that made Bud Spencer a myth for generations of viewers.

Link: Preview of the graphic novel
2021-03-14 - 10:38 am - Marvelous Marvin Hagler is dead
Marvelous Marvin Hagler in Virtual Weapon Former boxer and actor Marvelous Marvin Hagler is dead. Terence Hill fans know Hagler as Hill's partner in the action comedy "Virtual Weapon". He also starred in the Italian action films "Indio" and "Indio 2 - The Revolt" in 1989 and 1990. However, Hagler became internationally known not as an actor but as a professional boxer. Hagler is considered one of the best middleweight boxers of all time. From 1980 to 1987 he was undefeated world champion in this weight category. He won 62 of his 67 professional fights. Yesterday he died unexpectedly at his home in New Hampshire. He was 66 years old.

Link: Marvelous Marvin Hagler in the database
2021-03-11 - 7:38 am - Re-release of the "My Name is Nobody" soundtrack
Cover of the new CD On 25 March 2021, the Italian label Beat Records will re-release the soundtrack of My Name is Nobody on CD. The soundtrack from Ennio Morricone was last released on CD in 2004 (GDM 0159042), but this CD is now hardly available in regular stores. This new release offers everyone the opportunity to turn up the volume to the sounds of the Wild Bunch.

Link: Die neue CD in der Datenbank
2021-03-09 - 11:51 am - The Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin opens in June 2021
Drawing of the Bud Spencer statue The Bud Spencer Museum was supposed to open last year, but then the pandemic cancelled all plans. But now we are in a positive mood again and are relaunching the idea with old passion and new energy: On 27 June 2021, the fifth anniversary of Buddy's death, the museum in Berlin will open its doors and will offer you with the support of the Pedersoli family exclusive insights into the life of the unforgotten actor, competitive swimmer, songwriter, pilot and writer Bud Spencer. In front of the museum, a life-size statue of Bud Spencer will greet the fans, there will be an official fan shop and visitors will also find food and drinks in the style of Bud. In addition to the normal museum activities, there will be various special events on the weekends, such as concerts with music from the films or film screenings in the museum's own cinema lounge. You can find all further information on the museum's homepage. We look forward to see you!

Link: To the hompage of the museum
2021-02-11 - 8:19 am - Happy Birthday Giuseppe Pedersoli!
Giuseppe Pedersoli in Ponte Taro Bud Spencer's son Giuseppe celebrates his 60th birthday today. Giuseppe experienced the atmosphere on film sets at an early age thanks to his father. In 1978, at the age of 17, Giuseppe was seen for the first time in a small role in one of his father's films. In "Odds and even" he played a naval officer. And obviously Giuseppe enjoyed such small appearances, because until 1996 he appeared in nine more of his father's films, including the series "Extralarge" as a ruthless terrorist.

Giuseppe was even more active behind the camera than in front of it. In the 1980s he worked as an assistant director, not only on his father's films such as "Bomber", "Double Trouble" or "Aladdin", but also on Hill's first directorial work "Don Camillo". From 1990 he switched to producing and also wrote scripts for his father. His first production was "Speaking of the Devil". Projects like "Extralarge", "The Troublemakers", "We are angels", "To the Limit" and "Padre Speranza" followed. Giuseppe also provided the idea for Bud's last TV series "I delitti del cuoco". He also produced the series.

In the years following Bud Spencer's first book publication, Giuseppe accompanied his father at several book signings in Germany. Fans also had the chance to see him at the premiere of "Sie nannten ihn Spencer" in Munich or at the inauguration of the first Bud Spencer street in Ponte Taro, Italy (see photo) and also at the opening of the Bud Spencer exhibition in Naples. We were able to meet him on several of these occasions and always found him to be a friendly and approachable person. We congratulate him, wish him all the best for the years to come and hope to meet him again this year in Berlin when the Bud Spencer Museum opens its doors.

Link: Giuseppe Pedersoli in the Spencer Hill database
2020-12-24 - 1:20 pm - Merry Christmas!

The choir from the movie

We've been working on a little Spencer/Hill fan project over the last few days, creating a fan version of the Oliver Onions fire choir video released last week.

We were overwhelmed by how many fans spontaneously and enthusiastically supported us! It was great fun and showed us that the Spencer/Hill community really is one big family. Within just four days we received 48 videos with 77 participants from five different countries. Many thanks for the organisational cooperation to Marcus Zölch, Michael Maaß and Ili Jelusic from Festival Team and Andrea Lucchi! And, of course, just as many thanks to the all of the fans who took part in the project and sent us very funny contributions!

Merry Christmas to all!

And here is the video: https://youtu.be/HVGudETnvw8
2020-12-18 - 8:13 am - Watch out, we're mad: The choir is back
Cover motif for the single of the new song Every Spencer/Hill fan knows the famous scene with the firemen's choir from Watch out, we're mad!, in which Bud and Terence try to outwit a professional killer while singing. The soundtrack was written by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. Now, for Christmas, the two brothers have released a brand new Christmas version of this chorus. The song has been available since Tuesday on all the usual music platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. There is also a music video for the new song on Youtube, for which the Onions have received support from many Italian stars. From the Spencer/Hill universe, for example, Kabir Bedi, Jerry Calà, Rita Pavone, Claudia Gerrini and Nino Frassica are involved.

Link: The music video for the new song
2020-12-14 - 9:12 am - Bodo actor Baldwin Dakile presumed long dead
Flatfoot and Bodo in the South African desert Baldwin Dakile, the actor who played the little boy Bodo in the films Flatfoot in Africa und Flatfoot in Egypt, has probably been dead for many years. At least this is what Neri Parenti, assistant director on "Flatfoot in Africa", reports in his book "Due palle... di Natale", which was recently published in Italy. In it, he tells an anecdote about how it happened that he celebrated Christmas 1977 together with Baldwin and his mother at his family's home in Florence. The very beautyful anecdote ends with Parenti receiving a letter from Baldwin's mother several years later, telling him that her son had been killed in a youth revolt against apartheid oppression.
2020-11-16 - 7:35 pm - New Pizza: Four cheeses with Bud and Terence
Bud Spencer and Terence Hill on the box of the new pizza Matching the Bud Spencer whisky, there is now also a Spencer/Hill pizza! From "Gustavo Gusto" the pizza "Vier Käse für ein Halleluja" will be on sale in the next few days. The manufacturer promises deep-frozen pizzas in restaurant quality and with the new pizza is now adding a Pizza Quattro Formaggi (mozzarella, mountain cheese, cheddar and blue cheese) to its portfolio. The new pizza with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill on the packaging will be available in four different cover designs. The pizzas from Gustavo Gusto are available in many German supermarkets, such as Edeka, real, Netto, Penny, Billa, Globus and Famila. We wish you bon appétit!
2020-11-06 - 1:24 pm - Stuntman Domenico Cianfriglia passed away
Domenico Cianfriglia as villain in the first flatfoot film The Italian stuntman Domenico Cianfriglia is dead. Cianfriglia worked as a stuntman for over 30 years without having played major roles. He was mostly used as a villain or henchman, like at the side of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in Flatfoot Cop, Watch out, we're mad!, Flatfoot goes East und Crime Busters. In his late career Cianfriglia's experience as a stuntman was also in demand for some major productions. For example, he took part in "Daylight" (1996) with Sylvester Stallone and in "The Phantom of the Opera" (1998) by Dario Argento. Domenico Cianfriglia died on 26 October 2020 as a result of a heart attack. He became 82 years old.

Link: Domenico Cianfriglia in the Spencer Hill database
2020-11-05 - 7:09 pm - Bud Spencer gets his own whisky!
Label of the whisky bottle The German distillery "St. Killian Distillers" will offer the single malt whisky "Bud Spencer - The Legend" from 16th November. The Bud Spencer whisky is made from 100% pure barley malt, aged for over three years in Amarone and ex-Bourbon casks and was double distilled in original Scottish pot stills. The whisky is bottled in a 0.7 litre bottle with a high-quality, chunky look and a genuine wooden cork. Its alcohol strength is 46%. A bottle of the premium whisky will cost 34.90 euros. You can order this noble spirit directly online at the distillery and at selected retailers.

Link: To the website of the distillery
2020-10-30 - 7:45 am - New Soundtrack: The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid
Cover of the new CD On 15 December, the soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis to the Bud Spencer film The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid (Uno sceriffo extraterrestre... poco extra e molto terrestre) will be re-released in Italy. In addition to a re-release of the original LP from 1979, the soundtrack will now also be released on CD for the first time. In addition to the eleven original album tracks, the CD will contain 17 new, previously unreleased tracks from the film. The release is a collaboration between Beat Records, Cabum and Digitmovies.

Link 1: The new CD in the database
Link 2: The new LP in the database
2020-10-26 - 7:43 am - Dominic Barto died in 2019
Dominic Barto as Monky Smith in Man of the East Yesterday we received the news that the actor Dominic Barto has already passed away in April 2019. The American actor will be remembered by Spencer/Hill fans for his roles as Killer Mortimer in They call me Trinity, Monky Smith in Man of the East, small-time crook Tom Ferramenti in the first two films of the flatfoot series and William Dalton in Lucky Luke.
After his time in Italy he appeared in many American TV series, e.g. in "Starsky and Hutch" and "Hardcastle & McCormick". In 1984 Sylvester Stallone also cast him in the fourth part of his Rocky saga.

Link: Dominic Barto in der Datenbank
2020-08-24 - 3:57 pm - Report from the Oliver Onions Concert from Dresden
Maurizio und Guido De Angelis live in concert As reported, Oliver Onions gave two concerts at the "Filmnächte am Elbufer" in Dresden last weekend. For all those who did not have the opportunity to attend these unforgettable evenings, we have prepared a small report for the database and uploaded a video recording of the new version of their hit Banana Joe, which was played live there for the first time, to our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy watching it!

Link 1: To the concert report
Link 2: Toi the Banana Joe video
2020-07-06 - 9:34 am - Ennio Morricone is dead
Ennio Morricone on stage in Berlin This night in Rome the star composer Ennio Morricone died at the age of 91. A few days ago he fell and broke his thigh. Now he has died of the consequences of this fall. During his career Ennio Morricone wrote the music for well over 300 cinema and television productions and won countless prizes with his compositions, including two Academy Awards and nine David Di Donatello awards. He is the only artist who have won a regular trophy after the Academy Award for his life's work (2007) (2016 for "The Hateful Eight"). Morricone became world-famous for his music for the Western movies of Sergio Leone like "A Fistful of Dollars", "For a Few Dollars More", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and "Once Upon a Time in the West". He also created many well-known melodies in the Spencer/Hill area, among others for The Five Man Army, My Name is Nobody, A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe and Buddy Goes West. Ennio Morricone was still touring with a large orchestra until his old age. In January 2019 we ourselves were lucky to see him on stage in Berlin. Rest in peace, Maestro!

Link: Ennio Morricone at the database
2020-06-27 - 10:29 am - New single: Bud Spencer sings "Banana Joe"

Banana Joe

Guido and Maurizio De Angelis have revealed their secret. They will release the song "Banana Joe" as a single on July 24th - in a new version sung together with Bud Spencer! They recorded the song with Bud Spencer in the early 80s and this previously unknown and unreleased recording is now the source for the new song. We are thrilled and can't wait to hear Bud Spencer sing this catchy tune together with the Oliver Onions. Let's get into the right mood together:

"Cantando viaja por el río, en su barca noche y día, pájaros de companía, toda la selva es su hogar!
Cena tarde con la luna, tenue el fuego le acompaña sólo atrasa su fortuna - Banana Joe!" sólo atrasa su fortuna
Banana Joe."
2020-06-17 - 10:19 pm - György Kárpáti passed away
György Kárpáti in Budapest 2017 György Kárpáti, with the Hungarian national water polo team 1952, 1956 and 1964 Olympic champion and sporting competitor and all his life friend of Bud Spencer, died today in Budapest at the age of 84. German fans could get to know him better as an interview partner in They called him Spencer. We also had the opportunity to see him at the opening of the Bud Spencer statue in Budapest in 2017, where he spoke visibly moved about his friendship with Bud. Rest in peace, György.
2020-05-25 - 12:58 pm - Unknown scenes from "Two missionaries"
Bud in one of the unknown scenes Besides the well-known version of the movie Two Missionaries there is also an alternative version, which differs in some scenes. This version was released on VHS in France and Hungary at least, and on DVD in Australia. We have compared the two versions and listed the differences in a small report.

Link: Information about the alternative version
2020-05-12 - 9:31 am - New Soundtracks on LP and CD
Cover of the new LP On May 25, Digitmovies re-releases the soundtrack of Viva Django (Preparati la bara!), written by Gianfranco and Gian Piero Reverberi on LP and CD. The CD is a 1:1 re-release of the 2007 CD and will again contain 27 tracks. On LP the soundtrack will be released for the first time ever. Also in 1967 there was no LP. The LP will contain 14 tracks. The CD costs 14,90 EUR and the LP 22 EUR and can already be pre-ordered in the digitmovies shop.

BEAT Records has also announced the release of the soundtrack to the film "Occhio Malocchio Prezzemolo e Finocchio" on June, 10. This is of course not a Spencer/Hill movie, but a comedy from 1983 with Lino Banfi, but the soundtrack is written by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis and contains among others the brilliant song Sheriff from The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid (Uno sceriffo extraterrestre poco extra e molto terrestre). In addition to a CD limited to 500 copies, a 7-inch single on vinyl will be released, limited to 400 copies, whose B-side will contain the song "Sheriff" with cover motif of the Spencer-movie. The single costs 18 Euro (the CD also) and can be pre-ordered in the Beat Records shop.

Link 1: The new Django CD in the database
Link 2: The new Django LP in the database
Link 3: The new Sheriff single in the database
Link 4: The new Django CD in the shop of Digitmovies
Link 5: The new 7-inch single of "Sheriff" in the Shop of Beat Records
2020-04-28 - 12:26 pm - Also the Spencer/Hill-Festival is cancelled this year!
cancelled Now it's official: Also the Spencer/Hill-Festival cannot take place as planned this year due to the situation around the corona virus and will therefore not take place again until 2021. Unfortunately, we can't give an exact date yet, but you will know it as soon as we know more details.

Link: Information about the festivals
Link 2: Official website of the festival
2020-04-25 - 11:50 am - Happy Birthday Chickadee!
Joe Krieg als Chickadee The Canadian-born actor Joe Krieg, who became the biker legend of the Spencer/Hill universe as Chickadee in They call me Renegade, celebrates his 70th birthday today. We wish him all the best and are happy to re-release an interview with him from the old official website of Terence Hill. Many thanks to the team of Terence Hill!

Link 1: To the interview
Link 2: Joe Krieg in the database
2020-04-22 - 9:13 am - Postponed: Bud-Spencer-Exhibition in Berlin next year
The exhibition logo Due to the current situation, it is certainly no longer a big surprise: The big Bud Spencer exhibition announced for this summer in Berlin can unfortunately not take place as planned. But of course "postponed is not cancelled". The exhibition will come to Berlin and give us many great events - but unfortunately not until 2021. We will announce the exact date as soon as the new plans are completed. All tickets already bought will of course remain valid!

Stay healthy and hold on!

Link: To the website of the exhibition
2020-03-19 - 1:48 pm - Fanbase party in Templin postponed
The fanbase party has been postponed After the inauguration of the stage coach from "The Fight before Christmas" in Bad Bederkesa had to be postponed due to the situation around the corona virus, now unfortunately the fanbase party in Templin is also affected. Due to the current situation it is not possible to let the party take place on May 8th/9th as planned. But the big anniversary of the movie They call me Trinity with the star guests Gisela Hahn, Elena Pedemonte, Riccardo Pizzuti, Jess Hill, Salvatore Borgese and Anne Kasprik will of course still be celebrated. The new date is 24 April 2021. All already purchased tickets keep their validity!

We are looking forward to seeing you! Stay well!
2020-03-17 - 12:00 pm - Terence Hill with greeting message on Italian television
Terence Hill in Che tempo che fa Terence Hill appeared on Italian television two days ago with a video message. In the entertainment show Che tempo che fa he congratulated with this message his friend Nino Frassica on his 50th career anniversary. Terence Hill thanked his colleague from Don Matteo for his friendship and for 20 years of cooperation.

Link: The show in the database
2020-03-06 - 2:06 pm - The Bud Spencer exhibition comes to Berlin
The poster of the exhibition The Bud Spencer exhibition shown last year in Naples will be shown in Berlin this summer. With the support of the Pedersoli family, a large number of exclusive exhibits from Bud Spencer's life will be on display from 30 May to 29 August. The range includes photos, posters, magazines, scripts, film and swimming trophies, original props, books, soundtrack LPs and CDs, displays and much more. The programme in Berlin will be rounded off by exclusive special events on the weekends, including club concerts, film screenings with star guests, stunt shows and theatre performances. The museum will be open daily from 10 am to 7 pm, the special events on the weekends will start at 8 pm. On 10 March the advance ticket sales will start. For more information about the exhibition and the already fixed special events, please visit the museum's website at: https://www.budspencer-museum.com.

Link 1: Website of the Bud-Spencer-Museum
Link 2: Report about the exhibition in Naples
2020-03-01 - 5:51 pm - The soundtrack of "They called him Bulldozer" will be released
Cover of the new LP There is great news from the Italian record label Beat Records. In cooperation with Cabum Records, the complete soundtrack of the film "They called him Bulldozer" composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis will be released on CD and LP for the first time on April 20th, 2020. There was already an LP called "Bulldozer" in 1979. It contained only the title song of the movie and the slower version of the song called "Just a good Boy". These two songs were also released on a Single shortly before. But now there will be the complete soundtrack for the first time. The CD version will contain 27 tracks and will have a playing time of almost 68 minutes. The LP version is missing eight tracks due to the lower capacity. It will have 19 tracks. Both the LP and the CD are limited to 500 copies. They can be pre-ordered now on the Beat Records website.

Link 1: The new CD in the database
Link 2: The new LP in the database
Link 3: To the website of Beat Records (extern)
2020-02-20 - 8:57 am - Women power at the Fanbase Party 2020
Gisela Hahn and Elena Pedemonte The two Mormon girls Sarah and Judith, with whom Terence Hill falls a little in love in They call me Trinity, will appear together again for the first time on the occasion of the film's 50th anniversary. The two actresses, Gisela Hahn and Elena Pedemonte, will be guests at the Spencer/Hill fanbase party in the western town of El Dorado in Templin from 8 to 10 May, where they will celebrate the anniversary with their fans. The two actresses will be joined by Anne Kasprik, who as Bridget in The Fight before Christmas (Troublemakers) was also lucky enough to fall in love with Terence. "The Fight before Christmas" also celebrates its anniversary this year. It was released in German cinemas 25 years ago.

Link: Tickets and more information about the fanbase party
2020-01-31 - 1:30 pm - These figures of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are coming 2020

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill figures

For the year 2020 several models and action figures around the theme of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill have been announced.
1.) In April a Bud Spencer-figure comes from "Infinite Statue". The statue is limited to 600 pieces, reaches a height of 12.7 inches and a weight of 2.5 kilos. The figure, which shows Bud Spencer as Bambi from They call me Trinity, costs 299.50 EUR according to the manufacturer.
2.) The company "Oakie Doackie" annouced two sets of movable action figures with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The first set shows our two heroes as motorcycle cops Matt Kirby and Wilbur Walsh from Crime Busters, while the second set shows them as Trinity and Bambi from They call me Trinity. The action figures will be 7 inches high and will be equipped with some accessories like weapons and interchangeable hands. The price and the exact release date are not yet known.
3.) Another high quality figure will come in the third quarter of this year from "Supacraft". Matching the figure of Bud Spencer as Bambi, which has been available there for quite some time, there will now also be a Terence Hill in the role of Trinity from They call me Trinity. The figure is limited to 500 copies, will be 14.2 inches high and weigh 3.5 kilos. The price will be 449 EUR according to the manufacturer.
4.) Besides the figures there will also be a model of the beach buggy from Watch out we're mad in the third quarter of the year. This will be in scale 1/18 and can already be pre-ordered on the website of the manufacturer "Laudoracing Models". The price is 89,90 EUR.

Link 1: The Bud Spencer figure from Infinite Statue on the manufacturer's page
Link 2: The action figures of Oakie Doackie on the Facebook page of the manufacturer
Link 3: The Terence Hill figure from Supacraft on the manufacturer's website
Link 4: The model of the beach buggy from Laudoracing Models on the site of the manufacturer
2020-01-10 - 1:42 pm - Phenomenal start of the 12th season of Don Matteo
Terence Hill in the opening episode of season 12 Two days after the 20th anniversary, the 12th season of Don Matteo started yesterday in Italy. The first episode attracted an average of 7.005 million viewers. The market share was a phenomenal 30.6 percent. Even after 20 years, Don Matteo has lost none of its popularity. The new season consists of a total of ten feature-length episodes. The further episodes will be shown from now on every Thursday at 21:25 on Rai Uno. The opening episode with the title "Non avrai altro Dio all'infuori di me" (Eng: Thou shalt have no other gods besides me) is now in the database and provided with pictures.

Link: "The first episode in the database
2019-12-23 - 8:02 pm - Terence Hill Ice Saloon opened in Dresden
Jess enjoys the ice cream on opening day Last Friday the "Terence Hill Ice Saloon", the first German branch of the "Gelateria Girotti", opened in Dresden. Jess Hill came to the opening ceremony and 700 fans did not want to miss the event. With a lot of fun and good mood it was a great opening day. We were there and brought pictures and a little report with us.

Link: The Terence Hill Ice Saloon in the database
2019-12-22 - 6:05 am - Happy Birthday Guido De Angelis!
Happy Birthday Guido We congratulate Maestro Guido De Angelis to his 75th birthday today. The older half of the fantastic duo Oliver Onions was born on December 22, 1944 in Rocca di Papa, a small community southeast of Rome. Together with his brother Maurizio he created countless soundtracks for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films and beyond. Among their most famous songs, which they not only composed but also sang themselves, were Flying through the Air, Dune Buggy, Bulldozer, Sandokan, Orzowei, Fantasy and Santa Maria. We wish Guido De Angelis all the best and thank him in this way for the numerous hits and soundtracks he gave us together with his brother Maurizio. We are very much looking forward to seeing the brilliant duo on stage again next year! Happy Birthday Guido!

Link: Guido De Angelis at the database
2019-12-09 - 9:51 am - René Auberjonois passed away
René Auberjonois The American actor René Auberjonois died yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 79. Auberjonois has been a popular film and television actor since the 1970s and achieved worldwide fame through his role as Constable Odo in the series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". In 1991 he appeared alongside Terence Hill in the tv series "Lucky Luke". In the episode "Cafe Olé" he played the coffee thief and gangster Mendez.

Link: René Auberjonois at the database
2019-12-06 - 8:10 am - Information about the Spencer/Hill festival 2020
Logo of the Spencer/Hill festival Coming events cast their shadows before and with the Spencer/Hill Festival another great event is on the horizon in 2020. The festival will take place next year from 3 to 6 September. The topic will be the film I'm for the hippopotamus (Io sto con gli ippopotami). To do justice to the motto, the festival will take place this time in Safariland Stukenbrock. The safari park with an attached leisure park is located in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, very close to Bielefeld. In addition to the usual programme consisting of live bands, film screenings, costume parades, competitions and many more, many star guests are also expected, including the former boxing world champion Joe Bugner, who played the head villain Mr. Ormond in an inimitable way in "I'm for the hippopotamus" (Io sto con gli ippopotami). He will come from Australia extra. The Spencer/Hill fans can look forward to a great festival again. The ticket sale starts today on Nikolaus Day. Until 31 December the weekend ticket is still available at an early bird price of 69 Euro, after that it will cost 79 Euro.

Link 1: Infosite about the festival in the database
Link 2: Homepage of the Spencer/Hill festival
Link 3: Homepage of the Safariland Stukenbrock
2019-12-04 - 8:33 am - Terence Hill sells his biker jacket for charity
Terence Hill in his leather jacket Throughout his long career, Terence Hill has supported charities and other relief organizations. He is currently doing this again. He auctions his personal biker jacket and donates the total proceeds of the auction to the association "Ein Herz für Kinder". The jacket belongs to a limited series that Terence Hill had made for the team of the TV series "Don Matteo". A limited number of copies were (and will be, because there are still remaining copies) also sold to fans. The jacket that the auction is now about is the prototype of this series. It was worn by Hill himself on several occasions. Interested fans can bid on the website of United Charity. The auction runs until Sunday, December 15th. Currently 1.100 Euro are bid for the unique piece.

Link 1: The auction at Charity United
Link 2: The jacket in the Terence Hill shop
2019-11-26 - 9:28 am - Opening of the Terence Hill Ice Saloon in Dresden
Logo des Eis-Saloons Already in July it was announced that the Hill family's ice cream would also be sold in a German branch of "Gelateria Girotti" from the end of the year (we reported). Meanwhile it is known that the German branch will be called "Terence Hill Ice Saloon". It will be located at Hauptstraße 35 in Dresden-Neustadt. With the start of the Dresden Christmas Market on 28 November, ice cream sales will begin in front of the shop. To coincide with the occasion, Christmas varieties such as mulled wine, Stollen, Spekulatius and egg liqueur will also be offered. The grand opening of the ice cream parlour itself will finally take place in the presence of Jess Hill on Friday, 20 December at 2pm.

Link: Information about the Terence-Hill-Eis-Saloon at the database
2019-11-22 - 8:20 am - The Spencer/Hill database is also available on Instagram now
Sign of the Spencer/Hill database The Spencer/Hill database also has an Instagram account since yesterday evening. The fans of our two heroes now have the opportunity to keep up to date with all the latest news about the Spencer/Hill universe, in addition to this page and Facebook. We would be happy if a lot of fans make use of it, hope for a lively exchange and wish you a lot of fun!

Link: The database on Instagram
2019-11-06 - 1:43 pm - Report about the Bud Spencer exhibition in Naples
Sign of the exhibition On September 12, an exhibition about the life and career of Bud Spencer was opened in Naples in the presence of the entire Pedersoli family (we reported). The exhibition at Palazzo Reale was originally scheduled to end on December 8, but has now been extended until 7 January 2020. We visited the exhibition during the Spencer/Hill fan trip and brought some pictures and information for you.

Link: To the report about the exhibition
2019-11-05 - 12:12 pm - Information page about the Gelateria Girotti
Sign of the Gelateria Girotti Already in March 2017 (we reported) the Hill family opened an ice cream shop in Amelia in Umbria. As part of the Spencer/Hill fan trip we were there for the first time. We tried the delicious ice cream and took the opportunity to take some pictures to present the ice cream shop in this database. The information page is online now.

Link: The Gelateria Girotti in the database
2019-09-16 - 3:22 pm - Actor and stuntman Roberto Dell'Acqua passed away
Picture of Roberto Dell'Acqua One of the most famous and distinctive supporting actors and stuntman has passed away. Whether as a sauce-loving devil, as a sailor fighting side by side with Bud or as an acrobatic racket who likes to cling to Buds back, every fan likes to remember Roberto Dell'Acqua with a smile. He made his first appearance in the Spencer/Hill universe in 1969 in the saloon brawl of "Boot Hill". In a saloon he also had his last appearance, as a bean-eating guest he was 49 years later in the bar brawl of "My Name is Thomas". We say thank you very much for your great performances, rest in peace, Roberto!
2019-09-05 - 10:04 am - Great concerts at the Spencer/Hill-Festival
Oliver Onions and La Bionda on stage Last weekend there were four great concerts at the Spencer/Hill-Festival in Lommatzsch. Like for many years the "Spencer Hill Magic Band" from Hungary and the "Dune Buggy Band" from Italy inspired the audience. But this year there were also two more great concerts by the original composers of the film music. On Friday evening Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, also known as "Oliver Onions", presented some of their greatest hits, on Saturday evening Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda did the same. Both brother pairs brought a great atmosphere among the fans. We made short summaries for both concerts. Have fun!

Link 1: The concert of Guido and Maurizio De Angelis on Friday
Link 2: The concert of Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda on Saturday
2019-08-20 - 8:30 am - Big fan trip to the Bud Spencer exhibition in Naples

Bus trip to Naples

On 13 September an exhibition about the life of Bud Spencer opens in Naples (we reported). On this occasion, in October there will be the opportunity to go on a seven-day bus trip to Naples with other fans. On the way we will visit a few more stations from the life and work of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The trip starts on October 13 in Berlin and ends there on October 19. The way to Naples leads via South Tyrol (filming location "Un passo dal cielo"), Pomponesco (filming location "Don Camillo"), Ponte Taro (Via Carlo Pedersoli), Marina Di Pisa (filming location "They called him Bulldozer", "Bomber"), Livorno (Bud-Spencer-Statue), Amelia (Gelateria Girotti) and Spoleto (filming location "Don Matteo"). In Spoleto the shooting of the 12th season of Don Matteo is still going on at the time of the trip, so that there might be the possibility to watch a bit from a distance. In Naples there is of course a lot more to see besides the Bud Spencer exhibition, because there were shot many scenes from the flatfoot series with Bud Spencer. We wish all fellow travelers a lot of fun!

Link: More information about the travel and the booking at spencerhill-fanbase.de
2019-08-15 - 3:28 pm - The Spencer/Hill-Fanbase founds a Club
Sign of the fanbase From today, Spencer/Hill fans have the opportunity to join the Spencer/Hill fan base. The fanbase is a fanclub whose goal is to provide its members special events and discounts around the universe of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The first event is a bus trip to Naples planned for October. In May 2020, there will also be another fanbase party in the western city of "El Dorado". The membership costs 49 Euro for one year. The membership must be renewed every year. It will be not renewed automatically.

Included in the fee are a club shirt, a club card, a club brand, discounted admission to the fanbase party for yourself and one accompanying person, 100 Euro discount when booking your trip to Naples, two issues of the Spencer/Hill fan magazine "Double Trouble", free access to the VIP stage at the Spencer/Hill Festival and much more.

For more information, visit the club's Web site:
Click: https://www.spencerhill-fanbase.de/
2019-08-08 - 7:41 pm - Star power at the Spencer/Hill festival

The stars of the festival

It'll start in three weeks. Then the Spencer/Hill world will meet for the 16th time at the Spencer/Hill festival. For the second time the fan meeting takes place in the small Saxon town of Lommatzsch, the hometown of Terence Hill's mother, where little Terence Hill spent two years of his early childhood. This year, the crème de la crème of film composers from the Spencer/Hill universe will gather for the occasion. These are Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda and Franco Micalizzi. Together they have contributed music to 33 Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films over the past five decades, including They call me Trinity (Micalizzi, 1970), Trinity is still my name (De Angelis, 1971), Watch out, we're mad (De Angelis, 1974), Odds and evens (De Angelis, 1978), Who finds a friend finds a treasure (La Bionda, 1980), Miami Supercops (La Bionda, 1985) and the title song of Terence Hill's latest film My name is Thomas (Micalizzi, 2017), to name just a few examples. So if you don't want to miss out on almost 50 years of film and music history, you might have the unique opportunity to see the five exceptional artists in one place on August 30 and 31!

And that's not all: The film composers won't be the only stars at the festival this weekend. Terence Hill's son Jess will also be on site and will have the ice cream from the Italian family gelateria in his luggage. From Bud Spencer's family, Bud's daughter Cristiana will be present to present her new book My Papa Bud and also the two already beloved regular guests Riccardo "Jeff" Pizzuti and Salvatore "Anulu" Borgese will be there again of course, as well as the two protagonists from They called him Spencer Marcus Zölch and Jorgo Papasoglou. In terms of star power, this fan meeting surpasses anything that has been seen before.

Besides Guido and Maurizio De Angelis and La Bionda, the "Spencer Hill Magic Band" from Hungary and their Italian colleagues from the "Dune Buggy Band" will again provide the live music this year. The world champion of card tricks Jan Logemann will amaze the fans, there will be a shuttle to the Terence Hill museum, Spencer/Hill movies almost around the clock, a Ferris wheel, a pinball hall with almost 100 pinball machines, countless competitions and prize draws and of course lots of delicious food and drinks and much more good mood.

Tickets for the festival can still be ordered online. But there will also be a box office. The ticket for the whole weekend is valid from Thursday to Sunday and costs 69 Euro. The ticket for Saturday only costs 59 Euro. See you there!

Link: To the tickets
2019-08-02 - 9:08 am - Terence Hill makes a guest appearance in a music video

Besides shooting Don Matteo 12, Terence Hill has found the time for a small guest appearance in a music video. In a new video by Italian singer and comedian Fabio Rovazzi for the song "Senza pensieri" Terence Hill suddenly appears in a desert to pick up the singer. The song is a satirical critique of the consumer and internet behaviour of many young people who have nothing to do but buy things they don't need, post pictures in different outfits and need a credit to stay cool. But they have no problems and no worries as long as they don't think and as long as they have the right outfit for global warming. Obviously Terence Hill could identify with this message and therefore supported the artist through his participation. After 5 minutes and 31 seconds, Terence Hill appears in the video. Have fun!
2019-07-31 - 8:00 am - Exhibition about Bud Spencer in Naples
Sign of the exhibition About a year ago we reported that Bud's hometown Naples would like to dedicate an exhibition to her famous son Bud Spencer. Last year the show was cancelled at short notice, but now it should come true. From September 13th to December 8th, fans from all over the world will have the chance to see the multimedia exhibition about Bud Spencer. It can be seen in the Doric Hall (Sala Dorica) of the Museum in the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) in the Piazza del Plebiscito. With the exception of Wednesday, the museum will be open every day from 10 am to 8 pm.

Link: Homepage of the exhibition (ital.)
2019-07-22 - 6:52 pm - The Hill family's ice cream comes to Germany

Filmnächte am Elbufer in Dresden

Last weekend Terence Hill's son Jess was in Germany together with his son Will. On Sunday morning they visited the Terence Hill Museum in Lommatzsch and in the evening they were guests at a Spencer/Hill film screening as part of the Filmnächte am Elbufer in Dresden. There, Jess announced that the Hill family's ice cream would also be available in Germany from August 3. From this date it will be available in the restaurants of the Wenzel Prager Bierstuben. Currently there have restaurants in Dresden, Chemnitz, Zwickau, Leipzig, Halle, Magdeburg and Warnemünde. In addition, a real store of Gelateria Girotti will open in Dresden towards the end of the year. Jess has promised to come to the opening again.
2019-07-05 - 10:38 am - From the Rumour mill: Terence Hill shoots a Film in Germany
Jess Hill, son of Terence Hill and producer of his last movie My name is Thomas, gave an interview to the Italian time "Dipiù" last week. There he told that his father will be in a film, that he will produce after finishing the shooting of Don Matteo 12. The new film will be set in Germany, where Terence and Bud have always been loved. The project is currently still in the planning phase. We are very interested to see how the project develops and of course we keep you up to date.
2019-06-16 - 2:27 pm - New in June: Soundtrack of "Man of the East"
On June 20th the Italian label Digitmovies releases the soundtrack of Guido und Maurizio De Angelis to the Terence Hill western Man of the East (... e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico) on CD and LP. The CD is a new edition of the CD version of 2009 from the same company. On LP the soundtrack was only available on the original LP from 1972. The tracklist of the new LP corresponds to the release from 1972, but the new edition contains some bonus tracks that didn't make it to the LP at that time. Due to lack of space the LP contains eight tracks less than the CD.

Link 1: The new CD at the database
Link 2: The new LP at the database
2019-06-11 - 10:48 am - Report from the Oliver Onions concert in Villafranca di Verona
Last Friday Guido and Maurizio De Angelis gave an open air concert in the courtyard of a medieval castle in Villafranca Di Verona as part of a comic book festival. In addition to their songs, the two brothers tell all sorts of anecdotes and stories from their almost 50-year career. An aftershow party with the fans rounded off the event. Friends of us were present at the concert and brought a report and some pictures for you. Enjoy reading!

Link: To the report of the concert
2019-06-05 - 3:03 pm - Street and statue in honour of Bud Spencer inaugurated
As reported, Bud Spencer was honoured last weekend first with a Bud Spencer road near Parma and then with a Bud Spencer statue in Livorno. We were present at the celebrations as ambassadors of the Spencer/Hill Festival and of the Terence Hill Museum and described our impressions in two new illustrated background reports. Have fun while reading!

Link 1: Report from Ponte Taro from the inauguration of Bud-Spencer Street
Link 2: Report from Livorno from the unveiling of the Bud Spencer statue
2019-05-29 - 12:36 pm - Italy honours Bud Spencer twice at the weekend
Bud Spencer will be honoured twice in Italy next weekend. On Saturday, June 1st, the first road in Italy will be named after Bud Spencer in the town of Fontevivo / Ponte Taro near Parma. Bud's son Giuseppe is also expected to attend the opening ceremony of the "Via Carlo Pedersoli". There will also be events to honour Bud throughout the day, including a western set, film screenings and an evening concert by the "Dune Buggy Band", which will play soundtracks from the films.

On Sunday, June 2nd, Italy will finally get its Bud Spencer statue. It will be inaugurated at 6 pm in Livorno on the Mediterranean. The location was not chosen by chance, because in Livorno the two Bud Spencer films They called him Bulldozer and Bomber were shot. The statue then shows Bud Spencer as "Bulldozer" looking out at the sea. All three children of Bud Spencer will be present at the ceremonial unveiling of the statue.
2019-05-14 - 1:47 pm - Terence Hill Museum opened in Lommatzsch
Last Saturday, the Terence Hill Museum in Lommatzsch, Saxony, was officially opened. Anita Maaß, the mayor of the city, welcomed more than 600 visitors to the opening ceremony, a Spielmannzug played and finally it was up to guest of honour and dubbing legend Thomas Danneberg to cut the ribbon that was set up in front of the museum. We were present at the opening and have now summarized our impressions in a small database special.

Link 1: Special: Impressions from the opening day of the museum
Link 2: To the website of the museum
2019-04-28 - 12:59 pm - Happy Birthday Riccardo Pizzuti!
Today Riccardo Pizzuti, probably the most popular bad guy in the Spencer/Hill universe, celebrates his 85th birthday. Between 1968 and 1990 Pizzuti played in a total of 20 films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and managed to play himself into the hearts of Spencer/Hill fans as a villain. We ourselves have personally experienced Pizzuti on several occasions in recent years and have been impressed by his warmth, humor, everlasting good mood and enormous fitness even in old age. We are looking forward to seeing him again in Lommatzsch at the end of August and wish him all the best for his birthday and many more beautiful years!

Link: Riccardo Pizzuti at the Spencer/Hill database
2019-04-18 - 7:48 am - Terence Hill filming Don Matteo 12
The fact that there will be a 12th season of Don Matteo has been known for quite some time, but now it's finally happening. Today there is a first casting for smaller supporting roles in Spoleto and from May 20th Terence Hill will be in front of the camera for the first shooting block in Spoleto and will slip back into the role of his successful priest. The first filming block will last five weeks, until the penultimate week of June. Then the crew makes room for the "62nd Festival dei 2 Mondi", which will take place from 28.6. to 14.7. in Spoleto. After the festival the crew will return to Spoleto for the next shooting block, but no exact dates are known yet.

Source: Article on tuttoggi.info (Ital.)
2019-04-12 - 4:59 pm - Soundtrack of "Bomber" is released for the first time
Beat Records releases the soundtrack to Der Bomber by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis on CD and LP on May 9th! The CD contains 32 tracks with a total playing time of 55:08 minutes and is limited to 500 copies. There are also two LPs, one in black which is limited to 400 copies one in white with blue stripes which is limited to 100 copies. Both LPs are identical, except for the colour and contain 21 tracks.

Link 1: The CD in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 2: The black LP in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 3: The blue/white LP in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2019-04-11 - 7:39 am - Terence Hill gets museum in Lommatzsch
In the small Saxon town of Lommatzsch, where Terence Hill spent two years of his childhood, the Terence Hill Museum will open on May 11 this year. The museum will then be located in the so-called Budenhaus near the Heimatmuseum on the market square. Fans of the actor can inform themselves about the life and films of Terence Hill on two floors and the corresponding courtyard. All fans are welcome to the ceremonial opening on 11 May.
2019-04-02 - 9:56 am - To his 80. birthday: Terence Hill gets own stamps
Just in time for Terence Hill's 80th birthday, Deutsche Post and BILD published ten stamps with the portrait of Terence Hill. The ten stamps can be filled with different postage values between 45 cents and 7 EUR and the motifs can be combined as desired. A sheet with ten stamps of 70 cents each postage value costs 24.85 EUR. The stamps are limited to 10,000 sheets. They can be ordered via the BILD website. A BILD+ subscription is required for ordering.

Link: bild.de: Order page for stamps
2019-02-24 - 11:06 am - Soundtrack of "Si può fare... amigo" will be re-released
The Italian label Digitmovies will re-release the soundtrack to Bud Spencer's western comedy Can be done... amigo (Si può fare... amigo) on March 13th. This time it will be released on CD and for the first time on LP. So far there was only a single on vinyl with the title song Can be done from 1972. Both versions can be pre-ordered in the online shop of the label. The CD costs 14,90 EUR, the LP 19,90 EUR.

Link 1: The CD in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The LP in the Spencer/Hill database
2019-02-20 - 5:22 pm - The report of the Oliver Onions concert is online
Last Saturday Guido and Maurizio De Angelis gave their fourth concert since their comeback in November 2016 in Budapest. We were there and so we were able to see the star guests Terence Hill and Kabir Bedi live on stage. For all those who were not among the 7000 enthusiastic fans in the Budapest Arena, we created a small report about the concert. Have fun with it!

Link: To the report
2019-02-14 - 5:38 am - Actor Harold Bergman died
Today we received the sad news that the American actor Harold Bergman passed away on February 1st in Florida. Spencer/Hill fans know Harold Bergman especially for his roles as ingenious inventor Sam in "Go for it", who supplies our two secret agents with all kinds of special equipment and as head of the agency for doubles in "Double Trouble". He was also featured in "Super Fuzz", "Cats and Dogs", "Miami Supercops", "Aladdin" and in one episode of the series "Extralarge". Harold Bergman died only 2.5 months before his 100th birthday. Therefore he became 99 years old. Rest in peace!

Link: Harold Bergman in the Spencer/Hill Database
2019-02-08 - 8:39 am - Oliver Onions give a concert in Budapest, Terence Hill is a guest
It'll be back in a week. In the Hungarian capital Budapest the film composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis will be on stage again and present their numerous hits from Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films live to the audience. So if you missed the chance to see the creators and performers of songs like Flying through the air, Bulldozer, Dune Buggy, Angels and Beans or Banana Joe live on the last few occasions in Rome and Berlin, a trip to Budapest is highly recommended. The concert will take place on Saturday, February 16 from 8 pm at Papp László Sportaréna. There are still remaining tickets available.

Terence Hill and Kabir Bedi will also be personally present at the concert. During the concert, Terence Hill will hand over a beach buggy to its new owner, who had previously been auctioned off for the benefit of a children's hospital (we reported). Kabir Bedi, who achieved worldwide fame as a Sandokan actor, whom Bud Spencer fans know as well as an actor of the revolutionary Napoleon in the series We are Angels, will already be in Budapest on Friday and will adopt a tiger there in the morning at Budapest Zoo. Spencer/Hill fans in the Hungarian capital should also visit the Bud Spencer statue and enjoy a Burgers incl. "Charlie Firpo" beer at "Firpo Burger & Bar".

Link 1: To the tickets
Link 2: Report of the 2016 concert in Budapest
Link 3: Report from the concert in Berlin
Link 4: Information about the Bud Spencer statue in Budapest
Link 5: Firpo Burger & Bar
2019-01-04 - 3:32 pm - Buggy auction for a charity purpose
On the website buggyauction.com there is currently an auction of a authentic beach buggy, as it can be seen in the movie Watch out, we're mad!. The proceeds will go entirely to the children's hospital Heim Pál Gyermekkórház and the winner will also receive the privilege to receive the buggy personally from Terence Hill on 16.02.2019 during the concert of Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

To the auction: https://en.buggyauction.com/
2018-12-18 - 2:11 pm - Don Camillo: Soundtrack released
The Italian label Digitmovies has recently released the soundtrack to Terence Hill's directing debut Don Camillo on CD and LP. The soundtrack by Pino Donaggio was already released on LP in 1984, but the new release was extended by four short tracks. The LP is available in two versions, one on black and one on dark blue vinyl. Both versions are limited to 300 copies. The soundtrack has not yet been released on CD. There is no known limitation for the CD.

Link 1: The CD in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 2: The black LP in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 3: The dark blue LP in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2018-12-06 - 9:47 am - Terence Hill confirms Don Matteo 12
Terence Hill was in Rome yesterday to present the Blu-ray and DVD of My Name is Thomas and there he also talked about the future of Don Matteo The shooting of the 12th season will start in April 2019. What will be new this time is that the episodes will be filmed in feature length to give the authors of the series more leeway. In addition, Terence Hill contradicted rumors that the 12th season will be the last. He said he isn't tired of playing Don Matteo and as long as the audience wants to see him, he will play him.

Source: Report on talkymedia.it (Ital.)
2018-11-13 - 10:04 am - Report from the Italian Film Festival in Berlin
From 7 to 11 November 2018 the "Italian Film Festival" took place at the "CineStar - Kino in der Kunstbrauerei" in Berlin. Terence Hill was invited as guest of honor on the evening of November 8th and presented his latest film My name is Thomas. He was accompanied by his son Jess. We were there together with many other fans, enjoyed the atmosphere and the welcome cocktail and recorded our impressions in a small illustrated report. Have fun with it!

Link 1: To the report about the Film Festival
Link 2: My name is Thomas in the database
2018-11-02 - 8:55 am - My name is Thomas: Soundtrack CD released
The Spanish record label Quartet Records released the soundtrack to Mein Name ist Thomas on CD last week. The CD contains 14 tracks written by Pino Donaggio, who was already responsible for the soundtracks of Don Camillo, The Troublemakers, Don Matteo and Un passo dal cielo. Not included on the CD is the title song The World under my Shoes, because it doesn't come from Pino Donaggio. This one was released separately in April. The CD comes with an eight-page booklet. It is limited to 500 copies and can be ordered directly from the label.

Link 1: The soundtrack CD in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The release of the title song in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 3: The CD on the homepage of Quartet Records
2018-10-15 - 1:24 pm - Report from the Oliver Onions concert in Berlin
On 5 October 2018 Guido and Maurizio De Angelis gave a concert in Germany after more than 30 years of abstinence. The venue of this event was the Columbiahalle in Berlin. The two brothers also known under the pseudonym Oliver Onions played all the great hits from the Spencer/Hill movies and many more of their hits. We were at this great event and made a little report about it.

Link: To the report
2018-10-10 - 1:56 pm - Terence Hill receives prize for his career in South Tyrol
Terence Hill has been a guest in Trento in South Tyrol since yesterday. Yesterday he presented his film My Name is Thomas at the Religion Today festival. The film also runs in the competition of the film festival and competes there for two film prizes. The winners will be announced tomorrow at a gala at the Spazio Archeologico Sotterraneo del Sas Museum. Whatever the jury decides, Terence Hill will definitely receive a prize there, the prize for his career. Congratulations!

Link: Report about Hills visit in Trento (Ital.)
2018-09-19 - 3:16 pm - Bud Spencer exhibition in Naples cancelled
The opening of an exhibition about Bud Spencer's life planned for 21 September in Naples (we reported) is cancelled. Whether the exhibition can still be seen at all is not clear at the moment. We will report as soon as there are news.
2018-09-04 - 1:39 pm - Lucky Luke with Terence Hill finally on Blu-ray
What lasts long will finally be good. Originally announced for last autumn, the Lucky Luke boxset will now be released in Germany on October 5, 2018, with the feature film and the eight series episodes appearing in full HD for the first time on three Blu-rays! The shortened scenes have been dubbed for this new boxset with Terence Hill's regular dubbing actor Thomas Danneberg! For the release in October, 3L kindly provides us with five boxes for raffle. You will find out more about the raffle at the beginning of October.

Link: The new boxset at the database
2018-08-21 - 12:13 pm - German premiere of My name is Thomas
Terence Hill was in Dresden yesterday for the German premiere of his new film My name is Thomas. More than 5000 fans gave Terence a warm welcome in two performances at the "Filmnächte am Elbufer" and celebrated him and also his dubbing actor Thomas Danneberg, who was also invited as a guest. We were also on the spot and made a small report about the premiere. Have fun with it!

URL (in German): Our report from this event
2018-08-04 - 1:03 pm - Naples dedicates a large exhibition to Bud Spencer
Attention! The exhibition will not take place until further notice!

Bud's hometown Naples dedicates a large exhibition to her famous son Bud Spencer. From September, 21 the Palazzo delle Arti (PAN) (Palace of art) will show an exhibition about Buds life. The exhibition refers not only to his film career, but also to his time as a swimmer and his activities as an entrepreneur, pilot, author, composer, singer and inventor. Bud's companions don't miss out either, first and foremost of course Terence Hill, but also the directors Steno, Olmi, Festa Campanile, Montaldo, Colizzi, Clucher, Argento, Castellari, Deodato, Capone and the composers Micalizzi, De Angelis and La Bionda. Bud's own voice guides the visitor through the exhibition and leads him into the world of the actor. In addition to video installations and film clips, props, costumes, Italian and international film and sports awards, newspaper articles from all over the world, film posters, public and private photos and much more can be seen. A reproduction of the statue dedicated to Bud Spencer by the city of Budapest last year can also be admired.

The curator of the exhibition is Umberto Croppi, supported by the Cultural and Tourist Centre of Naples, the Luce Cinecittà Film Institute and the Pedersoli family.

URL 1: Article from ilmattino.it
URL 2: Homepage of the Palazzo delle arti
2018-07-31 - 1:17 pm - MDM releases Spencer/Hill commemorative coins

Die Spencer/Hill-Gedenkmünzen

The Münzhandelsgesellschaft Deutsche Münze (MDM) publishes three Spencer/Hill commemorative coins on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Hannibal. Two coins show a scene with both actors from Trinity is still my name on the front, the third has a colourful design from Watch out we're mad. The back side of all coins has the same design. It shows a collage of props from various films.

Nr. Material Diameter Weight Price
1. Silver (333) 30 mm 6,8 g 10,00 EUR
2. Silver (333) 36 mm 14,66 g 49,95 EUR
3. Gold (585) 17 mm 1,55 g 199,00 EUR

The coins can now be pre-ordered from MDM. Delivery of the coins is scheduled for mid-September.

Link: To the order page (in German)
2018-07-17 - 7:30 am - Terence Hill as guest at Italian film festival
Terence Hill will be guest of honour on Saturday 28 July at the 12th Est Film Festival, which will take place from 22 to 29 July in Montefiascone, a small city about 90 kilometres north of Rome. At 9:30 pm at Piazzale Frigo he is awarded the "Arco di Platino" (engl. Platinum Bow) for his extraordinary career. Afterwards Terence Hill will present his new film My name is Thomas.

Link: Homepage of the Est Film Festival (ital.)
2018-05-18 - 7:56 pm - Thomas Danneberg will come to Terence Hill's cinema premiere
Not only Terence Hill himself will be present at the premiere of his new film Il mio nome è Thomas on 20.08.2018 in Dresden, but also his long-time dubbing voice Thomas Danneberg will be guest. For fans surely one more reason to consider the date in Dresden. Tickets for 13 Euro are still available at the website of the "Filmnächte am Elbufer".

URL: To the page of the "Filmnächte am Elbufer"
2018-05-15 - 9:37 pm - Terence Hill will present his new film in Germany
Terence Hill will personally present his new film Il mio nome e Thomas in Germany. It starts on 20.08.2018 in Dresden at the "Filmnächte am Elbufer" (Movie nights at the river Elbe). Ticket sales for this event will start tomorrow. Until 26.08. Terence will stay in Germany and attend to further appointments. Details will be announced shortly.

URL: To the page of the "Filmnächte am Elbufer"
2018-05-04 - 11:24 am - Stuntman Marcello Verziera deceased
As became known from the Pedersoli family, stuntman Marcello Verziera died yesterday in Rome. Verziera was a boxer before he started his career. He made his first appearance in the Spencer/Hill universe in 1970 in They call me Trinity, where he played one of the three bandits Bud shot in a duel during his first appearance in the film. Verziera's roles at Bud and Terence's side have always been rather small, but very numerous. He has taken slaps from Bud and Terence in a total of 20 films, the last time in 1988 in the series Big Man. Rest in peace, Marcello!

Link: Marcello Verziera at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-05-03 - 10:28 am - My name is Thomas: Theme song released
Last Monday the title song of My name is Thomas was released digitally. The song was written by Franco Micalizzi, who also composed the music for They call me Trinity, Go for it and Double Trouble. The title of the play is The World under my shoes. It was released in both an instrumental and a sung version. The song is sung by Albert Douglas Meakin, who has already interpreted the songs Mr. Nothinggoesright, In the middle of all that trouble again and What's goin' on (in Brazil). The distinctive whistling in the song comes from Alessandro Alessandroni, who has already been heard as a whistler in the Trinity title song and in various melodies by Ennio Morricone. For Alessandroni it was his last job at the age of 91. The song is now available on all music portals.

Link 1: To the publication
Link 2: To the song
2018-04-22 - 2:02 pm - Terence Hill as guest of Ballando con le stelle
Last Saturday evening Terence Hill was a guest at Ballando con le stelle, the Italian version of "Dancing with the Stars". Also in this show he presented his new movie My Name is Thomas. The highlight of the show was a dance performance on the Trinity theme followed by a saloon fight. Pictures and details of the show can be found at our TV appearances.

Link: Ballando con le stelle at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-04-21 - 9:28 am - Anniversary: 30 years Renegade in Germany
Exactly 30 years ago today, Terence Hills Roadmovie Renegade was released in German cinemas. We have taken this as an opportunity to add a few facts worth reading to our data set on the film. In addition, we have also produced a location report on the film in the last few days. In this context many thanks to Daniela Meier and Mario and Ilija Staub, who provided us with pictures from their holidays!

Link 1: Renegade at the Spencer/Hil database
Link 2: To the location report
2018-04-18 - 11:53 pm - My Name is Thomas: Report from the world premiere
Last Saturday the world premiere of My Name is Thomas took place at the City Plex Politeama Lucioli in Terni in Umbria. The film was shown simultaneously in four halls at 9 pm in the presence of Terence Hill and many other star guests. Marcus was also there and he was so nice to tell us his impressions and bring pictures. We have now produced a small report on this event. Have fun with it!

Link: To the report
2018-04-18 - 7:50 am - Re-release of the soundtrack from The Five Man Army
The Italian label BTF will release the soundtrack of The Five Man Army (Un esercito di 5 uomini) on LP on April 21, 2018. The soundtrack was written by Ennio Morricone. The new edition will contain the same tracklist as the original 1969 LP release, is limited and will be released on blue vinyl.

Link: The new LP at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-04-16 - 11:14 am - Guido and Maurizio De Angelis give a concert in Berlin

The composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, which wrote the music to 22 Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill movies and many other movies of different genres, will give a concert in Berlin on October 5, 2018. This concert will be the first concert of the two brothers in Germany since over 30 years! To give their music the right atmosphere they are coming with a band and a choir. If you don't want to miss the chance to hear songs like Flying through the air, Dune Buggy, Bulldozer or Fantasy live performed by their original artists, you have to go to the German capital in October. The entrance fee for the concert is 69 Euro. There will only be standing room with free choice of seat. In addition, there is the possibility to purchase so-called VIP tickets. This ticket costs 105 Euro and entitles you to attend an aftershow party after the concert. The number of VIP tickets is limited! The tickets are available now.

Link: To the tickets
2018-04-16 - 8:05 am - Terence Hill again guest on Italian talk show
Terence Hill was on Italian television again yesterday evening. Moderator Fabio Fazio received him on his talk show Che tempo che fa. Terence presented his new film My Name is Thomas (Il mio nome è Thomas) and talked about his career in a relaxed atmosphere. There were also some surprises. You can find the details in our report about the show.

Link: Che tempo che fa at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-04-06 - 10:22 am - Terence Hill was guest on an Italian talk show
Terence Hill was a guest on the Italian talk show Porta a Porta last night. The show was broadcast late last night immediately following yesterday's broadcast of Don Matteo on Rai Uno. Besides Terence Hill many other actors from the series were guests. In a good mood, the protagonists told anecdotes from 18 years of Don Matteo. We have summarized the show in our category of TV appearances for you.

Link: Porta a Porta at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-03-29 - 1:41 am - Happy Birthday Terence Hill!

In honor of Terence Hill's 79th birthday we have provided a little sketch that Terence played on September 18th 1980 at the German TV-show WWF Club together with Marijke Amado, Jürgen von der Lippe and Frank Laufenberg. He was on the show to promote his movie Super Snooper. We wish Terence Hill a happy birthday!
2018-03-26 - 1:18 pm - Bud's daughters talk about Bud's life on Italian TV
Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli were guests in the afternoon show "Domenica Live" yesterday. With the help of some video clips and a short film about Bud Spencer's life, they told about life with Bud, his career and the importance of the family in his life. There was also a video message by Giuseppe Pedersoli and a surprise performance by Bud's grandson Carlo, Jr.

Url: Info about the show in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2018-03-19 - 10:47 am - Re-release of the soundtrack from A reason to live a reason to die
The Italian label Digitmovies will re-release the soundtrack of A reason to live a reason to die on March 26, 2018. In addition to a CD version, there will also be a deluxe version consisting of the CD plus an LP. The tracklist of the CD corresponds 1:1 to the release from 2009. The LP version will contain exactly the same tracks. It is the first time that this soundtrack is released on vinyl.

Link 1: The special edition in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The CD in the Spencer/Hill database
2018-03-18 - 12:50 pm - New Terence Hill film starts in Italy on April 19
Terence Hill's new film My name is Thomas will be released in Italian cinemas on April 19. In Italy, too, the film will now be called "Il mio nome è Thomas" (Watch the new trailer). For Germany there is no specific date yet, but the film will also be released in cinemas in Germany this year.

Link 1: My name is Thomas in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: Article at repubblica.it (Ital.)
2018-02-22 - 2:51 pm - News about the Spencer/Hill festival 2018
There are news about the 2018 Spencer/Hill festival. The event will once again change the venue. The original kart track was unfortunately too small and so the festival will now take place in Lommatzsch in Saxony. The place will surely sound familiar to some fans, because it is the place where Terence Hill spent part of his childhood. Furthermore, it looks as if we can welcome two more star guests this year with Guido and Maurizio De Angelis (also known as Oliver Onions).

Link: To the information page
2018-02-14 - 8:20 am - New Blu-ray box with 10 joint films in March
On March 16, a new Blu-ray box will be released in Germany with ten films by the duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The ten Blu-rays of this box have all been released individually before, but if you're just starting to collect the movies and want to start with the duo's joint movies, this box is a very good way to get started. Eight films in this box contain English audio, while five films also have Italian audio. This might make the box attractive for orders from abroad.

Link: The new Box at the Spencer/Hill database
2018-02-13 - 8:48 am - Information about the Hungarian Spencer and Hill festival 2018
First details about this year's Hungarian Spencer/Hill Festival have reached us. The Hungarians will also change the place this year. This year's festival will take place from 12 to 15 July in a "Spa and Leisure Center" in Cegléd. The small town of Cegléd is located about 70 kilometres southwest of Budapest. Unfortunately, the new location is no longer located directly on a large lake, but there is no need to miss a beach, as there is an aquapark in the immediate vicinity. For all interested people, we have created an info page with all known information about the festival. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are in contact with the Hungarian organizers.

Link: To the information page
2018-01-30 - 6:50 pm - Italian television reports about the myth of Bud Spencer
The Italian show "La vita in diretta" reported today about the myth of Bud Spencer. Beside his son Giuseppe Pedersoli, Buds daughter Cristiana and his grandson Carlo, Jr. were invited to talk about it. The topic of her entertaining conversation was the incredible career and varied life of Bud Spencer and how he became an icon all over the world. The statue in Budapest was mentioned as well as the sports ambitions of Carlo, Jr. and the special thing about the duo Spencer/Hill. The conversation was spiced up by TV clips, old interviews and of course film scenes.

Url: Info about the show in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2018-01-26 - 9:06 pm - Re-release of the soundtrack from Blackie the Pirate
The Italian label Digitmovies will re-release the soundtrack of Blackie the Pirate on February 22, 2018. In addition to a CD version, there will also be a deluxe version consisting of the CD plus an LP. The LP is based on the original LP from 1971, supplemented by four bonus tracks. The tracklist of the CD corresponds 1:1 to the release from 2006.

Link 1: The special edition in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The CD in the Spencer/Hill database
2018-01-12 - 3:55 pm - Don Matteo is back
Yesterday, the first two episodes of the 11th season of Terence Hill's hit series Don Matteo were broadcast on Italian television. With up to 8.26 million viewers and a market share of 31.6%, the series once again achieved fantastic ratings. You will now find everything you need to know about the two episodes in the database:

Url 1: L'errore più bello in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Url 2: Scene da un matrimonio in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2017-12-28 - 6:50 pm - Don Matteo 11 starts on January 11th at Rai Uno
The shooting for the 11th season of the successful Italian series with Terence Hill as priest Don Matteo is finished and now it is known when they will be broadcast. The first new episode will be broadcast on italian television on Thursday, January 11th on Rai Uno.

Link: More about the 11th season at the Spencer/Hill database
2017-12-10 - 10:24 am - Guido and Maurizio De Angelis release concert DVD
Guido and Maurizio De Angelis have now released their last year's Bud Spencer Tribute concert from Budapest on CD and DVD. The release consists of two CDs and one DVD. There is also a small book with a text by Maurizio De Angelis and many pictures of the concert.

Meanwhile, the new edition of the concert in Berlin announced for February 2nd has apparently been postponed. The new date will be announced.

Link: The CD/DVD set at the Spencer Hill database
2017-12-07 - 11:22 am - Information about the Spencer and Hill festival 2018
The Spencer and Hill festival will take place in 2018 from August 31 to September 2 at the amusement park / go-kart track in Drebkau-Löschen. Ticket sales began on December 1. We have summarized all important information about the upcoming festival on a small overview page. We are looking forward to welcome you there next year.

Link: To the information page
2017-11-24 - 10:33 am - Spencer/Hill game Slaps and Beans will be released in December

Do you want to fight as Bud Spencer against a whole bunch of villains? Now, this desire can be satisfied with the official Bud Spencer and Terence Hill video game "Slaps and Beans" which will be available on December, 15th. This game features spencer/hill-style brawls, a nice retro graphic, a co-op multiplayer mode and some mini-games. And you can drive the legendary red beach buggy with its yellow roof.

The game will be available as download version for Windows, MacOS and Linux. A conversion for the actual game consoles is planned, but the implementation will take some more time. A free Steam account is required for the download. The download version itself costs 19,90 Euro. Currently there is also a preorder bundle in the shop consisting of a t-shirt and the game for 39,90 Euro.

All those who supported the project at Kickstarter during the development with a corresponding package will receive their download code on December 15th free of charge.

Link: Information about the game on budspencerofficial.com
2017-11-15 - 1:58 pm - Bud Spencer statue in Budapest unveiled
Last Saturday, a larger-than-life statue of Bud Spencer was unveiled in the Hungarian capital Budapest. The ceremony was attended by the creator Szandra Tasnádi, as well as Bud's daughters Cristiana and Diamante. And we were also there and summarized our impressions in a small special.

Link: Special: The Bud Spencer-Statue in Budapest
2017-11-01 - 8:28 am - Budapest gets larger-than-life Bud Spencer statue
On November 11th, Bud Spencer will receive a special honour. On this day, a life-size statue of the film hero will be erected in the Corvin Promenade in the 8th district of the Hungarian capital Budapest. The statue created by the artist Tasnádi Szandra will be unveiled at 3 p. m. The ceremony will be attended by the artist Tasnádi Szandra and the district mayor Máté Kocsis as well as Bud Spencer's children Giuseppe, Cristiana and Diamante. In addition, the Spencer Hill Magic Band will also be performing at this event.

Link: To the Facebook-profile of the artist Tasnádi Szandra
2017-10-26 - 7:46 am - The duo Spencer and Hill celebrates his 50th birthday

This year October 31 is a special day. It is not alone Bud Spencers birthday, at this day it is also the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill's first film together. In 1967 on October 31 the western God forgives - I don't started in the Italian cinema and developed to a great success. The duo Spencer/Hill was born. We celebrate this 50th birthday of our heroes together with 3L Homevideo and raffle five copies of the current Monster-Box, which consists of 22 DVDs. We would like to thank 3L for the five boxes and wish all participants good luck!

Link 1: To the competion (only in German)
Link 2: The Monster Box in the Spencer/Hill database
2017-10-09 - 11:43 am - Guido and Maurizio De Angelis announce concert in Berlin
Guido and Maurizio De Angelis were guests at the Italian show Che tempo che fa last night. They were in good spirits when they told us that a recording of last year's concert in Budapest will be released on CD and DVD in Italy on November 2 this year. They also announced that they would play another concert on February 2nd, this time in Berlin.
Link: The appearance in the Spencer/Hill database
2017-08-01 - 9:41 am - Riccardo Pizzuti will be the star at the Spencer/Hill festival this year
Riccardo Pizzuti, Bud Spencers famous counter-part in many movies, will be the star guest at the Spencer/Hill festival this year. The festival takes places at the the western town El Dorado near Templin from September 15 to September 16. Pizzuti will be there at both days. Tickets for the festival can be ordered online at the ticket shop.

Link 1: Homepage of the Spencer/Hill festival
Link 2: To the tickets
Link 3: Riccardo Pizzuti at the Spencer/Hill database
2017-04-24 - 7:25 am - Now available: Movie trailers at the Spencer/Hill database
The Spencer/Hill database now offers the possibility to watch original movie trailers of certain films. For the start of the new feature, we have uploaded 43 trailers from four different countries of the 17 common films of the duo. Further trailers will be added gradually. You can find the trailers by clicking on the corresponding link here on the homepage on the left side in the section Movies. In addition, you will find links to the trailers directly in the corresponding film view directly under the title-screen of the film. The trailers can then be started directly from there. The trailers are hosted on a specially launched channel on the video platform YouTube.

Link 1: The trailers at the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The YouTube channel of the Spencer/Hill database
2017-04-07 - 3:01 pm - Hungarian Spencer/Hill festival in July
Since 2007 there also is a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Festival in Hungary. In contrast to the German counterpart, the Hungarian festival takes place under the open sky in the middle of summer. The venue is a campsite right on the banks of Lake Velence. For all interested parties, we have put together all information about the festival on an overview page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are in contact with the Hungarian organizers.

Link: Click here for more information
2017-03-23 - 6:44 pm - Tomas Milián passed away
We have sad news today. The actor Tomas Milián passed away yesterday in Miami. He was 84 years old. In Miami he also shot Cats and Dogs with Bud Spencer in 1982.

Rest in peace, Tony Roma!

Source: repubblica.it
2017-03-23 - 8:51 am - Reopening of the ice cream parlor Girotti at Amelia
In the post-war period up to the year 1974, Quirino Girotti had an ice cream parlor in the center of Amelia in Umbria. Together with the local bakery Russo, the Girotti family will reopen this ice cream parlor this year on March 30. The shop is located in Via della Repubblica 52 and the opening is scheduled for 4 pm. At the opening, Terence 's son Jess Girotti Hill and his son William Girotti Hill will be present. It is not known, however, whether pistachio is already sold out ;-)

Source: Article at umbria24.it
2017-02-28 - 7:52 am - Lobby cards are now available in the database
Attentive visitors to the database have already noticed that we added a new section for lobby cards to the database. We have filled them with content in the last few weeks. A big thanks goes to Martin Richartz from Cologne, who shared more than 1500 lobby cards from his collection, which created the idea for the new section. In the meantime more than 2000 lobby cards have been registered. In the new section they are arranged by films and countries, but also in the individual film views there are now links to the corresponding picture galleries. We wish you a lot of fun!

Link: To the lobby cards
2017-02-25 - 1:16 pm - Bud Spencer receives international fair play award
Last Thursday, the "Domitianus Fairplay International Award" was awarded for the first time in Rome at the Domitian Stadium (Stadio di Domoziano). In this context Bud Spencer was also honored for his exemplary honesty and integrity in life. His son Giuseppe Pedersoli gratefully accepted the award. In addition, the city of Amatrice, severely hit during the earthquake disaster of August 2016, was awarded as "Capital of Fair Play" for the merits and cohesion of the population after the earthquake.

Source: rainews.it
2017-01-20 - 7:35 am - The shooting of the 11th season of Don Matteo starts in May
The post-production of his actual film La chiamavano Maryam is not yet complete, but Terence Hill hat already the next project on his agenda. As the Italian Sorrisi e canzoni TV and other media reports, the shooting of the 11th season of the success series Don Matteo will begin in May this year. The city of Spoleto will be once again the scene of action and shooting. With Simone Montedoro will leave at least one leading actor the series. It seems that his Capitano Tommasi will be replaced by a female version in the new season. We will keep you up to date.
2017-01-18 - 8:12 am - Terence Hill is special guest at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona
From 20 to 22 January 2017, the Motor Bike Expo 2017 will take place in Verona. On the opening day, Terence Hill will be visiting the booth of Wild Hog Handmade Leather with his Harley Davidson from the film They called her Maryam. Terence and Wild Hog already worked together last year for a joint product line. Wild Hog Handmade Leather can be found at the fair in Hall 2 at booth 19N.
Link: Terence Hill in a spot of Wild Hog Handmade Leather (youtube)
2017-01-13 - 7:56 am - Experimental film Org with Terence Hill for the first time on DVD
For enthusiasts and collectors there will be a real highlight in February. On February 24th the German "Filmgalerie 451" publishes the experimental film Org with Terence Hill on DVD. In addition to the 177-minute version of the film (Italian language with German and English subtitles), this first release world-wide also contains a very large amount of bonus material.

Link 1: The DVD at the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 2: Org at the Spencer/Hill-Database
2016-12-12 - 8:07 am - Releasedate and first trailer of La chiamavano Maryam
Last thursday Terence Hill has shown the first trailer of his new movie La chiamavano Maryam in an Italien tv-show. Now the trailer is available online, english subtiltes are included. The movie will start in the Italian cinemas next year on March, 24. Release dates for other countries are not known yet. Have fun!

Link 1: Trailer with english subtiltes (youtube.com)
Link 2: La chiamavano Maryam at the Spencer/Hill-Database
2016-12-05 - 3:29 pm - Impressions of the concert of the De Angelis brothers

Last thursday the concert of Guido and Maurizio De Angelis took place in Budapest. We were there and we are still happy about this. The concert was fantastic, the atmosphere war great and as they played the last waltz dedicated to Bud Spencer, many of the listeners had tears in his eyes. We have collected some of our impressions in a small special for you.

Link: Impressions from the concert in Budapest
2016-11-26 - 3:03 pm - All soundtracks from Guido and Maurizio De Angelis
On thursday Guido and Maurizio De Angelis will give their comeback concert in Budapest (as we reported). That's why we investigate the whole work of the brothers in the last weeks. With the results we create a complete list of their soundtracks. You can find it here:

Link: All soundtracks of Guido and Maurizio De Angelis
2016-09-22 - 9:01 am - Guido and Maurio De Angelis live in concert in Budapest

The composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, which wrote the music to 22 Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill movies and many other movies of different genres, will give a concert in Budapest on November 29. This concert will be the first concert of the two brothers since 1984! To give their music the right atmosphere they are coming with an complete orchestra and with some guest stars. If you don't want to miss the chance to hear songs like Flying through the air, Dune Buggy, Bulldozer or Fantasy live performed by their original artists, you have to go to the Hungarian capital in November. The tickets are available now.

Link 1: eventim.hu (engl.)
Link 2: koncert.hu (hungarian)
2016-09-20 - 7:43 am - Terence Hill receives movie award in Almería
The 6th Almeria Western Film Festival takes place from October 6 to October 9. One of the special guests will be Terence Hill, who receives the movie award "Tabernas de Cine" for his contribution for the Western film. In 2014 Terence Hill already sent a video message to the festival in which he said that he has very good memories of Almería, because of the shooting from God forgives, I don't, the movie, that starts his career. Now he is back in the desert of Almería for two reasons: The film festival and of course for prepraring the shooting of his new movie project called "They called her Maryam" (La llamaban Maryam), which starts in October in Italy and Almería.

Source: almeriawesternfilmfestival.es
2016-08-18 - 7:18 am - Set locations of Speaking of the Devil
Spencer/Hill-Fan Michael Zschage visited Coral Gables and Miami in July this year and takes photos from set locations of the Spencer-movie Speaking of the Devil from 1990. With his picture we have created a new location report that is definitely worth a look. Many thanks to Michael Zschage for sharing his pictures!

Link: To the location report
2016-08-17 - 10:21 am - Set locations of Man of the East
Spencer/Hill-Fan Mario Staub visited Croatia in July this year and looked für set locations of the Hill-movie Man of the East from 1972. With his picture we have created a new location report that is definitely worth a look. Many thanks to Mario Staub for sharing his pictures!

Link: To the location report
2016-08-05 - 7:44 am - US-actor David Huddleston passed away

The US-actor David Huddleston is dead. Huddleston only played three times beside Spencer and Hill, but he reached cult status with these roles. For the first time he was seen in Crime Busters in 1977, where he was the fantastic Captain McBride. Not less remarkable was his role as chief of the CIA in Go for it in 1983. Finally in 1991, he played an evil banker in Lucky Luke - Ghost Train at the side of Terence Hill. Outside the Spencer/Hill-universe he reached cult status with his role as "Big Lebowski" in the same film. Now David Huddleston died in Santa Fe. He died already last Tuesday because of a cardio-renal disease. He was 85 years old. Rest in peace!

More information: His biography in the Spencer/Hill-Database (in German)
2016-07-27 - 6:33 pm - Terence Hill starts shooting a new movie in october
At the moment Terence Hill is in Almería to cast actors and extras for his new movie. The name of the movie will be "They called her Maryam". Terence will be the lead actor, he wrote the script and he will also be the director of the movie. The movie will be shoot in Italy and Spain. The shooting starts in october.

Source: elalmeria.es
2016-06-27 - 11:05 pm - Bud Spencer passed away

Bud Spencer passed away in Rome. Rest in Peace and thanks for all the wonderful moments that you share with us.

You will find information about his long and diversified life in his biography.
2016-05-09 - 12:11 pm - Commercials with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill
Today we like to draw your attention to a unknown topic of the Spencer/Hill universe, the commercials with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. During his long carreer Bud Spencer made commercials for an insurance, a bank, coffee, chewing gum and Christmas cake. Terence Hill only made commercials as young actor, before he started his great carrer. He starred in eight spots for the Italian brewery Peroni. You can now find an overview of all commercials with a lot of pictures in our database.
2016-04-29 - 11:01 am - La Pellicola d'oro: Terence Hill gets lifetime archievement award
Last monday at the Teatro Ghione in Rome the award "La Pellicola d'Oro" (engl: The Golden Film) was celebrated for the sixth time. This film awards were dedicated to the crew behind the scenes, as producers, cameramen, architects, costume and makeup artist or sound engineers. The crew members themselves give prizes for the best actor and the best actress. A special honor at this year's ceremony was given to Terence Hill who won a lifetime archievement award. In his acceptance speech he said he normally does not go to award ceremonies, but that it was a special honor in this case, because the prize was awarded by the crew members.
After he had taken the prize, he had the honor to award a prize for lifetime achievement to the brothers Amedeo and Umberto Leurini whose transportation company has been operating since the 30s in the movie business.
Source and picture: artnove.org
2016-04-13 - 3:03 pm - Terence Hill talks about the future
In the latest issue of the Italian magazine Sorrisi e canzoni TV there is an interview with Terence Hill. The journalist Tiziana Lupi has called Terence Hill in Los Angeles, where Terence is visiting his son Jess. Terence talks about of his family vacation in Hawaii, before he explains his exit from the series Un passo dal cielo. The reason therefore is that he cannot play two main roles in big series any longer. So he had to leave one of the series. He chose "Un passo dal cielo", because in his opinion the story of the ranger Pietro is told to the end. He is convinced that his successor in the series will be very good and that the series will continue to have success. The exit from one series also means that he will continue with the other series. And so Terence confirms an upcoming eleventh season of Don Matteo. The shooting will start next year. Until then Terence intends to devote himself to things that are lying left in the past years. He does not exclude a short television project in the meantime, but he highlighted the word short. We are excited and will keep you up to date.
2016-03-29 - 11:42 am - Terence Hill celebrates his 77th birthday today

Terence Hill celebrates his 77th birthday today! Happy Birthday and best wishes!
2016-03-14 - 11:36 am - Terence Hill as a guest on the talk show 'Porta a Porta'
Last Thursday Terence Hill was guest in the Italian talk show Porta a Porta. The only topic of this show was the continued success of Don Matteo. That's why the other guests besides leading actor Terence Hill were Nino Frassica, Simone Montedoro, Sara Zanier, Nadir Caselli, Francesco Scali, Pietro Pulcini and Dalila Pasquariello. The atmosphere was very lively and easy, resulting in a nice show with a good-humored Terence Hill.
Link: The show in the Spencer/Hill database
2016-01-08 - 8:40 pm - Perfect start for Don Matteo 10
Don Matteo is back and he is better than ever. Yesterday was the start of season 10 of the tv-show and the episodes had more than 9 million spectators. The episodes 195 an 196 of the show got the highes quotes since the beginning of the show 16 year ago. You will find all information about the episodes here:
URL 1: Don Matteo 10 - La colpa in the Spencer/Hill-Database
URL 2: Don Matteo 10 - Colpi proibiti in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2015-12-21 - 11:14 am - Bud Spencer publishes a CD with own songs

On January 22 Bud Spencer releases a CD with ten self-composed songs. The songs are written in Neapolitan language. The first song "Futtetenne" was released before in 2001 and two other song were part of the soundtrack from "Father Hope" in the same year. These songs will be released for the first time on CD. The tracks number nine and ten were released over 50 years ago in 1961 as a vinyl-single in Italy by a Carlo Pedersoli. They are included as bonustracks on this album. You can preorder the CD until now at the official online shop of Bud Spencer. The CD is also available as limited edition with autograph.

The complete tracklist:
01. Futtetenne
02. Chaque fois
03. A vulimme fernì
04. Che ne parlamm´ a´ fa´
05. Nuvole
06. Josephine
07. J'aime Paris
08. E tutta colpa dell'ozono
09. Ciuf ciuf cià
10. In una nuvola

Link 1: The CD in the Spencer/Hill database
Link 2: The limited edition of the CD at the Spencer/Hill database
Link 3: The CD's at the Bud Spencer official online shop
2015-12-11 - 9:34 am - Don Matteo season 10 starts at January 7 on Rai Uno
The season 10 of Don Matteo will start on January 7 in the Italien television. From then Terence Hill will start his investigations every thursday in the evening on RAI Uno.
Link: More information about Season 10
2015-12-09 - 8:22 am - Bud Spencer as musician
Since his youth Bud Spencer is an avid musician. Although he has never learned notes, he composed music, wrote texts and sang songs during his whole life. Most recognizable is, of course, "Grau Grau Grau", the theme song from I'm for the hippopotamus but he has done many other things in this area. Therefore we have listed the Discography of Bud Spencer now in detail. You can find them in the area of background reports here on the home page.
Link: To the Discography
2015-11-30 - 7:29 am - The official Bud Spencer shop is online now
The official shop of Bud Spencer is online since yesterday. The shop offers official licensed products like shirts or canvas.
Link: To the shop
2015-10-31 - 10:32 am - Happy Birthday Bud!
Bud Spencer celebrates his 86th birthday today. Happy birthday, Bud! We wish you all the best!
2015-10-20 - 3:30 pm - Bud, Terence and comics
Comics are almost everywhere in the Spencer/Hill world. In several movies Spencer and Hill read comics and of course some movies themselves became comics. We tried to summarize all infomation about this and created a litte report for the database. You can find a link to this report in the section "Background information" or just click here:
To the comic report
2015-10-20 - 3:20 pm - Bud and Terence in a retro game for the PC
The "IoChiamavanoTriniTeam" is working on a combat game in retro style based on the movie "They call me Trinity". Yesterday they released a early playable demo for the upcoming non-profit-game. In this version all dialogues are in Italian language but the came explains itself. You can play the demo alone, with AI-support or in a two-player-mode. You can find a download link here: http://lochiamavanotriniteam.itch.io/schiaffifagioli
2015-08-17 - 10:39 am - The official website of Bud Spencer is online now
The official website of Bud Spencer is online. You can find it under budspencerofficial.com
2015-08-07 - 8:36 am - Terence Hill takes part in a ceremonial act in Amelia
Terence Hill takes part in a ceremonial act in Amelia tommorow. He will play the mayor of Roma in the year 1346 and he will bring the key to open the city gate of Amelia. The ceremonial act will beginn at 9:30pm.

Source: News at umbria24.it (Ital.)
2015-07-14 - 12:44 pm - New: Overview about all upcoming releases
Until today we only have added Blu-rays and DVDs to the database if they were actually published. About new publications we informed in the news only. We will change this now in order to offer our visitors a comfortable overview about all upcoming Blu-rays, DVDs and books. You can find a link to the upcoming releases directly on the homepage under "Releases" and, of course, in the media section.

Link: Upcoming releases in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2015-07-07 - 2:06 pm - New picture gallery for Human torpedoes
Today we spent some time with an old Bud Spencer movie. 1954, during his time as world class swimmer Carlo Pedersoli appeared in the Italian war movie Human torpedoes. There he portrayed a marine swimmer and had several scenes in this movie. Unfortunately the movie is very rare, but we had the opportunity to make a picture gallery of Bud from a French version of this movie. You will find the picture gallery here:

Picture gallery: Bud Spencer in Human torpedoes
2015-07-06 - 11:16 am - Exclusive photo-documentation about Buds visit in Berlin
Photographer Michél Buchmann was in Berlin and made some very nice pictures of Bud Spencer during his visit in June 2015. You will find his photo-documentation on his webpage. Thanks Michél for sharing your pictures!

Click: The photo-documentation on the webpage of Michél Buchmann
2015-06-22 - 8:35 am - Impressions from Buds visit in Berlin
Last weekend Bud Spencer visited Berlin. On Saturday and Sunday he presented his third book Ich esse, also bin ich at the Hotel Ramada and wrote a lot of autographs. Bud Spencer fan Sebastian Meinschien was there, made interesting pictures and wrote a litte report for us. With this material we created a special for our database.

Click: Bud Spencer visited Berlin
2015-06-08 - 9:07 am - Winnetou-actor Pierre Brice died

The French actor Pierre Brice died last saturday in Paris. He became famous with his role as chief of the Apache "Winnetou", which he played in several movies based on books of Karl May. In four of this movies he played side to side with the young Terence Hill: Winnetou, 2. Teil, Unter Geiern, Der Ölprinz und Old Surehand, 1. Teil. But Terence and Pierre met again. In 1962 both had a small role in Sergio Corbucci's Comedy Il giorno più corto and 1965 they both starred in the spy-movie Schüsse im ¾ Takt. In November 1991 they met again in the German TV-Show Wetten, dass..?.

Biography of Pierre Brice at the Spencer/Hill-Database
Terence and Pierre at Wetten dass..?
2015-06-04 - 9:17 am - New information about stuntmen Giancarlo Bastianoni
Giancarlo Bastianoni is the stuntman with the most appearances in films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. He had to take a beating from our dynamic duo in incredible 27 films. However until now it was not much known about Bastianoni than that he is now living in Brazil. But now an Italian film crew has visited him there for an interview where he talked about some interesting details about his life. With this information we created a little biography.
Link: Giancarlo Bastianoni at the Spencer/Hill-Database
2015-05-28 - 2:25 pm - Set locations of The Wide Blue Road
Spencer/Hill-Fan Mario Staub visited Croatia in May this year and looked für set locations of the Hill-movie The Wide Blue Road from 1957. With his picture we have created a new location report that is definitely worth a look. The movie itself of course is not so popular as the later movies, but it is very interesting to see the locations 58 years after shooting the movie. Many thanks to Mario Staub for sharing his pictures!

Link: To the location report
2015-05-27 - 6:54 pm - Bud writes his 4th book
Bud Spencer writes his 4th book and it will be released on October, 1st in Germany. It will contain new stories about his filming work, some philosophy and a CD with 15 songs from Bud himself.

Source: German news on budpencer.de
2015-05-21 - 8:09 am - The shooting for season 10 of Don Matteo has started
Last monday the shooting of the 10th season of Don Matteo has startet. Therefore we created a information page where we collect all news about the new season that we find in the Italian press. There is a link to the information page in the news section on the left menu.

To the information page: Don Matteo 10
2015-05-19 - 10:25 am - Terence Hill sends video message to Gottschalk's birthday
Last night the German tv-station RTL celebrates the birthday of showmaster Thomas Gottschalk with a big party. One highlight of the show was a short video message from Terence Hill, in which he congratulated Gottschalk to his birthday. He explained that they know each other for a long time and joked about the fact that his hand had been violated because he and Bud were so often involved in fights. Unfortunately with 35 seconds the message was very short.

More information and pictures can be found here: TV Shows
Currently the show is still available at the media library of RTL: rtl-now.rtl.de
2015-05-13 - 7:34 am - RTL Nitro starts a series of Bud Spencer movies
The German TV station RTL Nitro starts with an series of Bud Spencer movies into the summer. The first movie will be Bomber next thursday. After a two week break the series will continue with at least five more movies, every thursday at primetime.

The Bud Spencer series on RTL Nitro:
Thu, 19.05. - 8:15pm: Bomber
Thu, 02.06. - 8:15pm: Flatfoot Cop
Thu, 09.06. - 8:15pm: Flatfoot goes East
Thu, 16.06. - 8:15pm: Flatfoot in Egypt
Thu, 23.06. - 8:15pm: The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid
2015-05-12 - 2:57 pm - Don Matteo 10 - The shooting begins
The shooting of the 10th season of Don Matteo will start on May, 18 in Rome. From June, 3 to June, 27 Terence Hill and the other actors will shoot in Spoleto again. Further shootings for the serie will be taken in September/October and in January/February next year.
Source: http://www.comunespoleto.gov.it/don-matteo-10-a-spoleto/
2015-05-12 - 9:15 am - Bud visits Germany again
Bud will visit Germany again for an autographing session on June 20. He will sign his German books only! The session starts at 6pm at the Hotel Ramada, located at the Alexeanderplatz in Berlin.

Tickets: http://www.bud-spencer.org/bud-in-berlin.html
More information: spencerhill.de
2015-04-24 - 7:49 am - New at the database: Schedule of coming TV broadcastings
From today the Spencer/Hill database informs about upcoming tv broadcastings of Spencer/Hill movies directly on the start page. Here you will find information about the next five days or the next four movies. A complete schedule can be found at the menu on the left side (Next on TV).

To the complete schedule: Next on TV

This service only includes TV stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
2015-04-24 - 7:15 am - Special Spencer/Hill event on German TV at Ascension Thursday
At Ascension Thursday (May 14) the German TV station "Kabel 1" celebrates Bud Spencer and Terence Hill with an special event. They will show seven movies in line from 6:14am to 8:30pm.

These are the movies of this event:
06:15: Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure
08:10: They call me Trinity
10:20: Trinity is still my name
12:30: Watch out, we are mad
14:30: Double Trouble
16:40: The Fight before Christmas
18:35: Banana Joe

Link: Information about the event on kabeleins.de (in German)
2015-04-06 - 1:14 pm - Bud Spencer is an honorary citizen of Naples
Bud Spencer was appointed as honorary citizen of his hometown Naples on March 26. At a formal ceremony the mayor of Naples gave him a medal. Congratulations!
More information (incl. a video and pictures): reportweb.tv
2015-03-23 - 1:42 pm - Gregory Walcott is dead
The US-actor Gregory Walcott died on March 30. He was 87. Walcott played only one movie with Terence Hill, but his role as Bull Smith in Man of the East will be present in the memory of every Spencer/Hill-Fan.
More information: Gregory Walcott in the database
2015-03-17 - 1:07 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added episode 18
Yesterday Rai Uno aired the final episode of the third season of Un passo dal cielo. Forrest Ranger Pietro solved the case of the kidnapped son of Natasha and it came to a showdown in Wild West style. With 7.4 million spectators it was still a big success. You will find more details here:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - La leggenda vivente
2015-03-16 - 2:58 pm - Alessandroni, the whistler of Trinity, celebrates his 90th birthday
Everyone knows his famous whistle, but Alessandro Alessandroni is more than a whistler. You will find more information about him in his biografie (unfortunately only in German).
DB-Link: Alessandro Alessandroni
2015-03-13 - 2:54 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added episode 17
Yesterday Rai Uno aired the 17th episode of Un passo dal cielo. With only 6 million spectators this was the worst episode of this season, but we will expect more for the season final next monday. You will find more information about the last episode in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - La leggenda vivente
2015-03-10 - 10:33 am - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added episode 16
Yesterday Rai Uno aired only one new episode of Un passo dal cielo. The next episode will follow next Thursday. Yesterday 6.9 million spectators were watching the new episode. You will find mor information in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Richiami lontani
2015-02-27 - 2:10 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added the episodes 14 and 15
Good old times. Forrest ranger Pietro eating beans, riding horses and helping settlers in the new episodes of Un passo dal cielo. 7.5 million spectators were watching. The success continues. The new episodes in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Aliloke
Db-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il castello di Monguelfo
2015-02-27 - 8:43 am - Antonio Monselesan is dead
The Italian actor Antonio Monselesan died in February 25 in Lucca. Monselesan, who was called "Tony Norton" during his carreer as actor, will remain in memory for his role as professional gambler "Wildcat Hendricks" in They still call me Trinity.
More information: Antonio Monselesan in the database
2015-02-25 - 2:51 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added the episodes 12 and 13
We are a little bit late, but now you will find all information about the two new episodes of Un passo dal cielo in the database.
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Oltre il buio
Db-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Soldi sporchi
2015-02-10 - 1:51 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added the episodes 10 and 11
Because of the music festival of Sanremo, the episodes 10 and 11 of Un passo dal cielo were shown yesterday evening. Nevertheless both episodes had over 7 million specators, althought episode 10 was without Terence Hill. Of course you will find both episodes in the database.
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - La scomparsa di Pietro
Db-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il toro
2015-02-07 - 2:38 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added the episodes 8 and 9
Over 7 million people were watching the new episodes of Un passo dal cielo where forrest ranger Pietro was trying to find the missing son of Natasha. Here you will find the new episodes in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il sentiero della verità
DB-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il veleno dell'uomo
2015-01-30 - 2:19 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added the episodes 6 and 7
Un passo dal cielo is still a big success. 7.5 million people were watching the last episodes of season 3. Here are the new episodes in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Caccia all'uomo
DB-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Sepolta viva
2015-01-23 - 2:31 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - We added the episodes 4 and 5
6.8 Million people watching the new adventures of forest ranger Pietro yesterday. The third season of Un passo dal cielo is still a success. You will find more information about the new episodes in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il predatore
DB-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il giusto riposo degli alberi
2015-01-20 - 9:33 am - Interview with Bud in the Italian tv-show Verissimo
The tv-show "Verissimo" on the Italian channel "Canale 5" made an interview with Bud Spencer. It was shown last saturday and Bud talked about his new book Mangio ergo sum, his carrer as swimmer and actor, his life and his family. We added this interview to our section "TV-Shows".
URL: TV-Show Verissimo
2015-01-16 - 9:55 pm - Un passo dal cielo 3 - Two new episodes added
7 million spectators watching the second and third episode of Un passo dal cielo 3, so it's still a big success in Italy. You will find more details about the new episodes in the database:
Db-URL 1: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Amici per la pelle
Db-URL 2: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il migliore
2015-01-11 - 2:39 pm - New Scenes for the location report of Crime Busters
Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fan Yunior Santana from Miami sent us some new picture from the sets of Crime Busters. Thank you very much! We just added nine new scenes for this movie to our location report:
URL: Set locations of Crime Busters
2015-01-10 - 3:47 pm - Terence Hill talks about his future: Don Matteo 10 and a new movie
Terence has commented his future projects in the "Corriere della sera". Starting in May he will be in front of the camera for the tenth season of Don Matteo. Then he wants to realize a new movie as director. As a tribute to his German mother he plans to create a film against the background of World War II. In occupied and devastated Berlin a girl is waiting for her father to return from the front. Hill promises a movie with a lot of feelings and a happy end.
2015-01-09 - 11:22 am - Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il figlio delle stelle added to the db
We added the new episode of Un passo dal cielo to the database. You will find pictures, a german summary and unknown actors here:
Db-URL: Un passo dal cielo 3 - Il figlio delle stelle
2015-01-08 - 10:12 am - Today starts Un passo dal cielo 3
Today at 9:15 am the Italien TV-channel RAI Uno will show the first episode of the third season of Terence Hills tv-show Un passo dal cielo. The name of this episode is "Il figlio delle stelle" which means "The son of the stars".
2015-01-08 - 9:55 am - Two new set-location reports
We add two more set-locations to the database. In December we were in Vienna and made pictures from the sets of the Mario Girotti movie Shots in Threequarter Time from 1965 and from the Bud Spencer episode A policy for hell of the tv-serial Big Man from 1988. With these pictures me made the following reports:
URL 1: Set locations of Shots in Threequarter Time
URL 2: Set locations of Big Man: A policy for hell
2014-12-30 - 3:08 pm - Launch of Un passo dal cielo 3 now on January 8.
Accoding to several Italian TV-newspapers the launch of the third series of "Un passo dal cielo" is now three weeks earlier. The first episode will be on air on January 8.
2014-12-11 - 8:16 am - Un passo dal cielo 3 will start on January, 29th
Good News for Terence Hill Fans. The first episodes of the new season of "Un passo dal cielo" will be aired on RAI Uno on January, 29th.
Source: News on urbanpost.it
2014-12-08 - 10:41 am - Wall painting with Bud Spencer wins competition
In May of this year in the small Italian town of Lucera, the place where the movie Soldier of Fortune was made, were awarded the best wall paintings under the motto "This is art". The winner is Emanuele La Cava with a great wall painting which shows Bud Spencer as knight Ettore Fieramosca. The winning image is yours if you follow the link to the source.
Source: http://luceranet.blogspot.de/
2014-12-01 - 1:18 pm - Set locations of The World of Don Camillo
Today we add a new report about set locations in the database. Many thanks to Mario Staub for his pictures from Pomponesco in Italy where Terence Hill shot his first movie as director, The World of Don Camillo. The pictures where taken 2013, exactly 30 years after shooting the movie.
Url: Set locations of The World of Don Camillo
2014-11-27 - 9:18 am - Jeff Moldovan died in August 2013
As we just learned today the stuntman Jeff Moldovan already died of a heart attack in August 2013. Moldavon was seen seven times on the side of Spencer and Hill. He was also the stunt coordinator in Troublemakers. So we donated him a small biography.
Read more: Jeff Moldovan
2014-11-26 - 8:38 am - Bud Spencer's third book will be released in Italy
Bud Spencer's third book Mangio ergo sum, which was released in Germany on October 22, will be puplished in Italy on November 27. If you order three copies of the directly about the Italian Facebook page of the publisher, you will get one copy with an autograph of Bud Spencer. But unfortunately foreign purchasers have to pay a massive delivery fee of 35 euros.
Click here for more information about the book: Magio ergo sum - The Italian edition